Valorant: How To Play Breach Guide

Valorant: How To Play Breach Guide

Suppose you're relatively new to Valorant and still deciding which Agent suits your playstyle best. In that case, you might want to consider Breach.

How To Play Breach In Valorant

Breach is currently one of the best Agents in the game because of the abilities that allow him to take advantage of the map. As an initiator, he is best used for gathering intel.

Here are his abilities:

  • First Core Ability - Aftershock (200 credits)

Breach fires a fusion charge and fire to set a slow-acting burst through a wall. The blast will inflict heavy damage on anyone caught in the same area.

  • Second Core Ability - Flashpoint (250 credits)

Equip a blinding charge and fire to set a fast-acting burst through a wall. The charge will explode and blind enemies who are looking at it.

  • Signature Ability - Fault Line (Free but recharges every 40 seconds)

Breach summons a seismic blast and holds fire to increase the distance. Once released, a quake will set off and daze all nearby players.

  • Ultimate Ability - Rolling Thunder (7 Points)

Equip a seismic charge and fire a cascading quake through all terrain in an extensive line, knocking up and dazing enemies along its path.

Breach is one of the most annoying agents in the game. His toolkit is designed to help duelists enter the site with relative ease. 

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