[Top 5] Valorant Most OP Agents That Are Excellent

[Top 5] Valorant Most OP Agents That Are Excellent
OP agents incoming!

Valorant has truly become a battlefield of tactics and strategic gameplays heavily relying on an ever-changing meta based on Riot’s patches and updates. This dynamic aspect of the game brings all players excitement and thrill every time there’s something new—nerfs, buffs, fixes, or additional features.

But one thing’s for sure: agent tool kits are what’s shaping the current meta, be it in the professional scene or in unrated and competitive games. So, we’ve compiled the top most overpowered (OP) Valorant agents that are excellent in any ELO. Buckle up, folks; you’re in for a fantastic best 5!

Top 5 Most OP Agents In Valorant

5. Skye

Skye, the Australian hot chick who’s a nature lover as much as she’s a reliable killing machine. Thanks to a massive buff in Act 3, she now enjoys a reputation of being among the most-picked initiators in the game.

With signature abilities giving the whole team vision and intel, Skye is one of your best bets for hunting unsuspecting opponents. She’s an excellent agent capable of blinding and tracking enemies, giving the team more shots at winning!

What Makes Skye OP 

  • While she can’t use it on herself, Skye’s basic skill HEALS every team member within its range. She’s a selfless medic!
  • Skye’s trinkets can do a LOT of things. For example, Trailblazer allows her to enter a summoned Tasmanian tiger’s consciousness and scout the area.
  • Hawks are her friends, too! With Guiding Light, they turn into a flash, blinding everyone in sight!
  • But Skye is truly overpowered in her ultimate ability: three Seekers tracking down enemies across the map!
  • Skye is your best bet if you’re looking for an agent with healing, concussive flashes, and insane info-gathering prowess!


4. Breach

Another initiator on the list, Breach, is an excellent agent capable of carrying the whole team to victory. This agent has become a fan favorite among players with a tool kit meant to incapacitate enemies before entering a site.

Fracture is Breach’s playground—every nook and cranny best suits his abilities. But he’s a fantastic offensive agent through and through. He can hold down sites, send forth shock waves to side duelists’ entry, and temporarily remove the enemy’s vision.

What Makes Breach OP

  • As long as there’s a wall, Breach can fire his skills. Unfortunately, they’re everywhere!
  • Aftershock lets Breach fire a charge through a wall, sending concussive blasts with decent damage.
  • He’s annoying. Period. His Flashpoint turns your whole screen yellow for seconds!
  • Breach is so strong he can trigger a seismic quake with his signature Fault Line. It can daze all enemies within the range.
  • Of course, you’ll be sent “off your feet” with his Rolling Thunder, where Breach summons a series of quakes to daze and knock you up!
  • Blind, daze, knock up, etc.? Breach got it all for you. That’s how annoying he is.



3. Brimstone

Brim used to be the least picked controller but has become a staple among Valorant players, especially after receiving a buff in past updates. You’ll see pro players and streamers showcasing his tool kit as they obliterate the opposing team.

Liam Byrne, as his dossier reveals, is a valuable team member who can take the whole map under his control. He can be a helpful support and a deadly carry, whichever you want him to be!

What Makes Brimstone OP 

  • His tool kit includes utilities that can buff allies, delay enemy entries, and incinerate bodies.
  • Sky Smoke allows Brim to fire smoke clouds at three locations on the map, tampering with enemies’ line of vision.
  • He can enhance everyone’s fighting power and speed with his Stim Beacon!
  • As if buffing his teammates is not enough, Brim’s Incendiary launches a molly that slows down AND hurts passing players. You can use this skill for post-plant line-ups to ensure a successful spike explosion!
  •  Alas, Brim can “open up the sky” with his ultimate Orbital Strike, a dangerous and risky skill that launches a laser over a selected area on the map. It deals insanely high damage to players caught in the radius. Talk about OP!

2. Jett

From the moment Valorant was introduced as Riot’s first FPS game, Jett has never stayed away from the meta. That’s how OP her design is.

She’s the perfect duelist with speed and mobility, allowing her to quickly enter an area. By far, Jett is the best agent you can get as her abilities are a trifecta of offense, defense, and survival.


What Makes Jett OP

  • Jett can’t be hurt when falling off from tall heights. She literally can’t fall because of her passive ability, which lets her glide instead.
  • Clouds accompany her anywhere—she can use them to throw smoke clouds and propel herself into mid-air! 
  • A flying agent? That’s Jett for you!
  • Her skills let her escape death by dashing forward or throwing herself upwards. How do we catch her, exactly?
  • Jett was recently nerfed, but she remains as powerful as ever. Even the devs can’t stop her from being OP! 


1. Chamber

Finally, we have Vincent Fabron, code name Deadeye, more popular as Chamber. Sentinels are meant to stand guard and hold down sites, but this one’s a tad bit different. He’s a whole killing machine and arguably the best sniper in the game.

Long-range headshots are Chamber’s forte, but he’s also great at gathering intel. He’s a flexible agent who can take on various roles in the team, making him a great pick on all maps. 

Monsieur sees himself as a “well-dressed man on the other side,” but to most enemies, he’s a dangerous assassin capable of long-range carnage!

What Makes Chamber OP 

  • Chamber can shoot down peeking enemies from across the map as long as they’re in his line of vision.
  • His heavy pistol allows him to quickly aim and go for the kill. It’s even better than Sheriff.
  • Recon? Flank watch? Hold a site? Chamber can do it all! He can utilize his skills to help the team in various ways.
  • His camera is a small trap meant to slow down enemies and reveal their location.
  • Tour De Force lets him equip a sniper rifle with split-second recoil. So, think about an Operator without delay between shots. Scary, right?
  • He can teleport between two points! When you think you finally have him, Chamber instantly disappears and kills you from behind instead. He’s a master of outplays!


That ends our list of top 5 overpowered Valorant agents! I’d immediately log into the game and practice any of them in the Range if I were you.

Credits to @ExCharny on Twitter for these awesome fanarts!

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