Valorant How To Play KAYO Guide

Valorant How To Play KAYO Guide
Question, is KAY/O a robot?

In Valorant lore, KAY/O is a robot whose ultimate goal is to obliterate Radiants. In the game, he is an initiator, along with Sova, Fade, Skye, and Breach, who are generally designed to help duelists have a smooth entry.

How To Play KAY/O in Valorant

When his cards are played properly, KAY/O can easily turn the tables around. The secret lies in learning his skills, knowing when to use them, and taking advantage of the information they provide.

KAY/O Skills

  • Flash/Drive: KAY/O throws a flash grenade that explodes after 1.6 seconds, blinding enemies in the grenade’s line of sight. It costs 250 credits and can be used twice. 
  • Zero/Point: This is KAY/O’s signature ability that allows him to throw a knife on any surface. On contact, it suppresses anyone within the vicinity, suspending their ability to use any skill. 
  • Additionally, everyone within the radius is marked on-screen, making this ability perfect for collecting intel as it tells your team which enemy agents are nearby. Opponents can attack the knife before activation.
  • Frag/ment: KAY/O throws an explosive device on the ground and explodes multiple times. It deals ample damage to enemies within its range. 
  • Null/CMD: KAY/O’s ultimate ability lets him emit a huge wave of energy from his location, suppressing enemies within the radius for a few seconds. If KAY/O is killed while the skill is active, he transforms into a “downed” state, and team members can revive him within 15 seconds. If no member is available to resurrect, he can no longer be revived once the timer is off.

Playing KAY/O requires practice, so you better use the agent frequently to familiarize yourself with his kit.


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