[Top 10] Valorant Best Vandal Skins That Look Freakin' Awesome

Vandal In Real Life
Real Life Vandal

Vandal is one of the best weapons in Valorant since launching! It’s my personal favorite after the guardian -because I’m a one-tap fanboy- as it gives you better recoil management and you can deal some super damage with it! If you love the Vandal and want to purchase a new skin then this article is for you!


Here are the top ten Vandal skins that can help you look cool:


10. WinterWunderLand Vandal:

Winter is coming

The Winterwunderland Vandal is a weapon with the Christmas spirit! Riot has outdone itself to create a cozy look for this skin! Mostly you will see players flashing it out when Christams time comes and it honestly feels amazing to do so.

Outside any site, you will be able to see the snow during Christmas on your weapon while if you go inside you will see some warm cozy lights which will make you feel the joy of Christmas! Crazy visuals that you will always want to look at! But some might find it a little distracting even though it might be good to distract your enemies too.

How to get this skin:
The Winterwunderland Vandal was released on the 9th of December 2020! You can still obtain it from the store for 1275 Valorant Points which is around 13.4 USD but you just need to keep an eye out for it in the store.

See the skin in action:



9. Wasteland Vandal:

Wasteland Vandal - A gun from junk

This is a unique skin! Everyone will surely notice you are holding a Wasteland Vandal. If you like building things from parts and scrapes then you would surely feel like the Wasteland is your style. I understand it doesn’t have any visuals but it’s not in the last place out of respect for Shroud as he said “It’s too cool”.

With it’s minimal visual effects most would say it’s not worth it, but not everything is about animations! The design itself is unique and most likely you won’t find it in other games. It shows some character as only a genius can build a weapon from scrapes!

How to get this skin:
The Wasteland Marshal was released on the 25th of November 2020! You can still obtain it from the store for 1275 Valorant Points which is around 13.4 USD. All you have to do is stay updated with the store.

See Wasteland Vandal in action:



8. Glitchpop Vandal:

Pop Colours Vandal

The Glitchpop skin! Riot didn’t just have enough with how cool the original Glitchpop was so they decided to upgrade it! If you like having a funky look and adding some fun to the game then you’d surely love the Glitchpop Vandal!

With the weapon's arcade futuristic appearance, you'll feel amazing holding it. The ace animation is iconic just like the Pac-man movie “Pixels”. The Amazing looks as it gives you a feeling that the weapon was made in the Cyberpunk style, only this time it was done right!

How to get this skin:
The Valorant Glitchpop Vandal skin is part of the Glitchpop collection and was released on February 4th, 2021 as part of the expanded second set. It costs 2175 Valorant Points which is around 22.9 USD.

See Glitchpop Vandal in action:

Glitchpop Vandal VALORANT Skin: ALL COLORS IN-GAME | NEW GLITCHPOP Skins Showcase


7. Chronovoid Vandal:

New hot skin - Chronovoid Vandal

This is a fresh skin! Players surely like it and it will rank up easily with time! The best thing is that it’s not that expensive comparing to other older skins which means you will look updated and cooler with it!

The visual effects are definitely something else! When you engage the weapon it feels like you are holding something that has a power core ready to explode at it’s enemies. The design isn’t revolutionary but it gives a smooth futuristic feeling to it. The ace animation is totally worth it! It’s like grabbing your enemies in a pokemon ball but that eventually kills them not keeps them.

How to get this skin:
This skin was recently released on Sept 20th 2022. You can lurk and grab it for 2175 VP which is around 22.9 USD.

See Chronovoid Vandal in action:

Chronovoid Vandal Skin Gameplay - Valorant Chronovoid Skins


6. Origin Vandal:

Back to Origin

The Origin Vandal is a very underrated skin but most players thankfully started to regonize it! For me, it could be in the first place but there are too many good choices for Vandal! It feels like it came from the future with many visuals including the reload, kill animation, ace animations, and even just holding the weapon is insanely cool!

Futuristic looks and unique visuals with the spinning parts of the gun, unique Ace animation as it feels like your enemy has been abducted and teleported to the other world, and great reload animation! All that makes the Origin Vandal a great choice.

How to get this skin:
This skin was initially released on the 9th of June 2021. Currently, it may become available in the store for 1775 Valorant Points which is around 18.7 USD.

See the skin in action:

Tenz about Origin Vandal
Start at: 2:06


5. Prime Vandal:

Elegant Prime Vandal

The mighty Prime Vandal! There are many Prime fanboys and they would probably hate me for placing the Prime in 5th! But it’s only because people started to get a little familiar with it! Other than that, the Prime Vandal offers a great set of visuals, amazing reload animation as if you’re loading a star trek weapon, and amazing bullet sounds!

Unique sound to bullets which is crispy and so satisfying to hear. Amazing new visuals to the reloading process make it feel so futuristic and that’s why many players like it! New scope art and also different visuals regarding the smoke from bullets.

How to get this skin:
This skin was originally released as a bundle for 7100 Valorant Points on the 2nd of June 2020, but you can now only obtain the Prime Vandal by purchasing it from the store whenever it becomes available for 1775 Valorant Points which is around 18.7 USD.

See Prime Vandal in action:

PRIME Vandal Gameplay | VALORANT Prime Collection Skin


4. Sentinels of Light Vandal:

Best LOL art with Valorant

This is probably one of the most unique skins in Valorant! If you have ever played League of Legends then you would love to show your character through the Sentinels of Light Vandal. The crossover worked perfectly with the visuals and music too!

Crazy visual update with an inspiring overall look! Interesting and would grab anyone’s attention especially if they play League of Legends which would make you a very unique player. Ace animation is just perfect especially if you enjoy Riot’s music!

How to get this skin:
The Sentinels of Light Vandal was released on the 21st of July 2021! You can still obtain it from the store for 2175 Valorant Points which is around 22.9 USD but you just need to keep an eye out for it in the store.

See Sentinels of Light Vandal in action:



3. RGX Vandal:

RGX Power!

Ever wanted to have a seethrough weapon from the future? Then you're going to have it with the RGX Vandal! Every bullet you fire you will see the weapon parts rotate inside, it’ll probably distract you but you will get used to it! You get a sweet kill sound, unique visuals in the reload, and a very attractive Ace animation.

New and unique art regarding the looks of the weapon especially when it’s turned on as it feels like you’re activating the weapon! Are you a gamer? Then you would surely love the LEDs on the weapon -Gaming products’ concept-. Extra spiciness with the killing sounds. Amazing Ace animation as you are literally going to hang your enemies in the air making them like a statue of the dead for everyone to see! 

How to get this skin:
The Valorant RGX 11Z Pro Vandal is part of a new skin collection with a release date of Oct 6th, 2021. You can purchase the RGX Vandal through the store for 2175 Valorant Points which is around 22.9 USD.

See RGX Vandal in action:

Going PRO w/ the *NeW* RGX 11Z Skins - Valorant


2. Elderflame Vandal:


The Elderflame skin is just a masterpiece! It’s so artistic that most people would just own it to show it off to their friends! I mean, who doesn’t like dragons? Apart from Cersei Lannister! You have the firing power of the Vandal while also adding the majestic looks and charisma of dragons! It would have been the best skin but unfortunately, many might find it too distracting.

Insane looks! Riot has perfected this skin that you can’t even get bored of it even if you tried! One of the most recognizable skin in Valorant as it is literally a dragon! The Ace animation is totally worth every penny.

How to get this skin:
This skin was released on the 10th of July 2020! To obtain it now you need to just wait for it in the Valorant store if it becomes available anytime for 2475 Valorant Points which is around 26 USD, it might sound a bit expensive but trust me, it’s worth every penny!

See Elderflame Vandal in action:

ELDERFLAME Vandal Gameplay | VALORANT Elderflame Skin
Start at: 00:15


1. Reaver Vandal:

Best Vandal Skin.

The ultimate Vandal skin! The Reaver Vandal is definitely out of this world and the players favor it highly! The visuals, colors, and sound effects are insanely good! The whole experience revolves around making the weapon feel like an alien weapon which is executed beautifully from Riot Games. If you want to have a really unique experience and drop the jaws -as well as the bodies- of your enemies then you should surely try the Reaver Vandal.

The most reconginzable skin in Valorant as it’s an alien weapon that feels and sounds exotic. Unique kill visuals that is a signature of the reaver package. The Ace animation is so satisfying and artistic that you would want to ace the enemy team more often.

How to get this skin:
Currently, the only way to get this skin is by waiting for it to be available in the store and eventually grabbing it for 1775 Valorant Points which in USD equals around 18.7 USD.

See Reaver Vandal in action:

Start at: 00:43


Worth Mentioning:

Valorant Depth Vandal “Fishy Vandal”:

A bullet that stinks

This skin was released mid 2021 but it’s still underrated! Fans on Reddit love it, with many saying it just needed a good finisher animation!

This skin feels so calming if you like blue color and sea! You can cleary see the water and some amazing corals too! The visuals on this skin is what made it stand out easily.

How to get this skin:
This skin was released April 27th 2021 during Act 2, Episode 3. You can grab it for 1775 VP which is around 18.7 USD.

See Depth Vandal in action:

"fishy vandal is op"



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