Valorant Says They're Winning the Fight Against Cheaters and Hackers. But Are They?

Valorant Says They're Winning the Fight Against Cheaters and Hackers. But Are They?
Not to cheat or not to cheat... That is the question!

Valorant is suggesting that they’re winning against the cheaters. The question is, are they?

Cheaters and hackers are part of almost any online multiplayer game where players compete against each other. Nobody enjoys losing to cheaters and hackers. All they ever do is ruin the experience for honest players who are just trying to have some fun.

In an official report published yesterday, Matt ‘K3O’ Paoletti states that: “report rates for cheating are trending downward, and are at the lowest they’ve ever been.”

While this may be the case, does this justify a victory celebration, or is this merely a slight respite before hackers figure out how to beat the current anti-cheat measures?

According to Paoletti’s post, ‘bussing’ which is a form of cheating where players play in a squad with a cheater for a free ride to the top, has been dealt with by issuing a 90-day penalty for players who are found to be employing this method of cheating.

Furthermore, the report states that continual improvements are being made to Vanguard, Valorant’s anti-cheat engine, to maintain this low level of cheaters in the game and potentially make it even lower.

However, hardware cheats and developing machine learning algorithms for hacks present a new challenge for the anti-cheat team to face and could potentially become an issue. That is if cheat developers are successful in perfecting a hack that teaches itself to beat the anti-cheat and remain undetected through machine learning algorithms.

The fact remains that to date, efforts to combat cheating in Valorant have been quite successful. We can only hope that their success will continue and they will be able to maintain their control in the fight against hackers and cheaters.





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