Valorant: How to Play Cypher Guide

Valorant: How to Play Cypher Guide
Cypher prepping up before a match.

Cypher is one of the most famous sentinels in Valorant because of his information-gathering abilities, especially when you're on the defensive side.

How to Play Cypher in Valorant

Gathering intel is one of the main factors in winning, and Cypher is a frontrunner in that aspect. His abilities are:

  • First Core Ability - Cyber Cage(100 credits each)

Throw a Cyber Cage in front. Once activated, a zone that blocks vision and slows passing enemies through it is created. This ability has two charges.

  • Second Core Ability - Spycam (Free but recharges for 15 seconds if retracted and 45 seconds if destroyed)

Equip a Spycam and fire to place it at a targeted location. Using the ability again will allow you to take control of the camera's view, which can fire a marking dart on a specific enemy. Once marked, you can see the agent's location on the map. 

  • Signature Ability - Trapwire (200 credits each)

Equip a Trapwire and fire to place a tripwire at a targeted location. This will create a line between the targeted location and the opposite wall. Enemies who cross the wire will be revealed and tethered for a short period. Inversely, they can destroy the wire before it activates. This ability has two charges.

  • Ultimate Ability - Neural Theft (7 Points)

Reveal the location of remaining enemies by using this ability on a corpse.

As a Sentinel, Cypher can hold an area by himself by taking advantage of his skills and vision. He's one hell of a force for area-denial.

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