[Top 5] Valorant Most Annoying Agents That Wreck The Enemy Team

[Top 5] Valorant Most Annoying Agents That Wreck The Enemy Team
Is Fade annoying?

Meta aside, specific agents really get on everybody's nerves! When you thought you were winning the game, these annoying agents are ruining it all! Here are your top 5 most annoying agents in Valorant.

Top 5 Most Annoying Agents in Valorant


5. KAY/O

Everybody hates KAY/O. Valorant heavily depends on agent skill sets, but this agent denies every skill. You may not always see him in tournaments, but he remains a suppressive force to reckon with in any situation.

KAY/O is a preferred initiator over Skye in specific maps, especially Ascent. Remember those failed pushes in B tunnels? Yup, that map is totally his turf. "Not on my watch!"—KAY/O to enemies lurking.

What Makes KAY/O Annoying 

  • Besides the fact that he specializes in suppression, KAY/O can temporarily remove your sight with his FLASH/DRIVE. The grenade blinds anyone looking at it.
  • His basic skill, FRAG/MENT, allows him to throw a sticky fragment on the ground. Anyone caught in its radius suffers a decent amount of damage. So, he doesn't only procs statuses; he also inflicts pain. Yes, what a pain in the ***!
  • KAY/O's signature ability is a sticky blade. You're in for a surprise attack if you don't know what this knife can do. Upon explosion, all enemies inside the skill's premises can't use skills for a few seconds—with your presence revealed. Talk about annoying!
  • His ultimate, NULL/CMD, sends waves of energies with KAY/O's body as the center point. Everyone within the range is suppressed from using skills!
  • But wait, there's more! Let's say you managed to kill KAY/O while his ult is active. That's not the last of him because he can be revived by an ally after a few seconds!


4. Yoru

Yoru is a duelist you rarely see in the game. Before his rework, it’s as if nobody batted an eye on this agent. But with the patch meant to elevate him in the tiers, Yoru becomes another troublesome enemy in-game.

What Makes Yoru Annoying

  • Yoru can summon a clone that can WALK! Let's say you got tricked, and you bombarded it with bullets. Wait until you realize it's the worst decision ever!
  • Fakeout allows Yoru to deploy an echo or clone that generates footsteps. If destroyed, it blinds enemies from a certain angle. So, do you understand why you shouldn't kill a fake Yoru now?
  • Another annoying skill is Yoru's Blindside. He throws an unstable dimensional fragment that flashes upon hitting a hard surface.
  • Yoru can teleport. Gatecrash lets him summon a tether that goes forward and can act as a predetermined point for him to teleport later. What's more, he can use it to trigger a fake teleport. *facepalm*
  • But what makes Yoru the most annoying is his ult, Dimensional Drift. He equips a mask, giving him the ability to see between dimensions. To enemies, he becomes invisible. While in the state, he can teleport and do whatever annoying things he ought to do. This skill is terrific for gathering intel and reconnaissance. But if you're the enemy, you're bound to be stressed!


3. Skye

Skye is another initiator after KAY/O that is hated by enemies in-game. After her buff in Act 3, she became one of the most-picked agents in unrated or competitive modes. Her toolkit allows Skye to check a site before the team could enter, inflicting blinds along the way.

What Makes Skye Annoying  

  • Skye’s trinkets give her various abilities—heals, info-gathering, blinds, and tracking.
  • Regrowth lets her heal all enemies within the range. We bet Sage wants to learn from her!
  • Trailblazer allows Skye to enter the spirit of a Tasmanian tiger and rush into sites. She can explode in a concussive blast and damage enemies at will before the skill runs out.
  • You know your team is not in good shape when your screens regularly turn green. Skye’s Guiding Light is probably one of the most annoying blinding skills in the game!
  • Skye’s ultimate sends out green Seekers that can track the closest enemies. Upon contact, you’ll become nearsighted.


2. Breach

Breach is undoubtedly among the most hated and cursed at agents in Valorant. It’s as if he was made to ANNOY enemies! An initiator, and arguably an excellent one, he is excellent at creating offensive plays that give duelists a window for a successful entry.

What Makes Breach Annoying 

  • Breach can stun, blind, and knock enemies up.
  • Aftershock lets him set slow-acting bursts through a wall, doing heavy damage. If a map has a LOT of walls, like Fracture, then Breach goes Krazy.
  • He fires a charge through a wall with Flashpoint, blinding all enemies looking at the yellow light.
  • Breach’s signature ability, Fault Line, allows him to equip a seismic blast. The longer he holds it down, the bigger its area of effect is. All players caught in the zone are dazed!
  • Rolling thunder is Breach controlling the terrain and sending a cascading quake in a line, dazing and knocking up enemies in its wake. Sheesh!



1. Fade

Valorant's new agent, Fade, quickly becomes the most annoying agent when she steps foot in the game. In the lore, she thrives in the enemy's deepest fears; but as the current spotlight is on her, players have realized one thing: Fade is, indeed, a scary and irksome agent!

What Makes Fade Annoying 

  • Fade has a nightmarish entity for a pet. Talk about strange!
  • Haunt lets her throw an orb that can reveal the enemies' location. It doesn't end there, though. Exposed enemies suffer from Trails debuff for 12 seconds!
  • She summons a Prowler and instructs it to travel in a straight line, chasing enemies it detects. The poor agents become nearsighted for 3 seconds if the skill reaches them.
  • Another annoying Fade skill is Seize, which lets her throw an orb that explodes upon surface contact. Decay and deafen statuses are inflicted on anyone trapped in the zone created from the nightmare ink.
  • Nightfall lets her send a wall-traversing wave as big as Breach's ult, defeaning and decaying everyone caught in its path! Fade is Fear incarnate. 


There you go! Those are our top 5 most annoying Valorant agents. Who do you hate the most?

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