[Top 25] Valorant Best Astra Voice Lines And Quotes (Ranked)

[Top 25] Valorant Best Astra Voice Lines And Quotes (Ranked)
Just swag

Astra is the sixteenth agent in the Valorant Protocol. Astra, also known as Efia Danso, is a radiant with cosmic energy powers. Astra is an astral guardian whose duty it is to make sure that no universe-altering events have major consequences in the timeline. Astra is one of the liveliest agents and likes to banter with her fellow agents as well as hype them up.


25. Need more astral stars


I guess she’s saying she needs more stars, am I right? This voice line is also great at notifying your teammates that you currently don’t have any stars to use for your skills.


24. My people, are you ready? You must cultivate a sense of calm


The calm before the storm Astra is making sure you and your teammates are calm before entering the round. Having a calm mind before starting every round is essential to gaining an advantage over your enemies, as you will not make rash decisions.


23. Take a breath now. Release the tension. Good? Let’s go


Although she is lively, she still doesn't forget to take care of her teammates and check on them from time to time. Looking out for your teammates is also key to winning in Valorant. You can't have even one of your teammates with bad mental, so be sure to check on them from time to time.


22. That moment is gone. But it be cool-o. Now we are here, here


It's just Astra lightening up the mood after a bad round. As a player, you've got to stay cool all the time and don't let the game get to you. Remember to take breaks from time to time.


21. Drop that mystic healer


You can really tell Astra doesn't like the Sage on the other team with this one. One way to hurt the enemy is by killing their healers, as it will hinder them, especially if many of them are low on health.


20. That should work


I guess Astra is in a silly goofy mood about placing her stars. Astra here is testing different strategies for her star placements. 

If you use the same star placements every time, enemies can take notice of this and counter it next time, so be sure to use different strategies from time to time to keep enemies guessing.


19. I got enough time to go to astral form


There is always enough time when putting stars in Astra's book. 

In clutch time, there is always a time where you need to put your stars as fast as possible so be sure to practice placing your stars as fast as possible for those moments in the game.


18. BYB fam, going to astral to do them astral guardian things I do


There are two things Astra likes: going into astral form and using abbreviations. Once you are in astral form, you are vulnerable to enemies, so make sure to tell your teammates so they can protect you.


17. Hey too close, but close enough, eh?


Astra was like "not even close, baby!" Those close-call moments not only hype you, but the whole team, hyping you all up for the next round, gaining confidence to also win the next round.


16. Jammer dat, new energy now, eh


Even Astra knows gas prices are rising. That's why she's changing energy sources. Astra is an astral guardian and has astral powers that she uses to prevent conflicts in the astral plane.


15. Take that boomer soldier boy out


We can all tell Brimstone felt that to his core. Astra is out here talking trash about his own leader. There's nothing like friendly banter with your friends, which makes the game even more fun and enjoyable. Just make sure to not overdo it, as your friends might get hurt sometimes.


14. I am with you. We are strong


It really goes to show that every team needs one controller with them if they want to win. Controllers are an essential part of the team as they can control the pace of the game. They also have essential skills for you to have an easy time both attacking and defending the sites.


13. Hey people, come on now. I’m anticipating my congratulations


I mean, what are you guys waiting for to hype the girl up? She just clutched the round for you guys. 

Commending your teammates is as easy as just saying "nice," "good job," or "sheesh". Always make sure to commend your teammates' good plays to keep the team's morale and mentality for you to have a great time playing the game.


12.Come now, come on. Defuse, defuse


Nothing makes you more nervous than hearing the tick of the spike go faster and faster. Having those close-call moments when defusing the spike not only makes you relieved but also all of your teammates. Close-call moments like these make all of you hold your breath and sigh of relief after you see that 0.01 second left before it explodes.


11. Too easy! Too easy


I mean, what's more to say It's too easy peazy for Astra. Sometimes you are just in the zone and every shot from any angle is too easy for you.


10. Ah ah. Idiots


OOF! Imagine getting one tapped and getting called an idiot. That's hard. Crosshair placement is really essential in this game, so make sure to practice it every single day as it will be very beneficial to your improvement in the game.


9. See this dead fool-o


You can't get one tapped by Astra without her rubbing it in your face. Getting that one tap kill is very satisfying, especially when your other teammates see you do it.


8. Just swag


Enough said! Even killing enemies is swag for Astra. Even Astra knows how to enjoy the fight. So should you. Valorant is a competitive game, but be sure to remember to always have fun so you can keep a good mentality when playing.


7. Daggers girl goes buh-bye


I guess Jett's not getting Astra's way anytime soon. We all know how OP Jett is, so killing her in game gives us great satisfaction and also hinders the enemy as they are down on their duelist.


6. Ghost boy buh-bye


Omen really did turn into a ghost after what Astra did to her. Phoenix is one other agent who is also talkative and has a lot of quips, so it is only fair that Astra has comebacks or quips for him to talk trash and have friendly banter.


5. Buh-bye boomer


Brimstone can't catch a break for once in his life with all these quips from Astra. Brimstone can't catch a break from Astra. She always finds a way to talk trash and give friendly banter to her leader.


4. Five on five papapapa. We go clear them all


Astra is all hyped up and getting ready to get the ace in the next round.


3. You can tell a person’s character by their first action. Check me then, eh?


Astra casually saying the "don't judge a book by its cover" quote. You can tell your teammates' mental state with their actions in the game, so be sure to check on them from time to time and boost their mental state if needed to have an advantage.


2. Have I told you you’re ok? You’re ok fam. Good even


Astra is bringing up the team morale with this one for sure, especially that one guy doing bad.Bringing up a downed teammate not only boosts team morale but also makes the game more enjoyable for everyone. 


1. I am on a higher plane chale. Literally


I'm stronger, I'm smarter, I'm better. I am better. Sometimes you're just in the zone and everything is going your way. You just have to be consistent and you'll keep on winning.


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