10 Greatest Video Game Guns You'd Wish You Had if Aliens Invaded Earth Tomorrow

The pinnacle of self-defense technology.

Does something need killing? Read on for the greatest video game guns of all time.

We prefer to worry about only sensible things, so if you’re like us, you’re probably wondering what guns you’d like handy if aliens were to invade earth tomorrow. It’s better to be prepared as they say. So check out our picks of the 10 greatest guns you’ll want if aliens invade.

10. Flailgun (Bulletstorm)



‘Who doesn’t enjoy a good explosion or fifty?’

Highbrow entertainment Bulletstorm is not, but the game is still a lot of fun and a bit underrated. The Flailgun exemplifies what this game is about: explosions, carnage, and destruction. The weapon fires a pair of grenades fastened to either end of a chain which fly out and wrap around the target giving the poor soul just enough time to struggle and curse before exploding in a satisfying shower of gore.

The gun even features a secondary fire mode which superheats the chain, allowing it to easily slice through any unfortunate enemies standing in your way. Nothing beats the pleasure you’ll feel firing a Flail which wraps around the target’s head while you watch them struggle in vain to pull it off before it explodes. You can even kick them into a group of enemies for an even more satisfying explosion.

9. The Golden Gun (GoldenEye 007)

‘That’s right. We went there.’

GoldenEye was an important moment in the history of video games, proving to the world that game consoles were profitable platforms for the development of first-person shooters. But for anyone who played GoldenEye in multiplayer mode remembers the Golden Gun. Signature weapon of Bond villain Francisco Scaramanga, played by the legendary, late Christopher Lee, the Golden Gun can be broken down into a pen, lighter, and cigarette case, with a cufflink to serve as the trigger.

The Golden Gun is notable for being a one shot kill weapon. Hit an enemy with and they it’s an instant kill even if they have full health and armor. Imagine turning the corner to find a giant, pissed off alien, only to shoot them in the toe and laugh as they keel over and die.

8. Cerebral Bore (Turok 2: Seeds of Evil)

‘The N64 was a simpler time.’

The Cerebral Bore garnered some publicity for Turok 2 at the time of its release because of just how violent and graphic the deaths it caused were. Hitting an enemy with the Cerebral Bore is a gruesome sight. When locked onto an enemy, the gun fires a small, metal orb which homes in and collides with the target’s skull, but that’s only the start of the fun.

The orb then proceeds to drill into the target’s head, unleashing a Tarantino-style spray of blood and gore before exploding deep inside the enemy’s brain. It might seem like a bit of overkill, but it’s a lot of fun to watch as your enemy helplessly gets their brain scrambled before dying in a head-blasting explosion.

7. Experimental MIRV (Fallout 3)



‘Good luck not humming that song.’

The Experimental MIRV is a unique weapon and an upgrade of the already super-strong Fat Man mini nuke launcher. That’s right, I said mini nukes. Every pull of the trigger fires eight, roughly football sized nukes which spread out to form a blanket of destruction.

Only use it in a real emergency though, because mini nukes are some of the hardest ammo to come by in Fallout 3. The Experimental MIRV is easily capable of turning the strongest enemies in the game into a smoking pile of gore. It even leaves patches of radioactivity wherever one of the mini nukes detonates!

6. The Gravity Gun (Half-life 2)

‘Behold gaming perfection.’

The Zero Point Energy Field manipulator (ZPEFM), colloquially known as the Gravity Gun, is a weapon which appears in Valve’s legendary Half-life 2. Originally designed for handling and transporting dangerous materials, the gravity gun finds a new use as an indispensable part of Gordon Freeman’s arsenal.

The gun can be used to pick up and carry heavy objects, while its primary fire mode unleashes an intense energy burst with blasts objects away from Gordon. The supercharged version of the Gravity Gun is so strong that grabbing or punting enemies with it causes instant death and its ability to pick up and move objects is vastly enhanced. The Gravity Gun is deadly, useful, and a whole lot of fun.

5. Euclid’s C-Finder (Fallout: New Vegas)



‘Fallout has the best music.’

Euclid’s C-Finder appears to be nothing more than a cheap, plastic toy, but appearances can be deceiving. When the player completes a certain quest, the C-Finder goes from harmless toy to the targeting system for a satellite-fired death beam. Simply keep the C-Finder pointed at the target and hold down the trigger as the C-Finder works its magic.

The weapon transmits the target’s coordinates to the Archimedes II satellite which, after a momentary delay, fires a massive, blue death beam which streaks from the sky and annihilates both your enemy and anyone unfortunate enough to be in the immediate vicinity.

The weapon’s only real drawbacks are its long firing delay and once-per-day use restriction as the satellite gathers solar power to recharge. Using the C-Finder can quickly turn a losing engagement into a winning one or launch a preemptive strike and take your time mopping up the survivors.

4. The M-920 Cain (Mass Effect 2/3)



‘Still having mixed feelings about the ending.’

The M-920 Cain first appeared in Mass Effect 2 and then returned in Mass Effect 3. The M-920 Cain, better known amongst Alliance marines as the “nuke gun,” is a powerful heavy weapon which requires a significant charge-up time before firing. While the weapon doesn’t actually fire nukes, and isn’t radioactive, the projectiles it fires do produce small mushroom clouds.

Be sure to put some distance between you and your target before firing, however, as firing the weapon too close to you and your party can cause a speedy demise.

3. The Dubstep Gun (Saint’s Row IV)

‘So glad dubstep is over now.’

“It’s a party in a gun!” Reads the gun’s flavor text, and it’s no lie. The Dubstep Gun is a weapon made from a turntable and DJ equipment which fires beams of concentrated dubstep. Terrifying, we know.

When the player upgrades this gun with explosive wubs, it becomes truly devastating and can rip through vehicles with ease. To top it all off, everyone in the vicinity of the person firing this weapon is overcome with an overwhelming urge to dance. The weapons only downside is that the player has to listen to dubstep to use it.

2. The BFG 9000 (Doom)



‘Watch till the end.’

The big man, the granddaddy, the legend. The BFG 9000, short for “Big F***ing Gun, is the quintessential overpowered gun which first appeared in the legendary game, Doom. The BFG 9000 is a deadly weapon which fires enormous balls of green plasma.

The BFG will eat up your ammo in large chunks, but it hardly matters if you use it correctly. The BFG is the weapon of choice for slaying large, dangerous enemies like Cyberdemons and Spider Masterminds, just keep in mind the firing delay.

1. RYNO V (Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time)



‘Why do people always have to go and break time?’

The RYNO V (short for “Rip Ya a New One”) is the most powerful gun in Ratchet & Clank bar none. The weapon fires a withering barrage of bullets mixed with homing missiles while blaring Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture for just a hint of sophistication with your wanton destruction. Just point vaguely in the direction of your enemies and hold the trigger while you rain fiery, explosive justice upon your foes.

‘Not enough barrels.’

The destruction this weapon can unleash is quite simply devastating. Even large waves of enemies coming all at once are no match for the RYNO V. A fun tactic is to use a disco orb to force all your enemies to stop and dance before vaporizing them.

Do you have your own top ten guns for surviving an alien invasion? Tell us in the comment section and be sure to check out some of our other great articles!

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