Valorant: How To Revive Guide

Valorant: How To Revive Guide
Mama Sage, save us please!

Did you know one Agent in Valorant has a remarkable ability to allow you to revive your teammates? Yes, you read that right! Sage is a supporting character who is capable of not just healing but also resurrecting a fallen ally.

How To Revive In Valorant

Reviving dead team members is easy, as you're using Sage or any team member is. Here's how you bring back an ally:

  • Choose Sage as your agent during agent picking or have a team member use her.
  • Acquire 7 points while playing the game. Ultimate orbs are scattered across each map, and contesting them may not be easy. Depending on whether you are attacking or defending, getting orbs may get you killed if you're not careful.
  • So, be extra cautious! I know you need those ult points, but what's the point if you're shot?
  • Locate the corpse of your dead ally and approach them. Be careful of lurking enemies!
  • Use your Ultimate Ability - Resurrection by pressing X on your keyboard. This will instantly revive them.

Other players, particularly the "battle" Sages, use her ult as bait. While enemies are focused on the resurrected player, Sage can simply shoot them.

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