[Top 5] Valorant Best Resolution - Which Should You Use?

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Valorant is so popular right now that everyone is looking for a way to excel and be able to do more! Many Valorant players complain about low fps and latency due to having low-end machines, but the solution can be as easy as changing your resolution!
Many pro players use certain resolutions for better performance and because it helps them be slightly better than others, how? That’s what I’m going to show you in this article.


Here are the top five Valorant Resolutions:


5. 800x600:


This resolution was made for all gamers who can’t really afford an upgrade or a good PC. To put it in “gaming terms”, it’s what you use when you have a potato PC. You could actually go lower but this is the best “playable” resolution if you want to juice your PC for more FPS to actually make the game playable for you.

Use this resolution if:

  • Your PC is old and can be called a potato PC.
  • You want the maximum FPS that you can get out of your old PC.
  • You are used to playing shooting games at a low resolution, it’s not common but who’s judging?

4. 1280x960:

why 1280x960 is the best resolution in valorant...

You might have tried this resolution if you’re one of the old gamers! This resolution wasn’t just made for nostalgia but it was made for a good reason, actually two! Having better performance and also giving a better feel for the game as many claim that it helps improve your aim. Unlike CS:GO the characters stay the same size but what’s different here is the hud and crosshair which are “Stretched” which gives you a bigger crosshair so you might find it easier to aim.

Use this resolution if:

  • You want the best FPS performance
  • You want less latency as it has been tested to give less latency when used
  • You don’t mind playing with a stretched screen
  • You want to take every advantage you could get

3. 1600x900:

1600 x 900 is the BEST RES in Valorant

This resolution is mainly used when you just want a boost to your FPS but can’t handle the stretched screen! Many players have tested this resolution because they wanted to juice a little extra FPS while not sacrificing their visuals.

Use this resolution if:

  • You’re experiencing some issues or frame drops and want to boost your FPS a little more.
  • You want better performance but can’t sacrifice any of the visuals.

2. 1440x1080:

This is why PROS use 1440x1080 on Valorant (BEST RES?)

This is what most pro players use! Why? Because it’s the true sweet spot between performance and that extra kick in aiming! You will find that this resolution will give you a mix of some more FPS and a little stretched vision but not the one that would hurt your eyes, that’s why it’s considered the middle ground for performance and aiming.

Use this resolution if:

  • You want to focus on playing the game on a competitive level.
  • You want some extra FPS while not getting your visuals too stretched.
  • You want to go like the pros and adapt to their ways!

1. 1920x1080:

1920x1080 240hz

I understand this might be an odd choice if you look at it technically! But hear me out, most of us play the game for fun and casually so we don’t really need to go the extra mile to just get slightly more advantage. This resolution is what’s best for me personally because I want to enjoy the game in all aspects while I try hard!

Use this resolution if:

  • You play the game often but not on a competitive level.
  • You play casually with friends so you’re not really trying hard.
  • You enjoy playing with decent visuals!
  • It’s not really vital for you to get a debatable advantage over being comfortable with how the game looks.


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