10 Remastered Games That Are Worth Replaying

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Final Fantasy X got an HD makeover.

Some Games Will Never Die

Some games make such an impression on its fanbase, that they achieve a level of replayability that lasts even a decade or more among its fans. However if you want to play older titles on a modern PC, you might run into a slew of problems. 

In the past few years, remastered editions of games of yore have seen a steady increase as there are now certain game companies that specialize in exclusively providing remastered editions of old titles (such as the Canadian developer Beamdog).

If you were looking at your old dusty CDs from the awesome games you’ve played in the 90s but have been unable to make them work on your new PC, read on, and check out this list of 10 remastered games of old that are made to flawlessly run on new PCs.

10. Doom (2016)

Doom 2016 - PC Gameplay - Max Settings

While not a actual remake of Doom (1993), Doom does cater to the old school gamer as it tries to bring its gameplay closer to the old Doom titles rather than the horror-style gameplay of Doom 3. The game is considered a reboot, and it manages to capture the spirit of the old Doom games with its visceral combat, large variety of enemies and excellent level design. 

The game has less focus on story and more focus on gameplay providing an intense singleplayer experience and also offering an arena-styled gameplay. The game was positively received by many critics, so if you want to relieve the intensity that you got when playing the original Doom, don’t miss this title!

Doom’s gameplay is brutal, totally unapologetic and intensely satisfying.

Doom certainly does not lack in monster variety.

9. Homeworld Remastered Collection (2015)

Let's Play! Homeworld Remastered Skirmish Battle - no commentary

Homeworld was one of those games that followed a really simple RTS principle, but managed to deliver great, action packed gameplay, with dozens of ships doing battle in real-time whilst trying to protect your mothership from being destroyed. The game itself is largely unchanged from its original form but has an updated graphics engine with all of the graphical goodies it brings with it, such as HD support and modern graphical effects. Music has also been remastered as well as the game offering new gameplay modes.

The collection also includes the original Homeworld and Homeworld 2 in their purest form with only modern PC compatibility. If you again want to experience the cinematic space battles of one of the oldest entries in the genre, you should definitely check this version out!

The updated engine shines best when two large fleets are in full engagement.

Homeworld was one of the first titles that could handle full 3D space battles on this scale, and does so even better in the remastered edition.


8. Unreal Gold (1999)

Unreal Gold (1998) - PC Gameplay Windows 7 / Win 7 HD 1080p 60fps

Before Unreal Tournament changed the arena-based FPS genre forever, there was a single player predecessor that established the Unreal lore and storyline before being introduced to several sequels. Unreal was a fast-paced horror single player game with a campaign that puts you in the shoes of a convict aboard a prison ship that crashes on the alien planet Na Pali.

The game has excellent level design, a variety of strange weapons (a lot of which continued into the later games in the series), an intriguing story that is read through the journals of the dead former convicts and a scary game design that is bone chilling up to this day. While the game is not an official remake, it features the original campaign and its expansion and has HD support plus a multiplayer mode with the ability to play the single player campaign in coop with a friend.

The game’s setting is strangely beautiful, ominous and scary at the same time.

The game truly captures a horrifying atmosphere.

7. Settlers II: Anniversary Edition (2006)

The Settlers 2 10th Anniversary Gameplay HD

The Settlers series always had a kind of love-hate-love stigma attached to them. While some praised the first two entries in the series, others condemned the same and praised the newer titles. Whatever the case, it goes without saying the series took a unique premise on the RTS genre. Settlers 2 was considered to be the more addictive in the series and with good reason. Its simple to understand but difficult to master gameplay, coupled with adorable visuals made it a cult classic.

The anniversary edition is no different. It is a true remake of the title, that tries its best not to change anything as regards to its gameplay. It also features multiplayer and the spirit of the original game is clearly present, as the game is as enjoyable and addictive as it was almost two decades ago.

The game engine is well optimized, looks great and its style is very reminiscent of the original.

The game’s unique design is even appropriate for a younger audience.

6.Battlezone 98 Redux (2016)

Battlezone 98 Redux - OUT NOW - Official Steam Launch Trailer!

Starting as a title on the Atari, Battlezone has been one of those titles that you probably don’t know, but if you do, a great feeling of nostalgia would wash over you. 
The first installment of the franchise for the PC pushed the envelope very far in terms of gameplay. By seamlessly fusing RTS gameplay with fast-paced first-person combat, Battlezone was a one of a kind pitting USA against Russia in a literal space race.

The gameplay would involve the player building buildings, gathering resources and producing units as well as commanding these units against their enemies in a lengthy campaign that starts on the Moon and ends in the deeper ends of space. The redux features updated graphics and effects as well as working multiplayer, so if you wish to jump back into a Warthog and mow down some Ruskies, you should definitely pick up this game.

The game features realistic physics and design that can totally immerse you in the world.

The game offers a lot of different, customizable vehicles


5. Rise of Nations: Extended Edition (2014)

Rise of Nations: Extended Edition Gameplay (PC HD)

Made by Microsoft Games, Rise of Nations was one of those games that could easily rival Age of Empires or Age of Mythology. Its gameplay was slightly different than the two by focusing less on resource gathering and more on massive battles and efficient resupplying of these. Featuring 24 different nations each with their own distinctive looks and 7 different ages, this game really immerses you in the nation you play while still pitting you in a fierce battle of domination.

The Extended Edition features many enhancements for its graphics engine, including anti-aliasing and HD support. The game also has multiplayer support,  integrated Steam Workshop support for mods and is x64 bit support.

You can start the game at the very dawn of mankind...

...and finish it in the information age.


4. Grim Fandango Remastered (2015)

Grim Fandango Remastered - Trailer HD

The point-and-click adventure genre is pretty scarce as it is, but certain titles will always stay in our hearts for ages to come. Grim Fandango is one of these games. 
The game’s style is as crazy as it is appealing; combining Aztec architecture with art deco building style with a film noire tone with a jazz soundtrack, all taking place in a world populated by...well...skeletons.

The remastered edition takes the already advanced engine (for its time) and makes some necessary tweaks in order for it to run on modern systems. The game remains largely unchanged and is as awesome as it was released only now you can play it in HD, so do it!

The game looks very smooth and sleek in its HD iteration.

The remaster also takes advantage of some modern lighting.

3. Day of the Tentacle Remastered (2016)

Day of the Tentacle Remastered Trailer

Just like Grim Fandango, Day of the Tentacle was one of the adventure classics back in the day. Its goofy, but lovable art style makes it immediately identifiable. 
The story revolves around two tentacles, one of which consumes a bit of industrial waste and becomes an evil tentacle bent on world domination. Saying anything more than that would be a huge spoiler, but seeing as how that happens in the first few minutes of the game, you know you’re in for a crazy ride.

The humor is a big part of the game and is top-notch while the story is a great mixture of satire and fantasy that should appeal to anyone. The Remastered edition is completely redrawn and looks amazing. Sound has also been overhauled and both provide a level of fidelity one could only dream of back in the day. It’s a great day to buy this title again and replay it with all the goodness that HD brings.

Where it all begins.

One of the appeals of the game is its cast of zany characters.

2. Baldur’s Gate 2 Enhanced Edition (2013)

Baldur's Gate 2 Enhanced Edition launch trailer

The RPG that all others are measured by, Baldur’s Gate 2 is an ageless classic that is talked about almost two decades after its release. This PC iteration of an epic campaign based on the 2nd edition D&D ruleset has everything you could hope for in an rpg: a memorable cast of characters, an intriguing and deep story filled with choices that affect the world around you, a great setting that takes you from slaying goblins and orcs to dragons and demons and an epic soundtrack that makes your hair stand on end.

The Enhanced Edition tries to stay true to its original by not changing too much of the game, except making it compatible with modern systems and it works flawlessly. So stop reading this review and experience this epic RPG in all of its glory!

Combat is still intense and tactical as it was, except smoother.

You can’t have a Dungeons & Dragons game without dragons.


1. Planescape Torment Enchanced Edition

Planescape Torment Enhanced Edition Gameplay (PC)

The mother of all RPGs and by many people considered to the best RPG ever made. With a high emphasis on narrative and the story of the main character, Planescape Torment features an insane amount of text...all of which you won’t be able to stop reading. The main protagonist, The Nameless One, wakes up on a slab in a mortuary one day, with no recollection of how he got there. As the explores the world around him the mystery reveals itself more and more and ends in an emotional rollercoaster that you wont forget easily. The game almost plays as an interactive novel with many moral dilemmas that peer into the past of your character and why he came to be the way he is.

It deals with many philosophical themes such as life and death for one. The setting is the most unforgettable in any game out there and the jagged, spiky architecture and incredible characters of the main city of Sigil etches itself your brain and everything else pales in comparison. The Enhanced Edition gets rid of some of the more annoying technical issues that have plagued the game, such as the hardcoded low resolution that can be a pain to play on new monitors.

Well no more! The game offers HD resolutions as well as fixes some graphical glitches with spells and alike and smooths up the framerate offering a way to play this timeless classic like never before. If you were ever in doubt if you should dive into the world of Planescape Torment, don’t give it another thought. This is the way it was meant to be played and I promise you, you will NOT be disappointed.

When the game starts with your main character waking up on a slab in the mortuary surrounded by zombies and a floating skull, you know you’re in for a wild ride.

Stopping at a bar like this might prove to be a fateful turn for your character.


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