[Top 5] Valorant Best Agents To Unlock First

best valorant agents to unlock first
You can't get them all...at least not right away- so choose wisely!


What makes each of the Valorant agents worth playing?

Everyone loves freebies, and Riot knows that. 

When you first start Valorant as a new player, Riot gives you five agents off the bat: Brimstone, Jett, Phoenix, Sage, and Sova. All the other agents you have to work to unlock. But, there is a little something special Riot threw in to make things interesting. Everyone who completes the introductory contract can unlock two free agents of their choice! But the question is, who do you select? This is a big decision because these two characters will be your only additional options for many hours- unless you decide to cough up the money to pay for unlocks. Thankfully, I’ve got you covered with a breakdown of the top 5 best Valorant agents and why you may want to unlock them right away.

5. Raze

Raze, loud and proud

See Raze in Action: https://youtu.be/12EGI8et6no 

Raze is one of those characters that you know will be a blast to play (pun intended). Thanks to her explosive abilities, Raze is capable of landing in hard-to-reach locations with her blast packs - such as the tops of boxes or walls- and scouting corners with her Boom Bot, which will explode at the sight of an enemy. As a dualist, this character provides players with the opportunity to be self-sufficient while also supporting the team through thick and thin with both gunplay and strategic use of her abilities. Considering just how frustrating Raze can be to play against when utilized properly, it’s no surprise that she would be a great character to learn right off the bat. Doing so will help ensure that you know what to expect when meeting her in-game, and how to best win matches with her yourself. 


Why Unlock Raze First:

  • Dualist is a great way to get into a location and support your team through both gunplay and abilities. 
  • Q ability Blast Packs (2/round) perfect for reaching vantage points and can either be activated immediately or remotely to even bounce teammates and enemies to new heights. This ability costs 200 credits for each Blast Pack.  
  • C ability Boom Bot (1/round) an ability that makes a great scouting tool that not only damages an enemy on sight if they fail to shoot it but also notes the location of the said enemy around blind corners. While being expensive at 400 credits per round, this bot is definitely worth having in stock. 
  • E ability Paint Shells (1 Freebie/round with the ability to recharge after 2 kills) these aren’t just about painting the town. These cluster grenades are perfect for forcing an enemy out of unwanted locations while creating sub-munitions that cause damage to anyone within their reach. Even though you only start with 1, over time and 2 kills, there is the opportunity to earn more- making this a valuable ability. 
  • X ability Showstopper (8 Ult Orbs) a powerful rocket launcher that does huge amounts of damage to anything in its path. Very little can be done to stop Raze once she’s ulting (unless an enemy can dome her mid-air), so both beginners and pros alike have a good shot at taking out multiple enemies with one hit. So overall, not only does the Showstopper look cool, it’s super effective as well!! 

4. Omen

Oman, now you see him, now you don't

See Omen in Action: https://youtu.be/kSxpu8A908U 

Not only does Omen look intimidating, he is a Controller agent- meaning he actually IS intimidating. The whole point of a Controller in Valorant is to take control of the map through any means possible; such as with smokes, walls, blinds, or in Omen’s case, shadows. Thanks to unique abilities, a player is capable of moving Omen across the map quickly while also blinding certain areas with Dark Cover to ensure that teammates have optimal coverage for pushing a site. For short-range movement, Omen can utilize his Shrouded Step ability to teleport either on top of an obstacle or perhaps just across a gap to get out of the line of danger. Just keep in mind that this may not be the best method to use mid-combat, considering you’re vulnerable while using it.   Overall, Omen is a character that, when played well, is great for providing team support through blinding the enemy and flanking sites with advantage. 


Why Unlock Omen First: 

  • Controller is a great way to shut down the map in areas that you intend to infiltrate as well as to create flanking/defense positions that might otherwise be difficult to hold. 
  • Q ability Paranoia (1/round) similar to a flash, this ability will decrease an enemy’s vision should they be hit by the Paranoia orb. While it isn’t one of the most effective flashes in the game( and is actually quite costly at 300 credits) Paranoia can be useful for helping teammates cut across gaps in the map without being seen easily by the enemy.  
  • C ability Shrouded Step (2/round) definitely an advantage when jumping up to higher locations or hard-to-reach  places on the map. With just a quick look, Omen can teleport to any location within a short distance, putting him in the best position for taking down unsuspecting enemies. This ability costs 150 credits each and will cause Omen to be weaponless for the time he’s placing his teleport position; so be sure you’re not out in the open if you can help it! 
  • E ability Dark Cover (2 Freebies/round 30-second recharge) as one of the easiest cover abilities to use, Omen’s Dark Cover is a powerful tool to have in your arsenal and is definitely beginner-friendly. The shadowy orbs float onto chosen locations, blocking sight and providing cover for agents as they pass through or around the selected area. And the best news? These orbs will regenerate over time, allowing you to use them over and over again. 
  • X ability From the Shadows (7 Ult Orbs) once Omen’s ult is ready, he can transport anywhere on the map. There are both pros and cons to this ability as on the one hand, this is a powerful opportunity to flank enemies, transport the spike to an unguarded site, or simply confuse the enemy on your location. However, the downside is that when Omen activates this ult, everyone will know. The map is scrambled and a shadow pillar is created where Omen will appear, making him an easy target to those who may be close. Despite this, if utilized correctly, Omen’s ult is a game-changer.  

3. Viper

Viper, both the beauty and the beast

See Viper in Action: https://youtu.be/J7CpFumdfL8 

Viper may be a favorite of many because of her striking appearance, but she’s much more than just a dangerous beauty. Our second Controller role on the list, Viper, is included for many reasons. Not only can she separate the entire map with just a flick of her wrist thanks to the Toxic Screen at her disposal, but she can also shut down an entire advance with her Snake Bite chemical orbs and Poison Cloud. Viper’s abilities are scientifically driven and as she utilizes her abilities, the available toxin is used up. This supply will slowly regenerate over time, but the regeneration time will definitely cause any player to think wisely before tossing poison around without a good reason. Similar to how Omen helps to protect teammates by blocking vision with his shadows, Viper does the same with her dual-purpose poison orbs. Thanks to the fact that these orbs cause gradual damage over time, any enemy that enters into the green poison will be injured, making Viper an even stronger Controller than Omen in many ways. Although her abilities may take a bit to get used to at first, the fact that they help with advances while also creating a massive advantage for the defense says a lot about why you should consider unlocking Viper at your earliest opportunity. 

Why Unlock Viper First:

  • Controller is a great way to shut down the map in areas that you intend to infiltrate as well as to create flanking/defense positions that might otherwise be difficult to hold. 
  • Q ability Poison Cloud (1 available/round but can be reused) a gaseous ball of green poison meant to stop an enemy in their tracks. Not only is it great for blocking vision, but it’ll also cause damage to enemies that enter the orb making this an excellent defense and offensive skill. Costs 200 credits at the beginning of each round. 
  • C ability Snake Bite (2/round) costs 200 credits per skill slot and involves canisters of a poisonous liquid shot from a chemical launcher. Once the canister hits the ground, it will burst open, spilling the liquid in a large puddle on the ground. While the puddle lasts, anyone from the opposite team will be damaged the longer they stand in it. This is a very similar skill to Sage’s orbs in terms of slowing down opponents. 
  • E ability Toxic Screen (1 Freebie/round, can be reused) can be used to split the map and provide a barrier wall for teammates. While shots can pass through it, unlike Sage’s wall, this particular wall is tall and long which makes seeing over or around a challenge. Oh, and did I mention it causes poison damage to those who walk through it? Because it does! After combining the defense advantage, damage element, and the fact that this skill can be reused, it’s not hard to see why this ability alone can make Viper a valuable asset to any team. 
  • X ability Viper’s Pit (7 Ult Orbs) as deadly as it sounds, this ability is triggered when Viper activates a chemical sprayer that releases a poisonous cloud in all directions. Because this cloud doesn’t harm Viper’s teammates, many people can hide in the large cloud and pick off anyone that dares to come inside. Within the Viper’s Pit, vision is reduced (except for Viper herself who can see outlines of the enemy) and damage to intruders is caused over time. This skill is fabulous for guarding the spike or locking down a site when only a few players remain and there’s no doubt it makes Viper a real enemy to contend with.  


2. Breach

Breach, nothing stands in his way

See Breach in Action: https://youtu.be/TrH3zDSTYdQ 

Breach is an Initiator, and he’s here to make life tough for the enemy. With his powerful shock waves and flashes, this agent is ready to take on any team single-handedly if he has to. With just one hit from his Thundershock Ultimate, the opposing team will be stunned in their tracks, ready for advancing team members to take them out one by one!Do you need to cause damage but the enemy is hiding behind a wall? Well for Breach, that isn’t a problem. Thanks for his Aftershock ability, no wall or box is too big to stand in his way. With a quick burst of power from a fusion charge, Breach can aim at the wall and send a slow-acting burst to cause mass amounts of damage to anyone standing on the other side. For those who love to get in, hit 'em hard, and get out, Breach is definitely an agent to consider. He’ll call the shots and rock a ponytail all at the same time! 

Why Unlock Breach First:  

  • Initiators make room for their teammates by using their abilities to chase out any enemies lurking nearby and holding dangerous chokepoints to make movement easier for the team. 
  • Q ability Flashpoint (3/round) this flash can go straight through the wall and blind players on the side. If used in succession, you can keep the enemy blind as your team rushes in to clear them out. Just keep in mind this can be a costly move as each flash costs 250 credits each! 
  • C ability Aftershock (1/round, fires 3 charges) enables Breach to cause damage through walls. For just 200 credits, this ability can be shot at a target to set off a volley of three slow-acting bursts that each cause 60 damage. As can be imagined, if the enemy has nowhere to go, the results can be catastrophic. 
  • E ability Fault Line (Free/round with 40-seconds recharge) all about creating a blast of energy through the ground that will stun any players in its way. Even though this ability takes almost a minute to cool down before use, the fact that this is free and can slow down the enemy team over and over again is extremely useful! 
  • X ability Rolling Thunder (7 Ult Orbs) perfect for when you’ve got some of the enemies cornered. With a massive seismic wave, Breach can activate his ultimate and send it ripping through the ground towards the enemy team. Almost impossible to dodge, this ability will daze and knockback anyone who is caught in it; making them sitting ducks for teammates rushing into the area. 

1. Cypher

Cypher, none of your secrets are safe

See Cypher in Action: https://youtu.be/9p_wSwp280s 

Who doesn’t love a man in a dapper hat, am I right? Cypher is a Sentinel who is ready to watch your team's back and gather intel all with the help of technology. Donning attire that is actually quite the opposite of his skills (considering no cowboy I know of uses laser tripwires), Cypher can camp out and guard a specific site on defense or watch the rear as his team heads in to attack. Thanks to skills like Trapwire, which holds enemies in place for a moment, and his super high-tech Spy Cam, Cypher is definitely an agent that seems to be everywhere at once. Not only is he an interesting character to play just on looks alone, but Cypher can also make or break a game depending on how well you as a player know how to use his skills to your team’s advantage. Unlocking Cypher early on will allow you to practice learning the maps and various location names to better camp out and slow the enemy as they fall into your traps. 

Why Unlock Cypher First:

  • Sentinels are perfect for watching your team’s flank and expertly ensuring that any sites are locked down, regardless of whether attacking or defending. 
  • Q ability Cyber Cage (2/round) similar to Viper and Omen’s blocking abilities, the Cyber Cage is an ability that immediately sets up a digital cage that can be used to block entryways. While the other team only sees a digitized circle of white, your teammates can look around like nothing was there. At only 100 credits per slot, Cyber Cage is an affordable way to provide excellent peek opportunities that teammates can utilize to get quick kills. 
  • C ability Trapwire (2/round) catches your enemies unaware and not only holds them in place for a moment but also reveals their location to Cypher. These items can be destroyed by enemies if seen and can be picked up by Cypher to be reused in a different spot. Each Trapwire costs 200 credits.  
  • E ability Spycam (1 Free/round) perfect for watching hard-to-peek corners while Cypher remains safely out of sight. Simply place the Spycam on your targeted location and take control of it to look through the lens. While you’re in control of the camera, you can fire a marking dot that will reveal the location of any enemy player lurking within its range. The Spycam can be picked up and reused in different locations throughout the round. 
  • X ability Neural Theft (6 Ult Orbs) steal the secret locations of your enemies straight from the mind of their fallen comrade. This is one intense ability as Cypher literally has the capability of finding the hiding enemy, directly through the mind of another person. If that doesn’t give you chills, I don’t know what does! 

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