[Top 5] Valorant Best Bulldog Skins That Look Freakin' Awesome

Top 5 Valorant bulldog skins from average to best

The skins in Valorant have been top tier compared to its competition - from the effects to the feel to its beholder. Valorant has been popping off with its design and creativity, leaving the fans wanting more. Let’s look at the skins that Riot graced the bulldog with. Here are our top 5 best bulldog skins that Riot gave us listed as the good to the best of them all.

5. Aristocrat Bulldog


The Aristocrat bundle was released on June 2, 2020 with a neat clean gold design that has a deluxe feeling. Some people loved this skinline for its:

  • clean gold finish
  • unique animation effects

It costs 1,275 valorant points to get this skin, and a lot of people did not disappoint.

4. Horizon bulldog


The Horizon bulldog was released in January, 2020. The whole horizon bundle has a frenzy, spectre, a vandal, and a bucky. This is one of the cleanest bulldog skin in the Valorant store for its:

  •  beautiful sunset finish
  •  clean and unique visual effects
  •  cheap price for such an elegant finish

It’s relatively cost-friendly, especially with this kind of design. The Horizon bulldog costs 1,275 in the Valorant store.

3. Nunca Olvidados Bulldog

The Nunca Olvidados bundle has a knife, a frenzy, a bulldog, a vandal, and an ares. The Nunca Olvidados is a Mexican phrase meaning “never forgotten” and inspired by the Mexican holiday called Dia de los Muertos, which means the day of the dead. This is one of the most colorful bulldog skin ever, and everyone loves it for its:

  •  skin colors
  •  beautiful fiesta theme colorway
  •  the transitioning effect of the skin between day and night

The Nunca Olvidados bulldog costs 1,275 in the Valorant store.

2. The Spectrum Bulldog

Collaborated with Zedd, the Spectrum bundle comes with a sword, a classic pistol, a guardian, a phantom, and a bulldog. This is one of the biggest skin collections that exists as a celebrity has its name on the back of its collection. It’s literally impossible not to buy it because of that aspect alone.

  • clean color scheme
  • its effect when you inspect the gun
  • the finisher of this skin 
  • an additional effect on the finisher when you inspect the gun

The whole bundle costs 10,700 Valorant points - a hefty amount of money, we must say. However, if you’re aiming for that bulldog, the skin alone costs 2,675.

1. The Glitchpop Bulldog

The first-ever glitchpop bundle was released on August 5, 2020. It has a frenzy, a judge, an odin, a dagger, and a bulldog. Oh, and some other cool stuff as well, like, player cards and buddy, etc.  The Glitchpop bulldog is one of the most sought out skins of that time for it has: 

  • neat and popping color scheme
  • a clean sound when you are firing the gun
  • its finisher pops a blast of a variety of colors on your screen and a huge flag at the top, signifying you won the round

This is one of Riot's best skin collections yet. With all those effects in mind, the skin costs 2,175 Valorant points and an addition of 45 Radianites to unlock all its effects. You can get it in the Valorant in-game store. Looking good comes with a reasonable price, after all. 


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