[Top 10] Valorant Best Viper Plays

Valorant Best Viper Plays, Valorant Best Viper Players
Viper's utility abilities make for some next-level thinking and some awesome plays.

10. No Defuse Today by aimkwa


This was a relatively easy play to pull off from aimkwa. The enemies aren’t aware of his position, so he peeks and throws a Snake Bite (a Molotov-like ability) to prevent them from defusing and picks up a kill. He wins the round through a 1v1 fight, showcasing his mechanical abilities.

9. Awareness by Mr Juggernaut


Mr Juggernaut starts off this play with a 1v1 in the Heaven section on the A site of Ascent. He then proceeds to use his ult, Viper’s Pit to deny the last enemy vision of him. After faking the defuse, he anticipates the enemy will have to creep out from his position and gets a nice flank kill on him.

8. Mechanics by Spongiescrub


In a 1v4 situation, Spongiescrub keeps his cool and gets 3 kills from Hookah in Bind through one-tap mechanics as he refuses to spray against the enemies. After seeing the last remaining enemy, he uses Viper’s Pit and baits out the Cypher to win the round.

7. Jump! By ItsZed


ItsZed does the typical things a player should do in this round and wins trades through pure skill and aim. It’s the last kill, though, that makes this play stand out. Knowing the enemy has an Operator, he decides to jump peek him and throw his aim off, which he successfully does to pick him off.

6. Aim by CurlyCues


This is a solid play from CurlyCues as he picks off three of the enemies from one spot alone. This is crucial in giving him enough ability points to use Viper’s Pit, and sniff out the remaining enemies through audio and visual cues.

5. I’m Better by Lil Dae


Lil Dae pulls off a ballsy play when he decides to hold one angle that gives him vision of several entry points onto his location. He’s decided to take all the enemies on in a battle of reflexes and aim. And he wins. Each time.

4. Shortied by FeloHu


Ah, yes. It wouldn’t be a top 10 list without the Shorty. FeloHu plays this immaculately as he’s able to pick up 3 kills from a very close, tight angle on the entrance to the C site of Haven. He does get caught in Killjoy’s ult, but luckily, the remaining enemy doesn’t spot him in time. After the ult wears off, FeloHu swings on the last player to win the round.

3. No Vision, No Loss by slick


Slick has a will made of iron as he skirts in and out of his ult to deny the enemies vision of him. The best part of this play is his ability to completely stay out of the enemy Brimstone’s vision to make him think he had no time to defuse. After fooling him, slick sticks the defuse.

2. You Have No Time by HomelessDragon


HomelessDragon wins a 1v3 in spectacular fashion: through patience. After picking off two of the enemies, he waits right outside the edge of Viper’s Pit and throws a Snake Bite to prevent the Sova from defusing.

1. Marshal-ed by Dubbit


Dubbit pulls off the most unlikely of plays: winning a 1v4 with a Marshal. He uses his Snake Bite and Viper’s Pit efficiently, but it’s his 1v1 battle with Sage and Reyna that stand out for his reflexes and composure under heavy pressure.

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