Valorant Best Ways To Get Valorant Points [Top 5 Ways]

Valorant Best Ways To Get Valorant Points [Top 5 Ways]
The gang ready to receive their VP!

Valorant’s in-game currency is called Valorant Points or VP. With Valorant Points, you can get Radianite Points, skins, cosmetics, and even new agents if you’d like! Here, we’ve listed the top 5 best ways to get Valorant Points to help you with your purchase!

Top 5 Ways to Get VP in Valorant

5. Surveys

One of the best ways to get Valorant Points for free is to participate in Surveys. Websites like Survey Junkie and SwagBucks can reward you with $10 every two hours. 

How It Works:

  • Your chosen website will require you to complete tasks to earn points.
  • They have special promotions where you must do a certain number of surveys, and they’ll give you a bonus.
  • On both mentioned sites, 100 points are equal to $1.

4. Submitting Artworks

Suppose you’re familiar with League of Legends. In that case, you already know Riot Games rewards players with free points in exchange for fanart. You need to submit your own drawing on their website.

How It Works:

  • You can earn 50-100 Valorant Points for free.
  • The good news is you don’t have to be good at drawing. You can submit any artwork related to Valorant of your own.
  • Open a ticket on the “Purchases & In-game Content” or “General Category” to submit your artwork.

3. Redeeming Codes

Occasionally, Valorant gives out free redemption codes for players but the best way to earn them is through your favorite Valorant streamer.

How It Works:

  • Keep an eye out for redemption codes while watching your favorite Valorant streamer.
  • These codes are mostly Amazon gift cards, and you can only redeem a code if you’re from the same region.
  • Simply input the code in Valorant’s redeem page and sign in to your account.


A third-party website called Codashop provides top-ups for games and other services. Players can buy premium currency for Valorant and other games from Riot Games through the website, which has a partnership with the publisher.

How It Works:

  • Codashop has discounted prices and is relatively cheaper than others.
  • Prices will depend on your country due to the exchange rates of different currencies.
  • Aside from discounts, it is only recommended to use Codashop when a local payment option is unavailable in-game.

1. In-Game Purchase

 The best and safest way to avoid scams and wasting your time is to purchase through Valorant’s in-game store. Additionally, there are several payment methods you can choose from.

How It Works:

  • The Valorant Store is where you can buy Valorant Points, cosmetics, and new agents.
  • Purchasing in-game is the most secure option since you buy from the game itself.
  • You can guarantee your privacy is protected, unlike third-party websites.

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