[Top 5] Valorant Most Picked Agents That Are Excellent

[Top 5] Valorant Most Picked Agents That Are Excellent
Agents waiting to be picked.

Not all agents are created the same. Some are just…built different! Here are the top five most picked agents in Valorant whom players rely on for winning unrated games or climbing up the ranks.

Top 5 Most Picked Agents In Valorant

5. Raze

At first glance, you might think that Raze's skills are underwhelming compared to other agents. But that's where you're wrong. Once you become an expert at utilizing her abilities, you'll be unstoppable, defending or attacking.

What sets Raze apart from other Valorant characters is her reliance on explosives. She has grenades, boom bots, satchels, and a literal rocket launcher! An excellent duelist, Raze makes up for a grand and aggressive entry.

What Makes Raze Great

  • Her Boom Bot chases a targeted enemy and deals a decent amount of damage upon explosion.
  • Raze’s Blast Pack allows her to detonate a bomb on walls and grounds. Raze mains use this skill to propel her in a specific direction.
  • She can fire a cluster grenade, dealing damage to everyone in range. 
  • Her ultimate ability allows her to fire a rocket that can instantly kill everyone within the range. Scary!
  • Enjoy Raze’s flamboyant and happy-go-lucky personality!
  • A party animal, Raze can produce music beats with her mouth.


4. Jett

This agent is one of the most popular characters in Valorant. Not because she looks so damn cool or awesome, but for the unique skills that make her a top-tier duelist. Jett has impressive mobility allowing her to quickly enter a site and escape death.

Riot nerfed Jett recently, but that doesn't mean she's saying goodbye to this list soon. In fact, she's so OP that the nerfs don't seem to significantly affect the Jett mains. As of writing, she remains one of the most-used duelists in any ELO. That's how fantastic this Korean agent is!

What Makes Jett Great

  • Jett can survive any attacks with her skills. She's so mobile it's challenging to target her.
  • Her Tailwind ability allows her to dash forward. Surprise MF!
  • Cloudburst creates a small cloud on impact, so Jett can easily block the enemy's line of sight.
  • Oh, you can't lose HP even after falling from great heights. Her passive skill Drift gives her the freedom to glide instead of fall.
  • A badass move, Jett obliterates enemies with Blade Storm by throwing flying knives, dealing damage, and head-shotting enemies.
  • She's smol and cute, but deadly!


3. Chamber

Monsieur Chamber is a great Sentinel at area denial and site control. He’s basically a handsome sniper who can kill enemies at long-range. Not a Radiant-infused agent, Chamber relies on his powerful equipment tools for teleportation, surveillance, and sniping enemies with excellent accuracy.

Most teams give Chamber tasks involving aggressive reconnaissance since he can quickly teleport back to a safe place after sighting an opponent. But in truth, he can easily pick up sneaking and peeking enemies as long as French boy has the right angle!


What Makes Chamber Great

  • Chamber’s Trademark ability sets up a trap that slows down passing enemies.
  • With Headhunter, he can equip a heavy pistol with a faster recoil.
  • Chamber’s ultimate ability allows him to teleport between two points. Talk about cool!
  • With Tour De Force, he summons a powerful sniper rifle capable of killing enemies with one shot. You can treat it as an Operator with no reload time! What?
  • Chamber can hold down a site on his own.
  • Not gonna lie; he has a pleasant voice!


2. Sage

Who doesn’t know Sage? She’s literally the epitome of a girl boss in Valorant. A fan favorite from the start, she’s a valuable utility agent capable of defending sites, healing allies, and resurrecting fallen comrades.

Real name Ling Ying Wei, Sage is a beginner-friendly and high ELO-preferred agent who sits atop the ethos of defensive play, thanks to her Sentinel tool kit.

What Makes Sage Great

  • Low HP? Don’t worry! The bastion of China can heal you!
  • With her Barrier Orb, Sage can block an enemy’s path, fortifying a wall for seconds.
  • Facing annoying, fast-paced duelists? Sage can easily throw her Slow Orb and create a field, slowing down everyone who sets foot on it.
  • Of course, her ultimate skill, resurrection, is one of the main reasons for picking her. It literally gives dead team members a second chance in the game.
  • She’s calm and level-headed!
  • Since Sage is mainly used by female Valo players, you might get that special treatment! *winks*


1. Reyna

Reyna is the Radiant from Mexico, a ruthless killing machine who hates powerless people. She is a well-rounded agent capable of healing herself, blinding enemies, and is adept at a seamless escape from near-death situations.

Introduced as Agent 11, Reyna may lack the entry skills other duelists are famous for, but she can easily dominate the game with her unusual yet effective reliance on Soul Orbs. As such, a lot of players use her to turn tables and obliterate enemies on sight.

  What Makes Reyna Great

  • Reyna’s skill Leer inflicts Nearsight to enemies who look at it. Talk about convenience!
  • She can heal herself with her signature ability, Devour.
  • Whenever she’s in a sticky situation, Reyna can quickly become invulnerable through Dismiss! A Soul Orb is required, of course.
  • A badass ultimate, Reyna enters an infinite soul-harvesting mode through Empress, where her firing, equip, and reload speed are increased. *gasps*
  • With a violet hue, she’s one of the most beautiful characters in-game. So, you basically have a femme fatale at your disposal!
  • Her Mexican accent is music to the ears.


That’s the top 5 most picked Valorant agents so far! Have you mastered all of them?

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