[TOP 10] Valorant Best Weapons

Valorant Best Weapons
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10. Bulldog (Best for short to mid-range)

The bulldog in action.

This rifle is a solid choice when your economy isn’t flush with creds. Two shots to the head will give you a kill, and its alternate fire mode gives you a nice three-round burst which is very helpful for long-range fights. It acts very much like a miniature version of its better counterparts in the rifle class.

The major drawbacks to this gun are its high recoil and lack of damage compared to the Phantom and Vandal. You can rely on the Bulldog in a weak economy, but not for much else.

  • The alternate fire mode is the Bulldog’s greatest strength with its three-round burst. If you’re aiming close to the head, it’s an almost guaranteed kill
  • The agreeable price of 2,100 creds allows the Bulldog to be bought in money-tight situations
  • It has a comparable fire rate to the Vandal (9.15 rounds/sec [Bulldog] vs. 9.25 rounds/sec [Vandal])

Bulldog Details

  • Primary Fire: Full-automatic
  • Damage (0 - 50 m): Body - 35, Head - 116, Leg - 30
  • Magazine Capacity: 24
  • Wall Penetration: Medium
  • Price: 2,100


9. Guardian (Best for long-range and 1v1s)

A first look at the Guardian, a sound gun from the rifle class.

A one-tap machine, the Guardian is a great rifle to have on your side, especially in long-range situations. It provides more than enough damage to get a kill with a tap to the head, and its damage to the body and legs is greater than the Phantom and the Vandal.

The Guardian is unique in its class in that it is a semi-automatic rifle, which  means spamming the left-click won’t be in your best interest. This gun requires careful aim and won’t be of much help when fighting multiple enemies at once. While the damage on the Guardian is great, if you have the money for it, there are better options.

  • With a damage count of 195 to the head, the Guardian gives you more than enough firepower
  • The Guardian’s price was recently dropped to 2,500 from 2,700 creds, which has made it more popular
  • This gun shines when you’re on the defensive side holding angles

Guardian Details

  • Primary Fire: Semi-automatic
  • Damage (0 - 50 m): Body - 65, Head - 195, Leg - 49
  • Magazine Capacity: 12
  • Fire Rate: 6.5 rounds/sec
  • Wall Penetration: High
  • Price: 2,500


8. Ghost (Best for pistol rounds)

Want to learn how to use the Ghost to its full potential? Check this video out.

Arguably one of the best pistols in the game, the Ghost offers a clean experience getting frags with one or two shots to the head from long-range. It’s a rather quiet gun compared to everything else in Valorant and its ease of use has made it a favorite among players who want a good pistol for a cheap price.

  • Extremely smooth mechanics which give a nice boost in confidence with aim
  • Decent fire rate with low recoil if you don’t spam it too much, which will help you in landing that headshot
  • Reduces noise while firing

Ghost Details

  • Primary Fire: Semi-automatic
  • Damage (0 - 30 m): Body - 30, Head - 105, Leg - 26; (30 - 50 m): Body - 25, Head - 88, Leg - 21
  • Magazine Capacity: 15
  • Fire Rate: 6.75 rounds/sec
  • Wall Penetration: Medium
  • Price: 500


7. Sheriff (Best for low-economy situations)

The Sheriff in action is a work of art.

The strongest aspect of the sheriff is its ability to one-tap enemies at most distances. The Sheriff rewards players who have consistently good aim, but is rather punishing to those who can’t quite land the headshots. As a pistol and for its price, however, the Sheriff is a great option to turn the tides around when you’re strapped for cash.

  • The Sheriff has the highest headshot damage out of all the pistols
  • Its ability to win rounds in low-economy situations is unparalleled. 
  • The only pistol that can act as a replacement for a substantially higher-priced gun

Sheriff Details

  • Primary Fire: Semi-automatic
  • Damage (0 - 30 m): Body - 55, Head - 160, Leg - 47; (30 - 50 m): Body - 50, Head - 145, Leg - 43
  • Magazine Capacity: 6
  • Fire Rate: 4 rounds/sec
  • Wall Penetration: High
  • Price: 800


6. Judge (Best for close angles or tight corridors)

Watching the Judge blow up an entire corridor is as satisfying as it is frustrating.

Possibly one of the more frustrating guns to play against, the Judge’s very existence reinforces the need to check every corner lest you get 12 bullets to the body. Its power at close range is insane and being a shotgun, doesn’t take too much effort to aim properly. This gun isn’t for every situation, but when you know you’re going to be holding a tight angle, the Judge won’t fail you.

  • The Judge is great against multiple enemies in tight and compact situations, possibly more than other pricier weapons
  • Has a drastically reduced spread and higher fire rate than the  other shotgun in its class, the Bucky
  • With certain agents such as Jett, the Judge’s accuracy combined with her mobility makes for a dangerous pair in any situation

Judge Details

  • Primary Fire: Full-automatic
  • Damage (0 - 10 m): Only 9 bullets required to kill an armored agent, (10 - 15 m): All 12 bullets are required)
  • Magazine Capacity: 7
  • Fire Rate: 3.5 rounds/sec
  • Wall Penetration: Medium
  • Price: 1,500


5. Odin (Best for wall penetration)

The Odin takes a certain talent and 6th sense to sniff out enemy locations and run them down.

This gun requires knowledge of Valorant’s various maps, but once you have that, you’ll be getting kills without putting yourself in much danger. As a machine gun, the fire rate increases gradually and is great for holding sites on defense or when you know the enemies’ locations. Its high wall penetration allows players to hold spots behind walls and with a nice Sova Recon Bolt, can guarantee you very nice opening frags.

  • The alternate fire mode on the Odin allows you to skip the fire rate amps and go straight to its full speed
  • One of the strongest weapons for wall penetration
  • When you get control over the recoil, you generate high damage with its insane fire rate

Odin Details

  • Primary Fire: Full-automatic
  • Damage (0 - 30 m): Body - 38, Head - 95, Leg - 32; (30 - 50 m): Body - 31, Head -77, Leg - 26
  • Magazine Capacity: 100
  • Fire Rate: 12 to 15.6 rounds/sec (increasing during fire)
  • Wall Penetration: High
  • Price: 3,200


4. Spectre (Best for short to mid-range)

Take a look at the ins and outs of one of Valorant's best eco-friendly weapon, the Spectre.

The Spectre is one of the best purchases for its reliability and rather low cost of 1,600 creds. This SMG is like a mini-Phantom, with the ease of use and reliable spray offering you opportunities to shred your opponents at short to mid-ranges. The gun is a great choice when you’re low on money but still need a reliable weapon with the potential to grab a crucial kill.

  • Highly accurate, easy gun to use
  • The Spectre will come in clutch in many situations and can beat out pricier guns with proper guidance
  • Its high fire rate allows players to grab crucial picks in tight spots

Spectre Details

  • Primary Fire: Full-automatic
  • Damage (0 - 20 m): Body - 26, Head - 78, Leg - 22; (20 - 50 m): Body - 22, Head - 66, Leg - 18
  • Magazine Capacity: 30
  • Fire Rate: 13.33 rounds/sec
  • Wall Penetration: Medium
  • Price: 1,600


3. Operator (Best for long-range)

The Operator remains one of Valorant's strongest weapons, although slight tweaks may be made in the future.

Next to the Judge, the Operator (sniper) comes in at a close second for how frustrating it can be to play against. With the ability to one tap enemies to the body and the head at any range, the Operator stands as one of the strongest weapons in the game. Its ability to hold angles to punish any peeking players is unmatched, which is what makes it so difficult to play against.

The major drawbacks of the Operator are its insanely high price of 4,500 (the most expensive gun) and how crucial good aim is with this gun. If you don’t get the kill, you’ll be punished.

  • Arguably the best gun for holding angles
  • Extremely powerful in getting opening frags if you can predict where the enemy will be coming from
  • The ability to one-shot anybody at any range is what makes the Operator the best sniper and one of the best guns in the game

Operator Details

  • Primary Fire: Semi-automatic
  • Damage (0 - 50 m): Body - 150, Head - 255, Leg - 127
  • Magazine Capacity: 5
  • Fire Rate: 0.75 rounds/sec
  • Wall Penetration: High
  • Price: 4,500


2. Vandal (Best for every situation)

Allow Shroud to show you (literally) the difference between the Vandal and the Phantom and which he thinks is better.

The Vandal has been dominating as one of the best rifles and weapons in Valorant since its inception. Its pure firepower and ability to take down enemies at any range remain its greatest assets and the only difference between the Vandal and the Phantom, its greatest rival, is the Vandal being slightly more difficult to use. However, in the right hands, the Vandal becomes an absolute killing machine.

The Vandal’s damage is the same at any distance which is quite nice compared to the Phantom’s range of damage over various distances. However, due to the unforgiving spray pattern and recoil, it takes a learned player to handle the Vandal’s potential and harness it to its fullest.

  • Unique for its high DPS at any range
  • High rewards for those with a good aim
  • One of the most popular weapons in Valorant next to the Phantom, one headshot will always guarantee a kill

Vandal Details

  • Primary Fire: Full-automatic
  • Damage (0 - 50 m): Body - 39, Head - 156, Leg - 33
  • Magazine Capacity: 25
  • Fire Rate: 9.25 rounds/sec
  • Wall Penetration: Medium
  • Price: 2,900


1. Phantom (Best for every situation)

Finally, take a look at the Phantom, arguably the best gun in the game at the moment.

Coming in to take the number one spot, the Phantom is one of the best overall guns in Valorant. While the damage for the Phantom peters off slightly based on how far you are from your opponent, it allows more room for error, which is extremely beneficial for players of all levels, especially beginners. This gun is great in all situations whether you’re looking at a close skirmish or a long-range battle, the Phantom is amazing for its all-around use.

The benefits of taking the Phantom over the Vandal aren’t too big, which is why I recommend buying this gun based on what your personal preferences are and what you think fits your playstyle more. If you feel like an aimbot, then the Vandal might be more up your alley, but more times than not, you’ll find yourself needing more stability in your guns, which is where the Phantom comes in handy.

  • Silencer effect (Have you heard how loud the Vandal is compared to the Phantom? Noise cues are key in Valorant)
  • The ease of use and more forgiving nature of the gun makes it an extremely reliable weapon
  • While it does less damage per bullet than the Vandal, the Phantom more than makes up for it with its greater accuracy and low spread

Phantom Details

  • Primary Fire: Full-automatic
  • Damage
    • 0-15 m: Head - 150, Body - 39, Legs - 33
    • 15-30 m: Head - 140, Body - 35, Legs - 30
    • 30-50 m: Head - 124, Body - 31, Legs - 26
  • Magazine Capacity: 30
  • Fire-rate: 11 rounds/sec
  • Wall Penetration: Medium
  • Price: 2,900

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