World of Warships Best Battleships For Every Tier

World of Warships Best Battleships
No, building the biggest battleship in the world definitely isn't compensation for anything...

What Are The Best Battleships in World of Warships?

Battleships in World of Warships are what you play when you don't understand anything about actual naval warfare, and think they are the only type of ship ever used (This is a joke, but it's kinda true.) They do a lot of damage with guns and have a lot of armor at the expense of speed and maneuverability. Good ships to play if you love seeing big numbers pop up on your screen.

World of Warships Tier III Best Battleships

Best Battleship: Nassau (Germany)

See Nassau stats and more here.

Why this ship owns this tier: The Nassau is the best battleship in tier III because of how simple it is to play. Since at tier III there is no fast or long range battleships, the way you play at this tier is closer to fist fighting than anything. Keeping that in mind, the Nassau has some advantages over the other tier III ships. The two main things being better armor and better secondary guns, but also the main guns fire a little faster. All of this together means in those fist fights, you’re going to be putting out more consistent damage while taking less.

Runner Up: Bellerophon (U.K.)

See Bellerophon stats and more here.

Why this ship owns this tier: The Bellerophon doesn’t have as good of armor or secondaries as the Nassau but her base stats are almost all around better than all other tier III ships. Her guns do a little more damage, she moves a little faster, and has a little better range. So it’s pretty straightforward why she’s on this list.

World of Warships Tier IV Best Battleships

Best Battleship: Orion (U.K.)

See Orion stats and more here.

Why this ship owns this tier: While most of the stats on the Orion are pretty average(some even below average), the main gun damage is a little higher, and chance to light fires is way higher. With a fire chance of 40% and maximum of 10 shells per volley, she can almost certainly light a fire every time she shoots. Fires are a natural enemy for just about anything but are specifically annoying for big targets like battleships, making this,and most, U.K. battleships very strong.

Runner Up: Kaiser (Germany)

See Kaiser stats and more here.

Why this ship owns this tier: Along the same lines as the Nassau, the Kaiser excels in short range brawls, which is still very relevant in tier IV. The armor and small guns along with good secondaries is kind of the trademark of german battleships and definitely serves them well, especially in low tier, small map matches.

World of Warships Tier V Best Battleships

Best Battleship: Kongo (Japan)

See Kongo stats and more here.

Why this ship owns this tier: Now for a new nation, Japan takes tier V. The Kongo has long range, good damage, and high speed. Her guns turn fast and she has decent fire chance as well as good AP shell damage. She lacks in armor, but her speed and high health pool make up for it. Over all she’s a great ship and an excellent sniper able to do a lot of damage.

Runner Up: Konig (Germany)

See Konig stats and more here.

Why this ship owns this tier: The Konig continues the german line of tanky brawlers. The Kongo is the only ship to get better range and speed meaning the Konig still beats everyone else at their own game in the dreadnought side of battleships while protecting herself from the kongo with turtleback armor.

World of Warships Tier VI Best Battleships

Best Battleship: Bayern (Germany)

See Bayern stats and more here.

Why this ship owns this tier: While the Bayern is still tanky, she decided to get bigger guns. These bigger guns do a lot of damage, have a high fire chance, turn fast, and have higher range. Her maneuverability is also better than the previous german battleships. Pretty much all of her stats are better than the other tier VI battleships except her range is less than the Fuso.

Runner Up: Fuso (Japan)

See Fuso stats and more here.

Why this ship owns this tier: The Fuso holds her own against the Bayern in most stats, never too far below. But her range is higher, and she has two more guns for a total of 4 more shells per volley. Being able to stay out of range while dealing plenty of damage means you don’t really need the extra armor.

World of Warships Tier VII Best Battleships

Best Battleship: King George V (U.K.)

See King George V stats and more here.

Why this ship owns this tier: The KGV can move fast, shoot fast, and set a lot of fires. Like I said before, fires are a big deal for battleships and shouldn’t be overlooked. Fires burn for a long time and the only way to get rid of them is to wait, or use your repair, which goes on cooldown for a while after using it. So if this ship lights 3 fires on you with one volley and you repair it then it lights 3 more(which it can), you have no choice but to take the damage.

Runner Up: Nagato (Japan)

See Nagato stats and more here.

Why this ship owns this tier: The Nagato is a very strong ship with bigger guns, thicker armor, and higher range than the other battleships of this tier. It also has decent turret traverse speed, good fire chance, and good accuracy. If you haven’t noticed by now, the Japanese battleship line is pretty much all snipers and (with good aim) can really do a lot of damage.

World of Warships Tier VIII Best Battleships

Best Battleship: Richelieu (France)

See Richelieu stats and more here.

Why this ship owns this tier: France takes tier VIII with the Richelieu. With most of her stats coming in fairly average, the part that makes Richelieu good is in how she’s played. All of her guns are on the front, making it unnecessary to show a broadside to shoot them at the same time. Take that with, long range, strong AA and very high speed, and you have a very difficult ship to kill. And if you aren’t killed, you can kill other people.

Runner Up: North Carolina (U.S.A.)

See North Carolina stats and more here.

Why this ship owns this tier: This is the only time the U.S.A. shows up on this list but don’t assume that means they’re bad. The North Carolina is a solid representation of the whole american battleship line and it’s pretty cool. The N-Cal has good speed, great accuracy, and strong guns, making it the sniper of tier VIII. This ship can seriously one shot people and, really, it isn’t the only american ship that can do so.

World of Warships Tier IX Best Battleships

Best Battleship: Lion (U.K.)

See Lion stats and more here.

Why this ship owns this tier: Back to the U.K. for tier IX. The Lion has amazing fire chance as with the other U.K. battleships along with good range and speed. While unnecessary to make her strong, she has the added bonus of an amazing heal that can restore a lot of her missing health. If you play this ship, there’s basically no way you can do badly. Simply fire HE shells for consistent damage while out healing the enemy(Trust me, this is very frustrating to play against.)

Runner Up: Alsace (France)

See Alsace stats and more here.

Why this ship owns this tier: The Alsace is basically a Richelieu with more guns, which obviously can only be a good thing. She still has great speed, armor, AA, and with the most guns of any tier IX battleship along with good accuracy, She’ll be doing some solid damage. You’re going to want to play her the same as the Richelieu, safe and keeping a good angle forward to avoid damage and make use of 8 forward facing guns until you see a good opportunity to turn a little and use the 4 bonus guns on the back.

World of Warships Tier X Best Battleships

Best Battleship: Conqueror (U.K.)

See Conqueror stats and more here.

Why this ship owns this tier: Are you surprised Yamato isn’t number one? I am. Straight out of the box, the Yamato might be better than the Conqueror. But the Conqueror can upgrade her guns to be only 3mm smaller than the Yamato, pushing her to the top. With roughly the same flat damage, the Conqueror has up to 63% fire chance. And, although the Yamato has slightly better armor, the Conqueror has a stronger heal. She’s also a little faster. All in all, the Conqueror wins out for being easier, and safer.

Runner Up: Yamato (Japan)

See Yamato stats and more here.

Why this ship owns this tier: While her fire chance isn’t as high as Conqueror, Yamato does have better penetration. This allows her to even penetrate well angled high tier battleships if she’s close enough. Her accuracy is also better than Conqueror, so a player with good aim can make use of that high penetration. She has a very high health pool and the thickest armor in the game, making her quite difficult to kill. And if nothing else counts, It’s the Yamato. Can you really argue with that?

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