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Valorant is a new 5v5 tactical FPS shooter similar to CS:GO - the objective of the game is to plant a bomb on a designated site in the map, and to stop the opposing team from doing the same. 

A main feature of this game is the ability to pick and choose an agent that houses special abilities to help during the match. Each character gets an ability to use for free each round, and 2 other abilities that can be purchased with the in-game currency. The main ability of all characters will be their ultimate, an ability that is powerful and incredibly useful, and one that is obtained through progression, kills, and collecting orbs that give you ult-points. 

These agents are not all unlocked from the beginning of the game, some are, however you will have to unlock the rest through a progression/battle pass system. But then lies the question: Which agent do you pick?

Well, the answer comes from a variety of details about you as a player - here is an overview of each agent to help you decide who to take into battle.

Agent: Breach

Breach is classified as an initiator in Valorant. His abilities include Flashpoint, which can reach through walls to blind enemies. Aftershock, a blast that can shoot around corners and through important walls to knock away and even eliminate the enemy. Faultline, a long rectangle shaped attack which stuns and inhibits the enemy from aiming accurately. His ultimate is called Rolling Thunder, which sends out a large shockwave (large enough to cover an entire site) and will stun the enemy similar to a faultline, however for a longer time.

Breach Strengths:

  • Attacking 
  • Catching the enemy off guard
  • Starting an attack on the enemy/site

Pick Breach if:

  • You are fast-paced player
  • You are good at initiating attacks
  • You are prepared to run into battle quickly

Agent: Cypher

Cypher is a sentinel built character. His main purpose is gathering information through his Trapwire (Trip wire’s which can be placed onto walls), and his Spycam (A camera which can be placed onto walls to survey the enemy) He also has his Cyber Cage which acts like a barrier that can block the enemies line of sight, and also notify Cypher of their positions once walked through. His ultimate is called Neural Theft - which utilizes the downed body of an enemy and gives Cypher’s team a location on every enemy character left alive in the match,

Cypher Strengths: 

  • Defense/Offense 
  • Gathering Information
  • Holding down a site

Pick Cypher if:

  • You are good at getting on-site and holding it down
  • You are a more cautious player 
  • You can easily give information to your teammates (shot caller)

Agent: Brimstone

Brimstone is classified as a Controller - his main abilities being Sky Smoke (Three smokes that can be deployed onto the map around Brimstone). His Stim Beacon, which buffs allied agents and himself through a deployable beacon, and Incendiary which is a napalm that he fires off which can burn and eliminate enemies quickly. His ultimate is very useful, being Orbital Strike which acts as the name entails, a large beam of damaging light shoots down from the sky and easily eliminates any enemy in its striking zone. 

Brimstone Strengths:

  • Controlling enemy sites
  • Blocking viewpoints and holding down sites 
  • Tactical abilities utilizing the mini-map 

Pick Brimstone if:

  • You are good at controlling a site and opening opportunities for your allies
  • Your knowledge of the map and know where enemies will come from
  • You are a team player 

Agent: Raze

Raze is a Duelist - her agent is very attack ready with an aggressive set of abilities. Blast Pack, a C4 like explosive that deals with small amounts of damage and can be used as mobility for Raze. Cluster Grenade, an explosive that when thrown explodes into multiple smaller explosives. Boom Bot, a small drone that Raze deploys which rolls and targets an enemy, exploding them if not destroyed. Her ultimate is one of the most damage dealing attacks in the game, it being Showstopper, a rocket launcher that will eliminate an enemy instantly if hit on target.

Raze Strengths:

  • Heavy attacking 
  • Fighting battles and opening up sites for teammates
  • Heavy damage-dealing abilities

Pick Raze if:

  • You are a super aggressive player
  • You enjoy jumping into battle, ready to either eliminate or be eliminated
  • You are confident in your ability to maneuver and explode the enemy 

Agent: Reyna


Reyna is a Duelist - her agent is also adept at eliminating - all of her abilities are fueled by killing the enemy. She lacks utility but her killing power is almost unmatched, her Dismiss, which consumes the life force of an enemy and allows her to turn invisible for a short time. Her Devour, which does the same thing but regains health instead of turning invisible. She also has a blinding power, Leer, which sends out a destructible orb that blinds the enemy. Her ultimate is called Empress, it enters her into a heightened state of bloodlust giving her rapid-fire, and increased healing along with easier to see enemies. 

Reyna Strengths:

  • High kill potential
  • Fighting battles with chances of regaining health
  • Fast-paced fighter (easy to overcome enemies)

Pick Reyna if:

  • You are a fast-paced and aggressive player 
  • You are confident in your aim and gun control in Valorant 
  • You can utilize her unique set of skills to maneuver and eliminate enemies

Agent: Sova

Sova is classified as an initiator - his abilities are good for opening up sites and reconning for enemies. His Owl Drone is a deployable drone that can shoot darts that alert your allies of the enemies position. His Shock Bolt utilizes his bow and arrow to shoot a dart that will shock and deal damage to the enemy - similarly his Recon Bolt uses his bow to shoot an arrow that will scan the area and ping enemy positions. His Ultimate is called Hunters Fury - and it allows Sova to shoot three large charges of lightning through walls and the entire map to eliminate enemies. 

Sova Strengths:

  • High Recon Ability
  • Open up/Begin fights for allies with extra information 
  • Late round expertise, can easily protect the spike from being defused

Pick Sova if:

  • You are confident in your ability to shoot arrows in precise locations 
  • You are okay with sitting back and letting your teammates use your info to their advantage
  • You can utilize his abilities to locate the enemy and assist your teammates

Agent: Viper

Viper is classified in Valorant as a Controller. Her abilities are varied - Snake Bite allows her to shoot out a pool of venom that will damage the enemy. Her Poison Cloud is a health-damaging smoke that can be used to take over sites and also damage enemies. Toxic Screen is a wall of her poison that will cut off the enemy and help take over sites. Finally, her ultimate is called Vipers Pit - a large sea of toxic poison shoots out which can cover an entire bomb site and will reduce vision and health. 

Viper Strengths:

  • Controlling sites/Taking over sites for allies 
  • Blocking out the Enemies vision and recon ability
  • Versatility with her poison around the map

Pick Viper if:

  • You know the map and can place your poison wall and smokes inefficient places
  • You are good at knowing where the enemy will go and how to block their path
  • You can control a site with confidence and help your allies

Agent: Sage

Sage is a Sentinel type character - her main abilities being support and healing. Her Healing Orb will do just that, healing either herself or her allies. Along with this Sage also has an on-screen view of her allies health bars. While her Slow Orb will shoot out a crystal ball of ice that covers the ground with a slowing ice layer. Her Barrier Orb places a large wall of Ice - handy when blocking off paths and entrances the enemy can use. Her Ultimate is called Resurrection, and like the name suggests it allows her to revive a fallen comrade at any point during the match. 

Sage Strengths:

  • Support Heavy
  • Site Controlling ability
  • Enemy stopping move set 

Pick Sage if:

  • You can confidently support your teammates 
  • You have an excellent ability to locate the enemy and stop them 
  • You can listen to your teammates and know which one to heal first.

Agent: Phoenix

The agent Phoenix is a Duelist - his abilities being attack heavy. Blaze is a wall of flames that he shoots out to block off the enemy. Curveball is a curving blind he can use around walls to blind the enemy. Hot Hands shoots out a Molotov that heals Phoenix but Damages other players. Run It Back is his ultimate, it allows him to create a clone of himself that he uses to go and eliminate the enemy, once he is killed in this state he teleports back to where he originated the ability giving him a free life. 

Phoenix Strengths:

  • Attack/Support Heavy Abilities 
  • Wide range, being able to block out enemies and also attack them with full force 
  • Healing ability and site controlling potential

Pick Phoenix if:

  • You can play a bit more aggressive than usual
  • You can accurately combine Phoenix’s abilities with your teammates movement 
  • You are confident in your ability to hold down sites and fight enemies

Agent: Omen

Omen is classified as a Controller - his abilities being some of the most unique in the game as he is very adept at holding down sites and confusing the enemy. His Shrouded Step allows him to teleport in his sightline. His Paranoia is a powerful blind that shoots out to completely blind the enemy. Dark Cover, his signature ability, allows him to shoot out hollow smokes that can easily be used to control a bomb site. His Ultimate is called From The Shadows, and it allows him to teleport anywhere on the map in an instant, the map turns black and he has a few seconds to teleport back in, or the enemy can send him back.

Omen Strengths:

  • Confusing and overtaking the enemy 
  • Controlling bomb sites accurately and efficiently 
  • Setting up Sight Lines for allies while blocking out the enemies vision 

Pick Omen if:

  • You can confidently block out the enemies vision
  • You are unafraid to take risks while playing (teleporting and blinding)
  • Your playstyle fits around Omens sneaky and reliable move set

Agent: Jett

Jett is a Duelist agent - her main abilities revolving around mobility. Her passive ability is glide, by holding space after jumping she will glide midair. Her Trailwind allows her to dash in the direction she is moving incredibly fast. Her Updraft acts as a jump boost for Jett to get high in the air. Cloudburst is a smoke grenade that can block enemies' lines of sight. Blade storm is her ultimate, and it allows her to use knives that can kill enemies fast and replenishes after each kill.

Jett Strengths:

  • Mobility 
  • Fast-paced and quick action 
  • Faster than any other agent 

Pick Jett if: 

  • You are confident in your maneuverability
  • You can use Jett’s abilities to move around enemies mid-fight
  • You know when to use your smoke and abilities to get behind or on top of enemies

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