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Valorant is a very popular game now! But if you feel like you missed on the hype then worry no more! In this article, I will be showing you which guns you should use as a beginner in order to be able to win, enjoy, and improve at the same time!


Here are the top ten Guns for beginners that can help you win and improve:


10. Marshal:

What 1000 hours of Marshal Experience Looks like (Valorant Montage)

Some might roast me for this pick, why? Because it’s the Marshal! It can’t be placed last! But this is a guide for people who are just starting out. If you’ve always wanted to be a sniper but don’t know where to begin then I recommend you the Marshal as it’s more forgiving than the Operator and can easily get used to it if you practice enough.

Marshal details:

  • Costs 950 Credits which isn’t much and that’s why it’s better for beginners than spending 4,500 on an Operator.
  • 1.5 Fire Rate which is much higher than the Operator making it much more forgiving for mistakes. 
  • More than 100 of damage for body shots and that’s quite good if you’re a beginner so you can at least do some good damage even if you miss the headshot!

What's great about this Weapon:

  • Low cost for a sniper that deals a fair amount of damage!
  • High firing rate putting in mind it’s a sniper which can be much better if you’re entering the sniper hall of fame!

9. Sheriff:

Sheriff, But it's 80% Average Headshots..

If you like the western style and always wanted to be an American hero then you would love this gun! The Sheriff is great for some short-range battles and can surely win you some games especially if you’re on the offensive side! The only downside is that you have to be a little accurate so you can one-shot your enemies before you need to reload again.

Sherif details:

  • Costs 800 Credits. It’s not much at all for such damage and you can buy it if you’d like to save while dealing some unmatched damage.
  • Short-range is the secret word here.
  • 4 Fire rate which is a bit low for a sidearm but it’s good enough if you aim right.
  • A fair amount of Recoil.

What's great about this Weapon:

  • It’s a good choice if you don’t have many Credits and want to save a little for the next round.
  • Around 150 damage (which is the highest damage for a sidearm on Valorant).
  • It can help you improve your aim while being forgiving as you can deal tons of damage to your enemies by just shooting no matter what accuracy you have!

8. Judge:

Glitchpop judge ace!!!

The Judge, cool name right? It will make your enemies feel it’s judgment day already for them! That’s because of the damage it can deal with a good firing rate. It’s also a good cheap choice for a beginner if you want a forgiving weapon as you can still deal good damage no matter where you shoot!

Judge details:

  • Costs 1,850 which isn’t a lot but at this price you can think of a Spectre which is probably a better option if you’re a beginner.
  • Not a big range as it’s considered a shotgun.
  • Definitely some strong Recoil as any other shotgun.

What's great about this Weapon:

  • Great choice if you’re a shotgun lover! 
  • Fast enough to make those who approach you regret it.
  • A good fit if you’re on the attackers side as it’s suitable for a rush-in!

7. Ghost:

Valorant: THE FLICKING MACHINE *new skin*

This is probably my favorite sidearm! It’s silent, accurate, and feels like you’re a 007 agent! This gun will help you sneak on the enemy, win games, and improve your aim as the recoil isn’t that bad! All while being so affordable.

Ghost details:

  • Costs 500 Credits which is considered the best option if you’re on an Eco-round!
  • A good range (30 m) for a sidearm which makes it suitable for any type of fight.
  • Damage around 105 which is fair enough to the head! 

What’s great about this weapon:

  • The lowest cost for a gun that can deal damage, be silent, and with fair accuracy.
  • Typically works in all different situations.
  • The firing rate is good enough at 6.75 which is great, especially with a 15 bullets magazine!

6. Stinger:

Sova Ace Clutch with Stinger

This gun stings! That’s why they call it the Stinger! It’s a really cheap SMG with a good firing rate and decent damage! It’s not really good on the Recoil part but let’s focus on how cheap it is and the firing rate which can be forgiving if you make mistakes, that’s why it would be a good start!

Stinger details:

  • Costs 950 Credits which is pretty cheap for an SMG.
  • A range of around 20 m which is fair enough for most types of fights but it’s not fit for a long-range fight.
  • Fire rate of around 16 which is pretty insane for this price!

What’s great about this weapon:

  • Cheaper than most guns and can give you a good start as an SMG especially if you’re a beginner as you won’t have a lot of Credits in the first rounds.
  • A very good option in economy rounds.
  • Great performance in short-range fights which will make you dominate it if you practice enough and get used to the Recoil patterns.

5. Spectre:

Valorant | Huge 1 vs 5 Ace Spectre

The Spectre might just be the best option for a beginner if you can handle the spray method well! A good tip to improve with spraying is using strafing where you move in the opposite direction for a moment in order to steady your aim and improve your accuracy especially if you’re going to spray.

Spectre details:

  • Costs 1,600 Credits which is fair for almost all rounds.
  • Firing rate of around 13.13 which is pretty good!
  • A magazine of 30 bullets which is quite a lot and can be helpful if you don’t want to reload in the middle of a fight!

What’s great about this weapon:

  • Doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg so you can probably afford it for most rounds.
  • A good choice for dealing damage whether you like spraying or want to improve your aim generally.
  • Low Recoil so it can be really good to run and gun!

4. Ares:

When ARES wins your GAME!

The Ares is the best affordable Heavy gun in Valorant! The Odin is great but it’s hard to control like the Ares. It was recently nerfed because players found it too powerful and abused it, that’s why Riot made it a little more expensive but luckily for you, they brought it down again. It’s a great gun because you can scare your enemies with it and hold an angle but don’t get used to it if you want to improve your aim.

Ares details:

  • Costs around 1,600 Credits after it was for 1,700 for a short period.
  • Firing rate is around 13 which is great! 
  • Reload speed is 3.25 which is super fast compared to the Odin’s 5!

What’s great about this weapon:

  • A cheaper option for going expendables mode! 
  • Great reload speed as it helps to be fast sometimes. 
  • Every wanted to have more bullets? Then the Ares is the one for you with a 50 bullets magazine!

3. Guardian:

Valorant Guardian Headshot Ace

This one is my absolute favorite! People wouldn’t understand how broken it is! You get to deal a lot of damage with only one shot! This weapon isn’t the best choice for beginners who want to have fun and kick back, it’s for beginners who want to improve their aim and get rewarded with wins immediately!

Guardian details:

  • Costs 2,250 which might sound a lot compared to the Spectre but it’s not much for the damage!
  • Low firing rate of 5.25 but you don’t need a lot of bullets if you can only kill the enemy with one!
  • Insane damage for headshots which is around 195 and around 65 for the body.

What’s great about this weapon:

  • The best weapon to improve your aim as you can feel the rewards instantly with your headshots.
  • Cheaper than Phantom and Vandal so it’s suitable if you want to save a little for the next round.
  • Insane damage, even better than the Vandal so it can be helpful even if you’re still a beginner.
  • Heavy penetration of armor which is also beneficial if you at least hit the enemy!

2. Vandal:

Valorant TenZ Deathmatch with VANDAL | Pretty Easy

The Vandal is a great choice for many players because it can deal high damage even in long-distance engages which is something the Phantom isn’t capable of! The learning curve for the Vandal is a bit steep but its overall performance can make it up for you! It’s not the best rifle for beginners as it needs some control while spraying but if you’re confident in your skills and ability to learn then go ahead and pick it up!

Vandal details:

  • Costs 2,900 credits which require some saving but it can be worth it!
  • Firing rate of 9.75 which is good for a rifle and even better than the Bulldog!
  • Fairly good damage (160 for headshots and 40 for body shots).
  • A 25 bullets magazine which can be enough in most cases.

What’s great about this weapon:

  • Best overall performance especially if you get used to the recoil patterns.
  • Great for long-distance engages as it can still deal a ton of damage.
  • Best rewarding weapon for patience as you can get a lot better with practice and climb up the ranks.

1. Phantom:

[ACE] Awesome CLUTCH in Valorant with Phantom Singularity

Phantom is mostly the go-to weapon for most players! It has the biggest magazine in rifles, can deal great damage, has a silencer which is great, and it’s the most beginner-friendly weapon as it’s easy to control during spraying.

Phantom details:

  • Cost 2,900 credits.
  • Firing rate of 11!
  • Headshots damage of 156 approximately.
  • A 30 bullets magazine.

What’s great about this weapon:

  • Cost the same as the Vandal which is why it’s the better choice for beginners.
  • The highest firing rate of a rifle in Valorant!
  • Biggest magazine size which can be so beneficial to save precious seconds during reloading.
  • Almost the same damage as the Vandal, yet another reason why it’s a very good choice over it.
  • Best weapon for beginners as the spray pattern is easy to control and memorize.


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