[Top 10] Valorant Best Cypher Plays

Valorant Best Cypher Players, Valorant Best Cypher Plays
Cypher can lock down an entire site by himself, but it takes skill and calculated precision.

10. Nice Retake by thejtwaller


A very simple, clean retake by thejtwaller to get his team a victory in a tough spot. He does everything right and wins the last trade through pure reflex to seal everything off. Well played.

9. SWING by xoxK


Similarly to the previous play, xoxK manages to slowly retake the B site on Split after picking off a few of the enemies. What’s great about this play is his awareness that the last remaining player is either on the right or left so he swings efficiently and quickly to kill him off.

8. Trip Wire by NeoHorus


NeoHorus is left in an extremely tough spot when all his teammates die before he can do anything about it. However, with the use of his tripwires and smokes, he’s able to take advantageous trades and sets himself up to get the clutch Ace.

7. No Time to Die by Jimik


Despite the laggy video, Jimik manages to pull off an impressive Ace on Bind. My favorite part? He sees the Sage wall about to collapse and kills it off quickly to take the enemy by surprise and win the round.

6. The Timing by Moodys21Moods


Moodys21Moods does get a bit lucky here, which is why this play is lower on the list, but it’s still a worthy one. He manages to pull off the 1v4 after planting the bomb and finds 3 enemies all facing the same way and picks them off with ease. After predicting where the Sage would come from, he finishes her off with a nice pre-fire.

5. Mechanics by ASH


ASH has it all. After picking off the enemy Phoenix, he uses his spy camera and tripwire to kill off the Jett, where he then uses his ult to find the remaining enemies. He wins two peek battles and uses the camera again to find the last player and finishes him off with style.

4. Shotgun-ed by Markiesenpai


Markiesenpai pulls off the ace with the most unassuming of guns, the Bucky. He gets 2 kills by holding a tight angle on the entrance to the B site of Split. After that, he gets 3 more with a heated long-range duel with the enemy Cypher. It’s just perfection and a testament to the power of shotguns in Valorant.

3. Slow Start by D1sturbed


This man started off the round with a Spectre and ended with an Ace, a Phantom, and a victory. He does everything right, from checking corners to playing patiently to make the enemy nervous, and manages to pull offthe Ace to win the round for his teammates.

2. Patience is Key by Twiggy


Twiggy plays this Ace play with measured patience and confidence, both of which were necessary to pull off this particular round. After picking off an enemy member, he bides his time to bait the enemy team out of their hiding spots and gets 2 more, and then with a well-placed camera, he finds the Ace to win the round. 

1. I Can See You by Matt


Have you seen a better camera placement than this? Matt finds an amazing lineup for his spy camera to snoop out the enemy team’s locations and finishes off three of them just off that information. It’s an impenetrable camera; unable to be detected or destroyed because it’s in such an unusual position.

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