Valorant: How to Play Defense Guide

Valorant: How to Play Defense Guide
Don't let them plant the spike!

You are either a defender or an attacker in Valorant. Playing on the defensive side requires more order and presets than the attacking. Additionally, you will not have as much control over the battle's flow while defending the site.

How To Play Defense In Valorant

If you're struggling to win rounds while playing on defense, this guide is your best bet. There are three main types of defenses, and these are:

  • Passive Defense

This playstyle revolves around gathering intel about enemy positions and their approach. Your top priority is minimizing kills and adjusting your positions to the attackers' goals. Agents like Cypher or Sova are highly recommended for this type of def.

  • Aggressive Defense

This approach is mainly used to throw enemies off or when you're confident you can take down enemies. Playing aggressive defense centers around getting kills as early as possible and surprising attackers. This usually happens when you push forward towards the site's entrance instead of patiently waiting on-site.

Duelists like Jett, who has the best mobility out of all Agents, are the best pick for this playstyle.

  • Playing for a Retake

Playing for a retake happens when attackers already have control over the objective. Prioritize staying alive and focusing on your rotation with your teammates instead of getting kills. This will turn the tables and make defenders seem like they're playing on the attack side.

One of the good things about this strategy is that enemies have most likely used up their abilities to plant the Spike, leaving them at a disadvantage. But beware of their team composition as they might have agents that are best suited for post-plant.

There you go! Good luck defeating those attackers!

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