Valorant How To Play Killjoy Guide

Valorant How To Play Killjoy Guide
What's on this genius' mind?

Killjoy, Valorant’s German genius, is one of the best sentinels in the game. Since she relies on the strategic placement of her bots, first-time users may find it challenging to use her. 

How To Play Killjoy in Valorant

As a sentinel, Killjoy’s kit is tailored to stop enemies in their tracks with attacking, on-site bots. Below are her abilities:

  • Alarmbot (Q)

Killjoy places a small Alarmbot on the ground, which is triggered by nearby enemies. It follows them and inflicts Vulnerable debuff for 4 seconds upon explosion. The skill costs 200 credits; you have to wait 20 seconds to use it again.

  • Nanoswarm (C)

Nanoswarm is Killjoy’s molly skill since it deals AoE damage to caught enemies. The damage may be minimal but 3 seconds of exposure is enough to kill enemies with full HP. It costs 200 credits and has two charges.

I recommend placing both Alarmbots and Nanoswarms on different entryways and choke points to surprise unsuspecting enemies.

  • Turret (E)

Turrets are Killjoy’s invention that rotates 180 degrees and shoots a laser-like projectile that deals minimal damage. Regardless, this robot is used to reveal the enemy's location and mark their entry points. This signature ability is free, has 125 health, and has a 45-second cooldown. If recalled, the waiting time is reduced to 20 seconds.

  • Lockdown (X)

Killjoy deploys a lockdown device on the ground, creating a giant radius after 13 seconds. Trapped enemies are detained for 8 seconds, where they are drastically slowed and restricted from using any skills and from shooting guns. It costs 7 ultimate points and has 150 health. You should avoid placing lockdown on open areas so enemies can’t easily target the device.

Playing Killjoy

The main trick to playing Killjoy is knowing where to properly place her bots and turrets for line-ups, depending on which site you’re assigned to defend or attack. Her Nanoswarms and Alarmbots are generally used for denying entry and stall defuse. Meanwhile, her turret acts as a stationary sentinel that provides the team information.

Keep on practicing Killjoy in custom games and familiarize yourself with her line-ups across different maps. Who knows, you might just be the next Killjoy main in your circle!


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