[Top 10] Reasons Why Valorant Is Popular And Loved By Gamers

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Valorant's Jett, Phoenix, Reyna, Brim, Cypher, Sage and Raze reppin' the game.

10. Enjoyable Gameplay

Jett’s knives ability going against Sage’s Operator shot

            For starters, Valorant came into the scene with exciting new ideas that shook the core of FPS games, mixing in the ol’ ‘plant-bomb-kill-enemies’ gameplay with literal superpowers like teleportation, wind manipulation, and ally resurrection.

9. Stunning, Flashy Visuals

Yoru kicks off Episode 4 Act 2 with this stunning opening visual

            From the character and map designs to the skins and sprays, Valorant goes hard when it comes to game visuals. Just look at the Fracture map with the literal two-environments-mixed-into-one gimmick, and the Reaver and Spectrum skin sets with the sick, sick, sick final kill animations!

8. Collabs, Collabs, Collabs!

Zedd introduces the Spectrum skin set in collaboration with Valorant

            Speaking of the Spectrum skin set, the potential for collaborations with various companies and artists in Valorant is endless. So far, we’ve gotten Zedd, Ylona Garcia, and Grabbitz amongst others, and it’s only been 2 years since the game was released. Who knows? We might get our own version of LoL’s K/DA soon!

7. Agents for Everyone

Kayo, Brimstone, Jett, Phoenix, and Omen headline this amazing opening visual

            One thing about Riot is that they really work hard to keep things inclusive for everyone. As of current, Valorant already boasts a roster of 20 Agents of different backgrounds, personalities, and ethnicities. No matter who you are or where you’re from, you’re bound to find an agent to relate to in the game.

6. The Rise of Women in eSports

Cloud 9 White, C9’s all-female Valorant roster

            In 2021, Riot introduced the VCT Game Changers initiative, creating new opportunities and exposure for not just women but other marginalized genders within the Valorant eSports community as well. Up until recently, it’s rare to see or know women who play and dominate in FPS games, but with the rise of Valorant comes the rise of girl gamers, actively going toe-to-toe with the best of the best in ranked and competitive play, and dominating, at that. Talk about empowerment!

5. Lore Galore

Killjoy, Viper, and Phoenix battle their doppelgangers in this ‘Duality’ cinematic

            Valorant has a story to tell, and with each update comes new content for the fans to analyze—from the Agent’s backgrounds and voice lines to the brand-new maps, and even down under The Range, Valorant’s lore just keeps on getting bigger, deeper and really interesting. Arcane-like Valorant show, when?

4. Streamers’ Support

Average Jonas, Valorant’s not-so-average Sova main streamer

            When the current pandemic hit the world, people turned to the internet for interaction, and with this came the era of streaming and streamers, where most of the current trends are set. Riot knew there’s a relationship worth building with our favorite online personalities, and so they actively sought out streamers like Keeoh, ethos, Flexinja, and Average Jonas, to name a few, to not just play Valorant with their community, but also supported them as they support the game back by allowing them to stream their gameplays and tournaments to their respective audiences, allowing Valorant to reach more and more people’s hearts.

3. Riot Listens

Riot Games, the company behind Valorant

            Aside from the aforementioned relationship with Valorant streamers, Riot makes sure to actively listen to what the community wants and what they need, constantly adjusting and updating Valorant’s content to further cater everyone. A lot of times it works out, but on the off chance that it doesn’t, the community can at least be sure that Riot and Valorant will always do their best to make everyone more than happy and excited with the game.

2. The Ever-changing Meta

With Chamber’s release, the Chamber/Double Op Meta rises!

            With constant adjustments and updates, we can be sure to log in to exciting new metas whenever we play Valorant. From the Sentinels Meta, to the Bucky and Frenzy Meta, down to the Chamber Meta, you can definitely be sure to experience Valorant very differently from the other times you’ve played it each and every single time you enter the game.

1. The Valorant Community

From strangers to enemies to friends, the Valorant community in a nutshell

            Finally, no game is ever so successful without its community’s unwavering support, and Valorant is very lucky to have a community of casual and pro-gamers, streamers and creative memers, and all sorts of people in general that loves to really get involved with the game. And as the game gets bigger and better, there’s no doubt the community that loves and supports Valorant will continue to grow with it, too! 


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