[Top 5] Reasons Why Valorant Players Are Toxic

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Chamber and Jett, Valorant's top agents as of Patch 4.11

5. The Gamer Girl Dilemma

Valorant’s first five female agents: Reyna, Raze, Viper, Sage, and Jett

           As much as we love the fact that Riot and Valorant try its best to promote inclusivity, we can’t deny the fact that hostility towards women playing the game still exists. From players making in-game comments about how ‘women should just stop playing Valorant and go back to the kitchen’ to players downright dodging whenever they get queued up with women during their ranked sessions, misogynists and their disregard for women’s skills in eSports is still a big factor as to why the game would suck for a lot of people, not just gamer girls.

4. Instalockers

An example of Instalock Duelists

As much as we want to lock on Jett and just dash and knife away, we all know Valorant as a multiplayer game, and we do have to consider our teammates' preferences too before picking up an agent during match queues. Now, this is very basic information, as every Valorant guide promotes being a team player to win—and yet Jett, Raze and Reyna instalockers are still rampant within the game as of this very moment. It wouldn’t really hurt to have an instalocker that much, as some could probably do the role efficiently and really carry their team to victory, but most times, instalockers are just selfish players who want to dominate the game alone or die first multiple times, trying. The moment you snatch their agent pick away from them, they’ll either curse you and alt+F4 before the match starts or worse—troll you and your proper teammates all throughout your match. Ugh.

3. Mad, Mad Disrespect

Sentinels, the gods of competitive teabagging.

               We all know trashtalking and other in-game trolling as a huge part of why playing FPS games like Valorant is fun—the teabags and sprays over your dead enemies, and the ‘ggez’s and ‘git gud’s are sometimes what it takes to get the best out of your opponents because we all know proper mental is a big part of the game and getting into your enemies’ heads is a skill in itself;  but racist and homophobic taunts and comments are way too far, and yet some toxic players REALLY enjoy dissing their opponents with out-of-the-line insults just because they know it’s next to impossible to know who is typing behind their keyboards.

2. Smurfing

Oh, we wished it was just that kind of smurf.

               Playing ranked these days require a ton of patience, as no matter how good and consistent you are within your rank, especially if you’re playing in Silver-Gold elo, there’s a huge chance that there’s still someone weirdly better than you whenever you queue—and no, that someone isn’t just better than you naturally, they’re better than you because they aren’t supposed to be in your elo in the first place. Smurfs exist in a lot of FPS games, but Valorant has a lot of them, and they have various reasons—they want to enjoy ranked in a “chill” way, they would like to always win, they just wanna have fun with their lower elo friends, or straight up just want to troll… but really, nobody in their right mind would think these reasons are valid enough to warrant ruining other struggling players’ games.

1. Trolls

POV: You’re trying hard to win while your trolling teammates get ready to sabotage you

               These toxic Valorant players queue up matches for one reason and one reason only—to make the Valorant experience as terrible as they possibly could for every player that would be unfortunate enough to queue up with them. Ranging from simply purposely AFK-ing the whole match, sabotaging their teammates by telling opponents their location and mollying them before they even get to play rounds, to blatantly aimbotting and wallhacking, these terrible players would go out of their way happily just to make the game almost unplayable for others, and the worst part is most of the time, they aren’t alone—they’re stacking up with their co-troll friends for the sake of multiplying the probability of making their matches unbearable. Now that’s real dedication to the wrong cause, bro. Real sad.


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