The Best Battleship Games to Play on PC Right Now

best battleship games
Command the Heavy Firepower of the Greatest Battleships

Engage in Warfare with Heavy Fire-Power in These Best Battleship Games

Since humanity first took to the seas, we have utilized some form of warring sea vessel to defend our transit from one shore to the next, and as the conflicts of our species escalated in scope, the need for stronger and more durable fighting ships led us inevitably to the creation of the Battleships.  Take command of them in these outstanding PC games that cover three styles of battleships: modern, sci-fi, and fantasy.  We begin with the sturdy steel sea vessels that sail our oceans today, modern battleships…

Modern Battleship Games

1) World of Warships

World of Warships gameplay

The world is at war, the Axis of Germany and Japan have attacked many countries, and the Allies of England, France, Russia and the United States struggle to defeat the Axis and foil their plans to conquer the world.  In World of Warships, players control powerful naval battleships and other sea vessels in combat against enemy fleets.  The game controls are moderately hard to master, but there are training videos that speed along your learning and get you into the action fast.  The game is beautifully rendered and runs smoothly even in heavy battles.

Heavy Turrets of the Ship’s Guns Pivot and Tilt to Fire on Enemies

Ultimately, you must destroy all the enemies that lurk on the surface and beneath the waves.  World of Warships features realistic effects like explosions that rock the ship, intensifying the battles and pulling you into the game deep enough to worry you are about to sink.  Developers have released multiple updates, which they continue to put out regularly, and frequent in-game competitions offer players rewards and fame.

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