Valorant Reveals Unfixed Bugs After Patch 3.08

Valorant Reveals Unfixed Bugs After Patch 3.08
Valorant separates the wheat from the chaff... maybe.

Valorant released patch 3.08 on 19 October 2021. They have recently tweeted that some bugs were supposed to be fixed in the update but were not, and some new bugs came with the patch release.

Valorant has stated that they do not believe that these new bugs are serious enough to risk a patch redeploy. 

Jett. Image by Valorant.

Valorant admitted that after the update Jett is taking longer than intended to equip her weapon after coming out of her Taildash ability. They argue that this is not severe in that it is not game-breaking and does not affect competitive integrity. However, some players believe that this makes Jett significantly weaker and thus is a significant bug that needs to be dealt with.

A second bug that has been revealed is that Jett’s ‘Updraft’ ability costs more than it is supposed to. While the ‘Taildash’ bug alone may not weaken Jett that much, the fact that the ‘Updraft’ now costs more in conjunction with the ‘Taildash’ bug has caused significant annoyance, especially among Jett mains.

Valorant has stated that the fix may only come with the next patch. It turns out that the ‘bloom stacking bug’, which was supposed to be fixed in patch 3.08, was not fixed and Valorant has stated in a tweet that they are “taking another look”.

Despite Valorant’s apparent lack of concern with Jett’s bugs, it is possible that if there is enough negative community feedback, they will attempt to fix it before the next patch, which is only scheduled for Tuesday, 2 November 2021.

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