Valorant: How To Play Brimstone Guide

Valorant :How To Play Brimstone Guide
Learn how to initiate with initiator Brimstone!

Brimstone is one of the most enjoyable Agents to use in Valorant because of his large-scale abilities. From torching enemies with his Molotov to rapidly dealing massive damage to all enemies with his ult, this Agent has a lot of entertaining skills.

How To Play Brimstone In Valorant

Suppose Brimstone is your favorite Agent. You've wondered how to maximize his fullest potential or simply want to try him out. In that case, this guide is the solution to your dilemma.


To effectively play Brimstone, familiarize yourself with the following abilities:

  • First Core Ability - Incendiary (250 credits) 

Equip a Molotov launcher and fire an incendiary grenade that will bounce twice before it explodes as it hits the floor. This will ignite an area of effect that will damage everyone, including allies, within the radius.

  • Second Core Ability - Stim Beacon (200 credits)

Brimstone fires a disc onto the ground, creating an area of effect that buff him and his teammates' rate of fire by 15% for 12 seconds if they come in contact with it.

  • Signature Ability - Sky Smoke (100 credits each)

Gives you the ability to send out smokes in targeted areas. LEFT CLICK to choose a location, and RIGHT CLICK to deploy smokes. Smokes blocks vision for 19.25 seconds. At the beginning of each round, Brimstone can only carry up to three charges for this ability.

  • Ultimate Ability - Orbital Strike (7 points)

Allows you to equip a strike map and fire a wide AOE beam of light that will rapidly deal massive damage for over 3 seconds to all Agents caught in the area of effect.


Brimstone is best used to zone out enemies and gain intel. Take advantage of your abilities by closing off entry points or clearing out specific corners, allowing you to take sites easier.

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