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The latest 25 tips and tricks for Chamber:

Is Chamber your main agent in Valorant? Or are you planning to change your main agent and role, and try out Chamber?  This article will give you the best tips and tricks to maximize Chamber’s potential and play it like a pro!

25. Trademark

  • Trademark is Chamber’s first ability. It allows him to place a camera that scans enemies within its range. It will activate when an enemy is visible in its aoe range, then it will shoot a slow field that lasts for 6 seconds. The downside of this ability is that it can be easily seen and destroyed by enemies. So, the best thing you need to do is to hide it, so the enemies can’t react to it and will be slowed down.

24. Headhunter

  • Headhunter, when activated, is a weapon instead of a utility. It is a more powerful version of the sheriff pistol. It has a maximum of 8 bullets, 150 credits per bullet, and does 159 damage on a headshot.To maximize the potential of this ability, you need precise aim to easily kill the enemies when you hit them in their heads.

23. Rendezvous

  • This ability allows you to put two teleport anchors on the map. While on the ground and in range of an anchor, REACTIVATE to quickly teleport to the other anchor. Anchors can be picked up to be REDEPLOYED. There is a set range of where you can place the anchors, which you can see in the mini map. You will know when you’re in range of your anchor because there will be radiating gold bars on the side of your screen.

22. Tour de Force

  • ACTIVATE to summon a powerful, custom sniper rifle. Killing an enemy creates a lingering field that slows players caught inside of it. This ability costs 7 ultimate points and has only 5 bullets. It one-shots the enemy  anywhere in their body and shoots as fast as the marshall. It is a much more powerful version of the operator. Since it only has 5 bullets, a pinpoint and accurate aim is needed to not waste any bullets on this ultimate.

21. Anchor distance is not blocked by the wall

  • Chambers’ third ability, rendezvous’ distance, is not blocked by walls. In the map bind, for example, you can place one anchor in A site, specifically in U halls, and the other in B site cubby. You can teleport from one site to another.

20. Rendezvous can teleport you to boost spots

  • You can put one anchor in a boost spot, and you can teleport to it before the round starts. With this technique, your enemies will be surprised by your spot, resulting in you killing them, then you teleport again to safety.

19. Recall anchors after using them

  • After you teleport back from one anchor to another, recall the first anchor so the enemies won’t destroy it. An anchor's cooldown is much longer if it is destroyed rather than recalled.

18. Teleport to get out of a bad fight

  • If you can’t kill the enemies fast, or if your aim is a little bit off, teleporting out to safety is the best thing you can do. Chamber’s teleport is fast and is one of the most overpowered abilities in the game.

17. Use Tour de Force before round starts

  • Chamber’s ultimate tour de force has a long pull-out animation before you can shoot. By activating it before the round starts, you can neglect this downside of the ultimate. When Chamber uses his ultimate after the round starts, he will have a voice line for it, and enemies can hear it. If only they hadn’t checked the agent icons on top of the screen, in which you can see if someone uses his/her ultimate ability before the round starts, you could have avoided it and made the enemies off-guard.

16. Place deep anchors with Tour de Force

  • Place deep anchors if you have your ultimate ready. With this, you can easily kill one enemy and teleport out to get your team an advantage in the early rounds. Tour de Force is one of strongest ability in game, using aggressive peeks to maximize it will help you and your team win the game.

15. Trace back to detected enemies of your trademark

  • When someone was detected by your trademark, go back to it. Chances are they are still there and were slowed by your ability. You’d have an advantage if they were slowed, resulting in an easy kill for you.

14. Chamber abilities will reveal your location

  • Enemies can see Chamber using or putting his abilities. So, the best time to place those utilities is when you are sure that there are no enemies that are close to you.

13. Kay/o is a big counter to Chamber

  • Kay/o’s abilities, specifically his knife and ultimate, are a big counter to chamber. If you have a kay/o enemy, always make sure to dodge those abilities so you can use your headhunter and tour de force.

12. Place your trademark to watch your flanks when attacking

  • You’ll get notified when someone is pushing behind you when you are attacking. Placing a trademark to watch your flank is the best way to use it.

11. Trademark has no distance requirement to activate

  • Chamber’s trademark is like Cypher’s trap, where  you can be anywhere in the map and it will still activate or  trigger if enemies are scanned in its area of effect. Unlike Killjoy’s utilities, which requires a certain distance for it to activate.

10. Be aggressive

  • When using a chamber, always be aggressive by placing one teleport anchor near where you will peek first and the other anchor on where you’ll hold an angle next.

9. Place your teleport anchor behind walls when aggressively pushing

  • The enemies can see your teleport anchor and shoot it. These teleport anchors have a huge area of effect  that is represented by radiating gold bars, which indicate the distance of effect of the teleport. By placing the teleport anchor behind walls, it will let you peek aggressively without even worrying that your anchor might be destroyed by your enemies, which will negate your ability to teleport to the other anchor.

8.  Rendezvous must be at the same level or height as where you are teleporting from

  • The teleport anchors must be at the same height as where you are teleporting from. You can’t place it on the floor above you and expect to teleport from it.

7. Always buy the maximum number of bullets for the Headhunter

  • Headhunter is one of the strongest gun abilities in the game. It has a maximum of 8 bullets that cost 150 credits each. Because of the strong damage of this gun ability, you won’t be at a disadvantage if you only have a headhunter and your enemies have rifles. You can only spend a small amount of credits to buy the bullets, so you can give or drop guns for your teammates.

6. You and your teammates can also be slowed if you killed someone with tour de force

  • Keep in mind that if you kill your enemy with your ultimate, it will produce a large area that slows everyone, including you and your teammates. This one downside of tour de force can slow you if you are rushing fast towards the enemy, so communicate with your team if you killed someone using your ultimate ability, then adjust your strategy.

5. Chamber’s true role

  •  Chamber’s role is as a sentinel. Sentinels are defensive experts who can lock down areas and watch flanks both on attackers and defenders’ rounds. Using your abilities, Chamber usually lurks and plays on the opposite side of where his teammates are pushing.

4. Use your trademark aggressively

  • You can use your trademark aggressively like a flash. Place it near an enemy, so if they try to destroy it, shoot them, otherwise they will be revealed and slowed, then you can peek and kill them easily.

3. Trademark can be used to check corners and enemies’ aggressive smokes

  • Use a trademark to check corners if there are enemies instead of prefiring. It is also especially good at helping find picks through smoke. Some enemies are so aggressive that they hold angles in their smoke. Using trademarks to check the smoke is the best way to counter them.

2. There are different spots to place your trademark and rendezvous in each map, make sure to search and learn it

  • Research on where to put Chamber’s utilities in the best position possible. By knowing those places, you can easily gain an advantage against your opponents. Considering Chamber is a really strong agent, maximizing his utilities and gun abilities will really help you climb up those ranks.

1. Chamber’s economy game is an x-factor

Valorant Chamber How To | Gregor

  • Chamber’s economy is an x-factor in a typical Valorant match. You can kill with your ultimate or even the headhunter at basically no cost to you and put a serious dent in the enemy’s economy while also giving your teammates guns for the next round.

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