Valorant: How To Play Fade Guide

Valorant: How To Play Fade Guide
Face your fears!

Fade, the newest Valorant agent, is finally here; and players are dying to know how to play her. Don’t worry, tho! I got you. Here’s how you play fade in Valorant.

How To Play Fade Guide in Valorant

Fade is another initiator like Sova, Skye, KAY/O, and Breach. According to the game, these agents are tasked with “setting up their team to enter the contested ground and push defenders away.”

Simply put, they are responsible for making sure duelists enter the site safely and swiftly with their skill sets. Without them, it will be challenging for your teams to initiate team fights or counter flanks.

As an initiator like Fade, your focus should be on providing vision for your allies and revealing the enemy locations.

Fade’s Skill Set

  • Prowler (C) 

This skill tracks down enemies upon launch. Once it hits them, the Prowler procs temporary nearsightedness. You may also control your summon by using it to navigate through the map while the skill is active. Use it to check corners and blind spots.

  • Seize (Q)

Seize allows Fade to throw a nightmare-colored, inklike orb that explodes on the ground upon contact. It expands and creates a zone that inflicts decay damage and deafened status to caught enemies. Re-hitting the ability key to drop the orb faster.

Seize is an especially valuable utility for post-plant gameplay, counter-flanking, and hunting down opponents. A single charge of this skill costs 200 credits.

  • Haunt (E)

Fade throws another orb which transforms into a nightmarish entity upon hitting the ground. It then marks enemies caught in sight, revealing their location. On the contrary, enemies can shoot the orb before expansion to stop its progress. It automatically drops after 1.5 seconds, but you can re-use the ability to immediately drop the orb on the ground.

It procs Trails debuff for 12 seconds on marked enemies. While Fade’s ultimate ability is active, you can use Haunt for free.

  • Nightfall (X)

Fade’s power is to induce FEAR. Nightfall is her ultimate ability, allowing her to release a wave of nightmare energy similar to Breach’s Rolling Thunder, which travels through walls. Enemies caught inside the skill’s vicinity are inflicted with the Deafened status and Decay damage and will have their locations marked on the map.

Recommended Weapons For Fade

Since she is best used for tracking down enemies, I don’t recommend using snipers or other long-range guns for her. Instead, use a pistol such as Ghost, an SMG like Spectre, or AR like Vandal or Phantom, to maximize her abilities.

Fade is one of the best agents in the current Valorant setting, regardless of which ELO you are. You should unlock and practice playing her as soon as possible while Riot has not yet implemented nerfs. Good luck!

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