Valorant: How To Play Against Operator Guide

Valorant: How To Play Against Operator Guide
Whatever you do, don't peek!

Have you ever been so close to achieving victory, rushing a site with your teammates, only to halt to a complete stop once you hear the mighty roar of an Operator? You're not alone. In fact, this guide is especially dedicated to players like you.

How To Play Against Operator In Valorant

The Operator is the most expensive and scariest weapon; it can easily take down your team in the hands of a skillful Op player. Fortunately, there are ways to counter an Op. Just make sure to NEVER peek against this powerful sniper.


Here are some ways to play against an Operator:

  • Make use of smokes and flashes:

Smoke or flash enemies out and force them to either reposition, wait for the smoke to disappear, or push past it. This can allow you to strike or give enough time for your teammates to rush a site without dying from a one-shot kill.

  • Off-angles are key:

Peeking on an Operator is like digging your own grave. Instead, catch them off by surprise by utilizing off-angles. One thing to keep in mind is, Operators usually aim at entry points. Omen is a highly recommended agent because he can use his teleport ability to surprise the Op user.

  • Force them to do a retake:

Operators are best used on the defender's side because of their efficiency in stopping pushes and denying entries. However, matter how great and scary this weapon is, it has a downside: it's your best choice for retaking sites.

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