Valorant Best Jett Plays

Valorant Best Jett Plays
Jett's high mobility make for some of the most intense and crazy plays


10. Don’t Touch My Spike by Chimpfizz

This ace by Chimpfizz is just class. He holds a good defensive position after planting the spike and manages to use his abilities and ultimate to keep finding the enemies. Extremely fast reflexes and a sharp game sense allow him to pull off a phenomenal defense to make sure he came out with a win.


9. I Refuse to Die by U/ARROW359

The great thing about this play is that most players in this situation would resign themselves to a loss and just try to frag out before they die in a 1v5. And U/ARROW359 does exactly that, except there’s a twist: he ends up killing the entire enemy team with sharp movements and accurate aim.


8. He’s Just Better by Bufon

Bufon remains calm and collected during this Ace defending his post-plant on the A site of Split. His experience shows with the way he uses his abilities and the patience he maintains while he holds angles. The final touch with his ultimate and swift reflexes are just the cherry on top.


7. Strike from Above by Aceu

Aceu is a popular streamer on Twitch who also happens to be one of the Jett players around. He’s able to grab 3 kills right off the bat from Heaven on A site in Haven, but it’s his flick on the opposing Jett that seals the deal for his team’s round win. Just enjoy the play.


6. Outclassed by Bezu

With 2 Updrafts and 1 Dash, Bezu finds himself staring at the backs of 4 enemies within the first few seconds of the round. He’s able to kill them all off before he kills the Sova for the Ace, but the creative use of his abilities is what cement his place on this list of the best Jett plays.


5. 10 - 1 by Asqvy

Patience and composure are the names of the game, and they’re what got Asqvy this nasty 6k in a 1v5 situation. He positions himself to take good fights and hold good angles, and he just does this over and over again to dispatch with the enemy team until he got the win.


4. Outmaneuvered by Aceu

There’s a reason why he named himself Aceu. This Ace by Aceu (tongue twister?) is crazy for how fast he uses his Dash backward after getting the initial frag on Raze. He then dispatches with the Brimstone before taking a well-educated guess on Phoenix’s location before he takes down Cypher in a highly mechanical 1v1.


3. The Play with Two Parts by Sveenix

Like the name of the play suggests, this play by Sveenix showcases two plays in one. The first, he picks up 3 kills while holding the entrance on the A site of Split with one of those kills coming through a smoke. He then kills off the rest with a nice Updraft combination to leave the enemies unaware of his location. Clean.


2. I Just Got Knifed by Aceu

This guy is just too good. For his 3rd appearance on this list, Aceu pulls out some insane mechanics to get a quick 3k defending A site on Bind. All with a Shorty.

He gets the first kill with a Cypher pushing through his smoke before he immediately dashes away. Aceu then re-peeks the corner to pick off another and rushes up to knife the last one while he’s still pulling out his gun. Just insane.


1. Assassination by Stunz

This is the best Jett play I came across in this entire montage. Just an insane use of his abilities to get behind the enemy team and assassinate them from behind. And the greatest part? The enemy team had no idea he was behind them until it was too late. Words don’t do this play justice, so just go watch it!

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