[Top 10] Valorant Best Melee Skins

Valorant Best Melee Skins
The Oni Claw in action!

10. Hivemind Sword

One of the new knife skins to come out, the Hivemind Sword can be purchased through the latest Battle Pass. It doesn’t come with any upgrades, but it’s a solid choice if you’re tired of looking at the standard melee knife.

What makes Hivemind Sword awesome…

  • One of only two swords in the game, the Hivemind skin is a unique one
  • The color scheme pairs well in terms of aesthetics with agents like Omen

Hivemind Sword details

  • This skin is one of the better cheap options to upgrade your standard melee knife to
  • A nice grey and purple color scheme

9. Spline Dagger

The Spline Dagger is the latest skin yet to be released, and it’s got a unique feel to it! The twirling handle with its glassy feel makes it an elegant skin to purchase. We’ll have to wait for the skin to become available before you decide if this one is for you.

What makes Spline Dagger awesome…

  • Unconventional design that gives it an artistic, ethereal feel
  • Riot Games is always releasing new skins, with each collection something to look forward to, as they improve upon their previous releases

Spline Dagger details

  • Contains orbs of blue around the hilt of the dagger
  • Black, glossy feel

8. Luxe Knife

I like the Luxe Knife for how simplistic it is, while still retaining its regal elements. It gives you the feeling that it’s come from an assassin’s organization and the portions of royalty sewn into the knife boost that effect.

What makes Luxe Knife awesome…

  • A simpler designed knife that doesn’t distract from the game
  • The regal elements

Luxe Knife details

  • Comes with a blue color scheme
  • Two points that jut to the sides in the middle for aesthetics

7. Oni Claw

The only claw in the game, the Oni skin is a nice homage to Japanese culture and it shows in the oni faces on each skin in the collection. You can upgrade the Oni Claw for VFX effects to give it a nicer touch.

What makes Oni Claw awesome…

  • The only claw in the game
  • Pays tribute to Asian culture, bringing a different feel to the game
  • Beautiful VFX effects

Oni Claw details

  • Face of an oni sculpted into the design
  • Two claws jut out from the head to complete the knife

6. Prime Axe

The Prime Axe is a beautifully designed skin with VFX upgrades to make it shine. As the only axe in the game, it’s a unique purchase and one that will make your character model stand out in-game.

What makes Prime Axe awesome…

  • Beautifully designed axe skin
  • The sound and light-up effects raise the level of beauty for the weapon

Prime Axe details

  • Follows a yellow and purple scheme with lights hidden inside to give it a truly majestic feel

5. Prism Knife

The Prism Knife is one of the quietest skins in this list in terms of looks, but its real beauty is in that rainbow-blue tinge to every part of the blade. It’s magnificent to look at in-game and gives you a very smooth visual experience.

What makes Prism Knife awesome…

  • The rainbow-blue tinge
  • Visually one of the most pleasing skins in the game

Prism Knife details

  • Looks very similar to the standard knife skin

4. Sovereign Sword

This skin is practically flawless. If you don’t purchase the upgrades for the Sovereign Sword, it gives you a swashbuckling, pirates feel. If you do purchase the upgrades, however, the sword transforms and looks like something out of The Lord of the Rings.

What makes Sovereign Sword awesome…

  • Elegant design
  • You can go for the pirate’s image of the sword or upgrade it to make it look like a sword for a hobbit

Sovereign Sword details

  • Extremely sleek, cool design with a golden hilt
  • The upgrades surround the sword with an aura of light-blue energy

3. Elderflame Dagger

A personal favorite of mine, the Elderflame Dagger is inspired by the lore of dragons. The blade itself looks like it was carved from a dragon’s tooth or claw, and with upgrades, you can make the blade burst into flame.

What makes Elderflame Dagger awesome…

  • Fantasy-inspired theme of dragons
  • Burning effect
  • Design looks like it could be a part of a dragon’s body

Elderflame Dagger details

  • Resembles the tooth/claw of a dragon with a dragon’s scales covering the hilt

2. Glitchpop Dagger

One of the latest skins to be released, the Glitchpop Dagger brings a more arcade-themed skin collection to Valorant. Its black background with an assortment of colored sections brings it to life.

What makes Glitchpop Dagger awesome…

  • Beautiful hilt mixed with gold, purple, blue, and black
  • The assortment of colors makes the knife stand out well

Glitchpop Dagger details

  • Arcade-themed skin
  • Upgrade gives it a streak of blue around the blade’s edges

1. Nebula Knife

Following the same model as the Prism Knife, the Nebula Knife is from another world, almost quite literally. The skin acts as a mirror that gives you a glimpse into the outlandish views of outer space, and it changes with each movement you take. This effect makes the skin come to life.

What makes Nebula Knife awesome…

  • The changing view of outer space etched onto the knife is fantastic and new
  • It carries the same visual splendor of the Prism Knife but brings it to another level

Nebula Knife details

  • No upgrades available on this skin
  • The entire knife is covered in the views of outer space

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