Valorant Best Aim Sensitivity Settings [Top 5]

Valorant Best Aim Sensitivity Setting
Aim sensitivity settings are key to becoming a top player in Valorant.

Before we get into the top 5 aim sensitivity settings, you should know that aim sensitivity is all personal preference. There is no perfect aim sensitivity, and while there is a common belief that lower sensitivity will help you, your personal aim settings should be what is most comfortable to you. With that said, let’s jump into the top 5 aim sensitivity settings for all players!

5. Mouse DPI: High

Gaming mouses come with a variety of settings you can change with a click of a button. Usually, the button will change color to indicate which DPI you’re currently using. A high mouse DPI will allow you to move your cursor further with less physical movement.

High Mouse DPI is good for…

  • When you have limited space on your mouse pad or just limited space to move your arm around in general

Use High Mouse DPI if…

  • You have a high-resolution monitor
  • You lack space and need a faster-moving cursor with less movement

4. Mouse DPI: Medium

This is just a balance between a low mouse DPI and a high mouse DPI. Again, it all comes down to preference and circumstance, but a medium mouse DPI can be useful in certain situations.

Medium Mouse DPI is good for…

  • When you don’t have as much limited space, but you find yourself overshooting targets on high mouse DPI
  • Anytime you find the cursor is moving around too much for your liking is a good time to test your mouse DPI and take it down a notch

Use Medium Mouse DPI if…

  • High mouse DPI is causing you to overextend on your targets, causing you to miss
  • When adjusted with the right in-game aim sensitivity, a medium mouse DPI will work smoothly

3. Mouse DPI: Low

This is probably the best option and also the most common. A low mouse DPI is best in general mostly because it helps increase your accuracy with a steadier cursor. Again, you can tinker around with the in-game sensitivities to find a comfort zone that works best for you.

Low Mouse DPI is good for…

  • In general, low mouse DPI is the best for all players
  • Allows you to take more accurate shots

Use Low Mouse DPI if…

  • Both high and medium mouse DPI are still causing you to miss your shots or overextend while aiming

2. Aim Sensitivity: 0.2 - 1.0

The in-game sensitivity combined with your mouse DPI will combine to create the speed at which your cursor moves. I highly recommend going into the range and practice shooting the bots on Medium mode to get a feel for which in-game sensitivity is best for you.

0.2 - 1.0 aim sensitivity is good for…

  • Combined with low to medium mouse DPI, it’s only a matter of finding the right in-game aim sensitivity
  • Even after you find the right aim sensitivity, try lowering it and see if it yields better results

Use 0.2 - 1.0 aim sensitivity if…

  • The combination of your mouse DPI with your aim sensitivity is either too high or too low
  • There’s no right answer here, so make sure you nail down your comfortable range of sensitivities in the Range before you jump into a game

1. Aim Sensitivity: 0.2 and Below

Combined with the most comfortable mouse DPI, aim sensitivities that go from 0.2 and below often yield the most accurate and best results for all gamers. For the third time, though, your personal preferences are key. While it will help with your overall accuracy, it should be used only if your mousepad space and mouse DPI combine to give you a comfortable feeling when you’re aiming.

Aim sensitivity 0.2 and below is good for…

  • Personally, I think this is the best sensitivity range for most players, as it is the lowest range of cursor speed, making your shots highly accurate
  • When you gain enough muscle memory, this aim sensitivity will definitely give you the frags that you’re looking for

Use aim sensitivity 0.2 and below if…

  • None of the above settings are cutting it for you and you need something more accurate to use in-game
  • You’re overextending your aim or your shots are going all over the place

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