15 Console Exclusive Games That Should Be On PC

15 Console Exclusive Games That Should Be on PC

Here Are 15 Console Exclusive Games That Should Totally Be on PC:

They say a mind is a terrible thing to waste, well so is a perfectly good video game. Whether it's company politics, ignorance, or greed, for many reasons, games aren't always brought over from one platform to another. This is what is generally referred to as, "Console Exclusive."  Console Exclusive games are a necessary evil in the capitalistic gaming industry.

There is a natural correlation between console sales and game exclusivity, as people will generally purchase systems with the most amount of games they enjoy that they can't get elsewhere. We get a perfectly good game such as Final Fantasy VII or Split Second, and port it over to the PC just for added availability and increased sales, while games with even higher popularity such as "Uncharted Series" or "Super Mario Bros." will remain in exclusivity, forcing the general populace to buy those systems for the opportunity to play.  

Now we are coming into the age of "Timed Console Exclusives," this is the slap in the face, to serious gamers and a huge net reward for the gaming companies. Timed Exclusives basically state that they will be exclusive for an unknown set period of time, this could be a week, a month, or even years, but it will be unknown to the consumer so the company itself can make the profit as if it was exclusive, then make extra profit on the crossover.  Another thing about timed exclusives are, now the game can be exclusive across multiple platform.  

This means that a game can be advertised as exclusive for one system (let's say SONY), but then it can have specific downloadable content for another (let's say XBOX), but only have the original game content for the original system it was deemed exclusive for (SONY).  With that, if you wanted the added content, it is now expressed you have both consoles and both copies of the same game, as the content may never be released over the multiple platforms.  Some of these agreements even prevent any sort of time frame for the release of content from being announced publicly.

15. Gears of War: Ultimate Edition (Microsoft's XBox Exclusive)

Every detail, every mechanic, was completely redone from scratch, just not for your PC, Yet...

Gears of War, is a third-person, over the shoulder, shooter video game developed by Epic Games and published by Microsoft Studios.  It was initially released for the Xbox 360 in 2006. The first GoW was released for the PC on June 11, 2007.  

It is currently the only game in the series to have a PC version.  Gameplay is very reminiscent of earlier Resident Evil 4.

The game's story revolves around an earth-like planet, called Sera, and it's sentient inhabitants known as Locust that decided to come to the surface one day. Of course, Locust try to kill and maim everyone, as well as destroy the planet and civilization, the classic antagonist.  Our protagonist for this story, Marcus Fenix, is the pretty atypical, foul mouthed, sarcastic, unlikely hero, who overcomes difficult obstacles to become the savior of mankind.  

I believe this is Marcus's 'Oh My God!  I am totally screwed...' face.

As a franchise, spanning 4 games, it is currently developed by The Coalition and was bought out by Microsoft in 2014. This total buyout, you would think, would make the transition seamless to the PC format, but are things ever so simple? Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, slides into our number 15 spot, as it epitomizes the concept of a timed console exclusive best, and also harbors the big question for fans, "When will we see a port of GoW 2,3, and the upcoming 4?"


"Oh yeah... This'll take a bunch of bullets." -Marcus Fenix.

As of January 2014, the GoW franchise has netted over 1 billion in sales, that's one heck of a fanbase. It gets bought out by Microsoft, and yet there is still no word on PC releases for the latter games.

This year's E3 made a big announcement that GoW: Ultimate Edition would be coming out for the PC, after it is exclusively released for the XBox 1, and of course, it's a total remake of the first game, so sorry to burst your bubble on that.  While no dates have been made for Ultimate Edition on the PC, it is scheduled for it's exclusive release on the XBox, August 25th 2015. 

I wouldn't hold your breath, but expect a date after that.  In any case, it is unlikely GoW2, 3, and 4 will remain shelved for very long, pending, of course, the success of this remake.

14. Bloodborne (PS4 Exclusive)

Van Hellsing would want nothing to do with this freakish nightmare.

This action role-playing video game directed by Hidetaka Miyazaki, was developed by FromSoftware, and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. Bloodborne is a third person perspective game and features heavy action, role-playing elements similar to those found in director Miyazaki's other game, Demon's Souls.

The game follows our protagonist "The Hunter" through a dark, Victorian styled, detailed Gothic city of Yharnam. The inhabitants, unfortunately, have been afflicted with an abnormal blood-borne disease, that turns a majority of the townspeople into monsters. The game has elements in the beginning that allow for unique gaming experience, such as character creation and pre-story set ups. SONY hyped up this game at last year's E3 in 2014, making it highly anticipated well before it's release.  

You are entering into a world of true, gothic, blood soaked horror.

The need for high-end hardware, coupled with the the fact that the PlayStation 4 was presented to the company first, was the reason the game was a PS4 exclusive, rather than a cross-generation release.  

There are supposed frame rate issues and long load times that did cause the game to draw some criticism, though as of April 2015, the game has sold over one million copies.  Even though Demon/Dark Souls came out on PC, a PC release is quite unlikely to come out anytime soon.  Namely because unlike the other two games, SONY bought out the rights and had it patented to keep it exclusive on PS4.  

However, SONY does have a tendency to let there patents lax, so despite their claims that it will never be released to PC, it may very well come out sooner or later.

13. Record of Lodoss Wars: Advent of Cardice (Dreamcast Exclusive)

South of Alacrast, lies Lodoss, The Accursed Island, and enter the epic battle against Cardice, Goddess of Destruction

Here we have our number 13 pick, and a personal favorite on this console, exclusive to the Sega Dreamcast.  Published by Conspiracy Entertainment in 2000 and created by Ryo Mizuno.  Following through on the massive success of "Diablo", ROLW was an RPG, Dungeon Crawler, Hack and Slash, Action Adventure Game, that came out in 2001 for the Dreamcast.

It had great game concepts, a popular anime styled Diablo game, with an Anime Fantasy Following.  If you're a Diablo fan and haven't heard of this game, the main reason is probably because Dreamcast went out of production, practically before this game was even released.


As you can tell, health and magic is at the top, and items are at the side, but the feel of 'Diablo' permeates this game.

Equipment Customization was an awesome upgrade from Diablo, it also featured some of the earliest game voice acting, debatable as a pro or con, but it did open the door for future voice acting in games.

Something else that was great about this game was that you didn't have to actually watch the anime to enjoy the game, and for fans of the series, the game does pick up where the anime ended.  Character NPC's from the anime make appearances and help you out in the game also.  Story is simple, you are basically an old hero resurrected to save the world from Cardice, an evil goddess bent on destroying all existence.

Graphics was also a huge plus, and quite striking for the Dreamcast, and with over 30 optional boss fights, replay value is just as high as Diablo at the time.

Many of the popular anime characters fight alongside you, including Deedlit, Parn, Slayn, and Leilia,  to name a few.

So what went wrong? Well you only had one character to choose from, couldn't even pick male or female.  Not very versatile in that department.  One other major setback this game had on the Dreamcast, was a lag if there was too many monsters on screen, the system just wasn't able to hack an overwhelming monster load.  Game was also extremely expansive, it had a large open world that you could easily get lost in, as well as being very challenging.  A smart gamer had to save very frequently, and of course, there was loading times, but the worst and most complained about feature has to be the sound of the boots you wear as you run around the map.  As the game itself, wasn't very much advertised, and came out when people didn't bother with a dead console, there was probably no profits made on its untimely release.  It is doubtful this game would ever be considered for a future PC release.

12. Silent Hills P.T.  (Playstation?)

In this P.T. game, you don't want to turn around.  Don't listen to the voices.

Single handedly, Konami is a name that has been with us for a very long time and for many of you, this company probably gave you your first great gaming experience.  

The first four survival horror video games in the series, Silent Hill, 2, 3, and 4: The Room, were developed by the original group called Team Silent, a development staff within former Konami subsidiary Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo. The latter games, Origins, Homecoming, Shattered Memories, Downpour and Book of Memories, were developed by other unrelated groups.

They've even made films and spin off games.   

"In my restless dreams, I see that town.  Silent Hill.  You'd promise you'd take me there again someday." - S.H. 2

That being said this beautiful, psychologically invoking, first person game P.T., meaning Playable Teaser, takes us into a long looping corridor, that offers a very interactive and creepy experience, that changes up with each play through.

Even though it is a Demo, it was praised by Video Game reviewers all over, as the most 'Frightening interactive experience in recent years,' and may in fact look to be one of the greatest horror game's to come out since the first Resident Evil came to Playstation.

Made by masterminds, Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro, and netting well over a million downloads the first couple of weeks, after its unannounced release from a fake studio named 7780's Studio.  For the first time in a long time, some justice might actually be brought to the Silent Hill franchise. 

Using "The Walking Dead's" Norman Reedus as the main character, Konami, after giving you an amazing teaser experience, outright decides to publicly state 2 things:

This ghostly apparition is none too happy about having company.  She's definitely out to 'Swallow your Soul'.

First, that they have little to no future interests in making anymore console games, they have decided to pool there resources and make phone games, that's right, mobile pay to play apps. Secondly, that with little to no reason they are canceling there release of Silent Hills for the PS4.  On one hand, no more PS4 exclusivity, but on the other, Konami is the type of company to do nothing with a reported 80% finished game.

When it comes to Konami, they haven't generally made the best decisions with there games and franchises, we can only hope that since Metal Gear was ported to the PC that maybe, just maybe, that they, or Hideo Kojima, can make a downloadable version of this controversial game.  

Norman Reedus's one and apparently only appearance, walking into the city we may never explore.

The demand is so high that it is rumored since pulling the "demo" off of the PSN, that people were reselling there PS4 consoles for upwards of $1,000 on Ebay.  

I'm sure Konami will do what Konami does, and completely ignore this information.  Eventually, even if its just the demo, a PC release may be your only hope of actually ever seeing some kind of finished product. Good luck with your petitions, and RIP KONAMI...

11. Jet Force Gemini (N64 Exclusive)

As one of the first games to use 3rd to 1st Person shooting transitions, it is the format for similar shooting games today.

This hidden gem came out in 1999, and was a great game for the N64. The controls are smooth, it has a great unique story that's highly entertaining, was relatively difficult, and had a co-op mode.

It's also an early RARE game, that has a Star Wars/Aliens feel, in an open world format with very smooth game play and a respectable soundtrack that worked well for the game.  The game itself has the traditional story of an Alien Ant race known as Drones and there ruler Mizar, who is taking over the galaxy and enslaving the other race in the galaxy, the Tribals.  The game takes you to many planets where you have to rescue the Ewok, Bear like race, Tribals, and save the planets from invasion.  

You play as three different characters, each with there own unique abilities, that can eventually replay each other's boards, to unlock other areas.  The expansiveness of the game and the constant exploratory feel you get, makes for a completely engaging and immersive feel.  

The game was so vast it used 32 MB of memory, thats 4x the size of Mario 64.  6 MB was just for Dolby Surround Sound.

"So if it was so great for the N64, why want it for the PC?".  First off, I cannot help but reiterate this game to be challenging.  It is not a so much 'you will die a lot' sort of challenging, it is a 'you must succeed in this mission' kind of challenging.  With no checkpoints, any failure to rescue these Ewoks can lead you back to the beginning of an extremely lengthy, large, difficult and expansive level.  

There are also mini games that were a little tricky to get through, and that was mainly the awkward camera/ movement setup on the controller.  The game covers all aspects such as swimming, flying and searching, in order for you to achieve your goals.  This makes navigating through these very huge open worlds difficult to say the least, especially when it comes to searching for, or rescuing the Ewoks, err... cute teddy bears. This is not an optional quest.  

So many inspirations were pulled from Star Wars especially, including this wise Yoda looking green guy.

There are also multi-player aspects that couldn't be fully utilized in the N64 console with all the lag.  While the graphics at the time were great, you were left with a somewhat blocky and cartoony feel, something that could definitely use a little makeover.  Controls could also be utilized better on the PC, then the bulky, though well configured N64 controller.  

Finally, there's the lag issue, when being confronted by hordes of enemies the original game was supposed to use the expansion pack support to cover the potentially laggy parts to the game, but at the last moment, Rare wanted all N64 owners to be able to play without added costs to the purchase and so dropped it as a necessary feature.  

Taken from other N64 games, the open world was modeled after Mario 64, and the power ups was a concept in Metroid.

As far as a remake or port to a PC is concerned, it is highly unlikely this enjoyable RARE classic will be brought over the PC. Unfortunately, despite that it has a dedicated underground fan base, extremely enjoyable first and third person conjoined perspective, and that it is generally considered a memorable and positive gaming experience among reviewers and players alike.

This game was never picked up by a steady enough following to net a franchise to Nintendo.  While that in itself is disappointing, there are fans out there who are petitioning Nintendo for a remake, and there are even fan made games in production, and those are PC, so don't count this game out of the woodwork yet.

10. Uncharted Series (Playstation Exclusive)

A look at the newest, and quite possibly last Uncharted, scheduled to come out in 2016 as announced at this year's E3.

Indiana Jones and Lara Croft, meet treasure hunter Nathan Drake and his comedic mentor Sully.  Uncharted is a combination of action-adventure elements and 3D platforming with a third-person perspective, incorporating puzzle solving, acrobatic, shooter game with melee combat.  It's a beautifully rendered game, with entertaining epic stories, and great undertones of comedic relief.

The series is developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for PlayStation consoles.  The series's overall, has similar game plays from many different kinds of games including Dead Space, Tomb Raider, Assassins Creed, and Hitman, to name but a few.  

True to form in Uncharted, a gorgeous use of textures and graphics with beautifully rendered landscapes, a must have.

Whether hunting for El Dorado or a desert Atlantis, Nathan Drake's diatribes and sarcastic comments add for a nice balance to the serious situations he generally finds himself in. The dialog between Nate and Sully can be downright hysterical at times, and action and melee are not only engaging but fit in with the story seamlessly at times.

With the series, presumably, finally coming to a close, and a movie being brought on the table by Columbia Pictures, it would be nice to finally see this come over to the PC for a renewed fan interest, prior to any movie release.  

Melee combat is fun and interactive, like this guy, whose head we slammed in the rock wall as we stole his gun.

With successful transitions to the PC of similar games, it would be nice to have the opportunity to replay these games with remastered graphics, extended scenes, maybe a few added perks as well as some DLC.

Sony is one company that doesn't like to let there exclusives go, but I can imagine this being ported sometime in the future, it'll get to a point where it just won't net Playstation anymore profit with a potential end in sight.  Either that or SONY sells its rights or forgets to patent it, whichever comes first.

9. Heavy Rain (PS3 Exclusive)

Heavy Rain has unique gameplay onto itself, a type choose your own adventure style, complete with multiple endings.

This new, innovative, concept game from Quanticdream came out in early 2010 as a PS3 exclusive. Honestly, any QuanticDream game that isn't on a PC could be on this list, but we chose this PS3 exclusive, as it was really meant to showcase the depth of the PS3's graphics engine.

It had a lot of promising potential, though personally, I felt it did fail to live up to the hype that it originally exuded.  The game has multiple protagonists and multiple antagonists and was relatively unique to its game play, in its overtly involving choose your own adventure format.  

This FBI Agent uses Virtual Reality, like it was crack, all in an effort to find the Origami Killer.

The story revolves around a man trying to find his daughter who was kidnapped by a serial killer, known as "The Origami Killer".  

In the game itself you play a street detective, a cracked out FBI guy, the father of the victim, and a woman who somehow has ties to the killer.  I'm not exactly sure what to expect when playing this game, but I felt like I was watching a movie more than playing a game. You want to like it, but it's missing some things, certain elements like action, and a more involved game play.

Graphically, the game is gorgeous, the story wasn't terrible and with the choices you have, your affecting and changing the gaming experience frequently, allowing for the game to have a good replay factor.    

You can see this game utilized every aspect of the PS3's ability in the graphics department.

Though for the most part, thats where the pros end. There's a lot of uselessness to the controls, the walking mechanics could've used a little more tweaking, and the mundane things you need to do to accomplish the most minute tasks was not necessarily the enjoyable experience the developers were looking for. The fact of the matter is, it was one of those games that just didn't hold up to expectations befitting a console game.

It could do with a bit of revamping, but this dark, new age, choose your own adventure game, probably could've held up to par much better with a PC audience then a PS3 one.  

Game play consists of hitting the corresponding buttons in the proper sequence.  Boring for what the PS3's capable of.

That's because on a PC you can maintain much more involvement with the story then hitting X or O on the controller. A mouse also offers more control than the analog stick, things like opening the car door by clicking and pulling back on a mouse would be much more preferable than holding X and trying to slowly pull back on the limited analog.

I also think of similar games, such as Police Quest, which didn't have the action involvement factor, but managed to make the game involving, and give you a feeling of control over the story and character.  At any rate, it is highly doubtful Sony will let this title mosey over to the PC, less they lax on this patent as well.  They don't seem to care much whether there's a fan base out there that wants it or not.

8. Metroid Trilogy (Nintendo Exclusive)

An amazing three in one game, and a must have for any Metroid fan.

I love the Metroid Series, and less you don't call yourself a gamer you do too.  So it's amazing that this Nintendo giant just never made the leap to PC. In case you've been living under a rock, The Metroid Series is about Space Pirate Killer, Samus Aran, and her experience with alien "Metroids".  Samus and metroids go back like hemorrhoids to the original Nintendo release in the lat 1980's, with the Gameboy, and Super Nintendo continuing this side scrolling game.

Following a complete revamp of game play, and move to the Gamecube in 2002. Metroid went from side scrolling adventure, to FPS, action adventure, and the transition was seamless (probably a first for any series).  

A screenshot of the rarely seen upcoming Metroid game, Metroid Prime 4, or Metroid Prime U.

The trilogy collection was released for the Wii and it was awesome, with no actual complaints regarding anything, some camera angles on very specific spots in the game.

The Nintendo corporation must really keep this one close the there hearts. Because after letting go of some other prestigious titles such as Final Fantasy or Metal Gear, you would think Metroid would of been tossed aside before either, but now, knowing Mario alone can't hold up a giant such as Nintendo on its own, I can see why they guard it so closely.   

A remake for the PC is almost a necessity, with upgraded graphics this could become a must have for any gamer.

This game would, on all accounts be an awesome PC game, with a mouse for easy camera control, updated graphics, amazing game play, basically everything this game has to offer is an A+. Couple that with a haunting musical score, or with the ability to blast "Stemage's" version of heavy metal Metroid music, and this 3 in 1 game could easily be one of the greatest selling PC games to play in recent years.

Nintendo, making the bold leap to mobile and taking there franchises with them, may very well one day take this epic classic to the PC.

7. Xenoblade Chronicles (Nintendo Exclusive)

An epic game, with sweeping vistas, and unique RPG elements, a franchise in the making.

I'm gonna start by saying Xenoblade is quite frankly one of the best and most imaginative Sci-fi, Fantasy, RPG's to come out this past decade.

You probably never heard about or played it, even if you owned a Wii. In 2010, Monolithsoft released Xenoblade for the Wii. There was never any concept for the game to be brought over to North American Audiences, but probably one of the first to have such an outcry from a fan-base out west, code named 'Operation Rainfall', that while Nintendo makes no claims, they did actually released the game for North America in 2012. 

Running across the lanscape is no different then this view you see before you, absolutely stunning work.

The game follows protagonist Shulk and his merry band of friends as they search for answers about the mysterious all powerful, Mechon slaying "Monado" sword and defend their homeland from violent robotic creatures known as the Mechon. The world takes place on top of two titans named Bionis and Mechonis, eventually sentient beings sprang forth from these two entities the humanoid Homs, and other flesh races and the Mechons or metallic sentient races.

It has an epic score, epic story, unique game play and fighting mechanics, tons of main quests, even more side quests, customizable equipment upgrades ,and the list goes on.  

Fighting is tricky, outright frustrating at times, and in this shot you can see how simple control could be with a mouse.

The biggest problem this game has, outside of having to relearn the Wii mote controls and what the numerous skills and abilities, do every time you put the controller down, is the size and scope of everything. It is so small you can hardly enjoy many aspects of the game, especially from a 32" or smaller television.  You can't read anything without getting closer to the screen, but yet, you have to be a certain distance from the TV so the Wii mote works properly.

You can't see the names of abilities or how much life you have remaining.  It's really a huge setback.  Being close to the computer screen, with full control via the mouse can really clear up.  There's so much going on in the open world landscape and you know your missing out on all the finer details.  

The scope of this game is so huge, that if you don't die in the attempt,  you can travel just about anywhere you see.

That being said, you need a 72" screen to truly enjoy the massive open world experience this game has to offer and comply with the wii motes 10 ft or so away from the screen issue. You can bet that's really the best way to experience this game.  As far as controls are concerned, they did a good job with what they had to work with, but it's highly complicated, and you can expect to have to spend a couple of hours just to relearn it a few times throughout your play through.

A port to the PC isn't impossible in this day and age, it's just unlikely to happen soon. As Nintendo just recently came out with a second game for the Wii U, so you can bet the new game needs to run it's course first.

#6: Halo (XBox Exclusive)

Despite using the most in depth concept.  Space.  Halo's Grandeur and story never fails to out do it's predecessor.

The Halo Series is a Sci-Fi, FPS about an interstellar war between humanity and an alien race known as the Covenant.  Originally developed by Bungie for the MAC OS, it is amazing that all Halo Games didn't transition to PC, as it was originally intended. Following Bungie's buy out from Apple, Halo went from 3rd person shooter to FPS so that it could be playable on the XBox Console.

Bungie had to hand over production and development to 343 Industries, a Microsoft based Studio, in 2009 after they went independent and couldn't keep the rights. The series itself is highly regarded as one of the best FPS's to date, and has a great interlinking co-op mode.  The series to date has netted over 3.4 billion in sales revenue.

Halo 5 is on its way to XBox 1 this fall, and more than likely, ready to break it's predecessors 220 million opening day record.  And like the majority of other storyboard Halo games, this fifth installment is exclusive to the Xbox platform only.  

This beautiful screenshot from Halo 3, shows the kind of detail and design Microsoft continually surpasses.

Originally, the first Halo was released in 2001 as an XBox exclusive, and in 2003 was ported to the  PC after Microsoft had purchased its rights from Apple. The second Halo did manage to find it's way onto Windows Vista in 07', but since then no further story has become available.

Since the game practically saved the XBox singlehandedly from falling into obscurity, Master Chief's exploits have since remained exclusive to the XBox. For Halo fans not to be able to play the story of Master Chief while getting all the PC spin offs must be frustrating indeed. When asked about Halo finally appearing on the PC, Phil Spencer had this to say: 

Microsoft is preparing Windows 10 for next generation gaming, don't be surprised to see the Master Chief back in action.

“Halo already has a long history on PC, ‘Halo: Combat Evolved’ shipped on the original Xbox and Windows 98, and “Halo 2” came to PC after the Xbox 360 version. And for Windows 8 we shipped ‘Halo: Spartan Assault’ and then just recently ‘Halo: Spartan Strike.’ There’s definitely a legacy there.

So no, we wouldn’t rule out more Halo coming to the PC."  Currently the main focus for the Xbox brand is to expand to cover all gaming on Windows devices, be it consoles, phones or PCs. So if the question is "Is Halo coming to the PC?" I would have to say, that it's definitely more than likely, and sooner rather than later.

5. .HACK Series (Playstation Exclusive)

These extremely vague trailers did nothing to showcase the depthness that this series carried.

There isn't much to say about this one. Released in 2002 by Bandai, a company more traditionally known for its anime titles then it games. .HACK was a very successful game about a guy who plays an MMO, meets up with a friend, who goes into a coma in 'real life' because of an attack that happens in game.

The main protagonist makes friends and meets people who suffered similar circumstances, and goes online in 'The World' to find out what is happening to the gamers and his real life friend who is in a coma.  This takes place in an MMO PC game world that made it's appearance on the PS2?  

Battles consist of three party members at a time, but "The World" has many allies that join you throughout the game.

Strange, but actually it was a pretty genius concept for a time when MMO's were starting to take center stage in the gaming world and also a fresh concept nobody had ever done before.  Throw in an epic story, great game play, open world format, good musical score and you got yourself a winner.  And if that wasn't enough, each game also comes with an anime episode to help you delve even deeper into "The World." 

The original game consists of 4 parts, and there is even a second generation game that consists of another 3 parts that all interlink into one massive in depth story.

Graphics was very impressive for the PS2, that allowed for a very playable experience as well as help pose as a PC game.

I could imagine there wouldn't be such an epic jump to a PC version of this game, as its entire mechanics revolved around making "The World" seem like you were playing an online MMO game.  In a nutshell taking the game concept of comatosing your "real life you" by locking your character out of the multi-player version of the game for a few days sounds like a fun concept for an MMO.  

It kinda gives the rest of your group that feeling that you really died.  While the original .HACK was a single player game, with a few simple tweaks, this PS2 classic has a whole host of potential that it can dish out on a PC as a single and multi-player platform.

Even the Loading screens keep the player immersed in a mindset that you are actually playing an MMORPG.

 I am quite frankly surprised that, given the fan base and the conclusion of the series over with, that at least an MMO hasn't reared it's head (non-PS2), to take on super giants like WoW.  While there was a brief stint of an attempt to make an online variant out East, the West never had any opportunity to experience it, and it wasn't even PC, it was just online, for the PS2 no less.

Frankly this kind of ignorance puts Bandai in the category of, "What are they thinking?"  It's like ignoring free money.  I mean, you practically already made the whole layout for it to be an MMO, plus get a single player 4 in 1 game out of it, then you just flush it down the toilet.  That's just as bad as KONAMI.

4. Karaoke Revolutions (Console Exclusive)

Choose from a limitless of songs, enter into online competitions for real money, wait, it's 2015 and we still don't do that?

Karaoke Revolutions was first introduced in 2003 for the PS2.  Its a singing game and quite frankly because of a minimal song list, a total failure for the console in my opinion.  But people like to sing, and as such I'm sure this franchise made KONAMI some major money. I will try not to rant, but I think that may be difficult. I mean 12 years later and this still hasn't come across the minds at the geniuses from KONAMI to revamp this game to the PC, no wonder they want to go all mobile.  

Talk about a company that's been dropping the ball left and right. I wonder if they want to bankrupt themselves, that seems to be what they've been trying to do for over a decade.  To further my point, the video I have posted is direct from the KONAMI youtube page, it has 2500 hits, I was tempted to use this other girl's attempt at singing which generated over 35k views.

This game just screams, 'remake me for the PC and Karaoke DJ's worldwide will pay you'.

This could be such an amazing concept.  I mean think of what you could do with this at home on your PC, any song you want to download, it could use a program like Dragon Speak to copy the words for the screen, maybe a make your own video customization, character creation, compete online, sky's the limit with the ideas for this one. And for Konami, most importantly, it's like a PC pay to play.

The only thing you'd have to do is make a mic that's USB compatible (which they probably already have) and your gold. I for one would be the first person to purchase this game.

Character customization could be modeled after yourself with just a quick picture from your PC or Laptop.

This is a cash crop, money cow, if ever there was one. Just bring it over to the PC already, your ducking out of console business anyway. 

Might as well make that moola, and while your at it, please sell off all your games, as you apparently fail in advertising too. 

More responsible companies can respect the fan base and can do what you fail to uphold.

3. M.A.G. (PS3 Exclusive)

With 256 players at the same time, combat is intense and is usually best to play cooperatively and stick with your squad.

In January of 2010, Sony released to North America, the first online only FPS game to compete with the star of FPS's, Call of Duty.  This video game developed by Zipper Interactive for the PlayStation 3 exclusively.  While everyone was jumping between CoD and MAG.  MAG had very little story as the whole premise was online strategic skirmishes.  The story went like this, It's 2025.  

In a globalist world, the only security threat is from small scale rogue organizations against whom larger forces are useless, under the "Millennium Accord", no nation's military is permitted to leave its own borders, officially creating the idea of world peace.  In their place rise Private Military Corporations. The Shadow War, as it is called, grows in secret until the conflict moves into full swing, with the PMCs securing their own interests and violently fighting for contracts.  

You pick one of 3 PMC's, Valor, Raven, and S.V.E.R. with which to wage this war. 

Life in the PMC is not easy, in any way, work together with your allies and following strategic commands is how you win.

MAG has a lot of Pros and very little Cons, till more recently. The game itself was very involving, basically a Call of Duty concept but with squads and up to 256 people to play on one server, it really felt as though you were going to war. There were 8 people to a squad, 4 squads to a platoon , 4 platoons making the company.

Even Guinness World Records, awarded the the 'Most players in a console FPS'. This game forced players to work with each other, so it minimized the COD camping issues.  So here's the bad.  The game is now rendered useless.  True Story.  This and SOCOM Confrontation are literally online only, so in January of 2014 when PS4 was out, and Sony didn't want to effectively continue paying for a game that would no longer would net them future profits, they pulled the plug on the servers and shut this game down.  

You can see elements that are derived from Call of Duty, but with so many players, sitting or camping, not the best idea.

It is most likely the only game that people in the USA own, and it does nothing. I think of the people who ran to the store to buy it when it came out, they spent good money on it too. They probably learned there lesson. Being Sony Exclusive, it will most likely never port to the PC.

I would also have to say that making another MAG for the PS4 probably wont work as the original fan base was probably more than disappointed at Sony's decision to pull the servers down, rather than sell them off or honor the deal that would of respected why the game was purchased to begin with. 

And so, while this all original FPS would be an amazing upgrade to the PC, it will more than likely disappear into the void of video game history.  RIP MAG.

#2: Gran Turismo (Playstation Exclusive)

Gran Turismo 7 is probably not far off from being announced, this franchise shows, as a racing game, it is here to stay.

Its one of those things the computer doesn't have a whole lot of, yeah there's a couple of driving sims monopolizing the market, but nothing that can bring racing to an online competitive forum the way Gran Turismo or Forza could.  

Developed by Polyphony Digital, Gran Turismo games are intended to simulate the appearance and performance of a large array of vehicles, nearly all of which are licensed reproductions, of real-world automobiles.

Since the franchise's debut in December 1997, over 70 million units have been sold worldwide for the PlayStation, making it Playstations highest selling video game franchise.

Test tracks allow you to see the improvement, no matter how slight, that upgrades to your vehicle may have incurred.

On a PC, add a wheel and some pedals, streamline the game play a bit and this really could be the gaming gem even non racing fans would want to play.  

With Project Cars not having many cars, and the cars they do sport falling way short of the kinds of classic and new age cars people want to play around with, the demand for a great racing game is something the PC hasn't brought it's A game on. Enter everyone's favorite 1200 cars, 100 tracks, car collecting, racing simulation game released for the Playstation, 'Gran Turismo'.

Anyone whose into racing knows, that a good racing game tops the charts by the kinds of vehicles they can bring to the table.  Then we have the slight inkling that Forza V may port over sometime in the potential future.  

Replays now look so realistic and detailed, even how the sun interacts with environment is impressive to watch.

The game everyone wants to see on the PC for quite awhile now, is Gran Turismo.  With it's enormous roster of cars, add in some streamlined graphics, great customization, great advancement hook, nice track selection and the list goes on, it's no wonder thats what the fans want to play as a racing game.

Throw in some online racing, tournament style competition, and ranking system and you have yourself a winner.  Unfortunately, the likelihood of this game ever moving over from the Playstation is practically non-existent.  Being that it truly is one of the games that will never go away and is now a permanent part of the system's racing games.

You'll see this game on a PC when SONY goes belly up.

1. Super Mario Bros. Series (Nintendo Exclusive)

In the new Super Mario Creator for the Wii U, you can even make your own Mario game now, and play with friends.

It needs to be mentioned that of all the Franchises that have some of the biggest followings, spanning generations, and a huge untapped money market, Nintendo's Super Mario is our number 1 pick, and made its way on this list for very good reasons.

For those of you living under a rock, Mario made it's appearance on the NES in 1983, this was the game your parents played when they were kids and probably the reason they bought it for you to play.

The Mario Bros has been released and re-released over most every Nintendo Console and portable device over the years, including most recently, Nintendo's Wii-U.  

The new Super Marios Bros. U for the Wii U can sport up to 4 players at the same time, refreshing co-op game play. 

The original Mario game was a one screen, jump on enemies, hit the POW to kill them, and run away. The following Marios became side scrollers with a story added, and the ability to SQUISH enemies. SNES came out with an adventure version "Super Mario World."

Then, Mario and friends got to race Go Karts, brawl with some fellow console only friends, and even later returned in a "Save the Princess," RPG format.  When N64 came out, Mario took on a whole new feel adding a 3D exploratory adventure theme.  Mario has undergone many facelifts, but still remains one of the most iconic video game franchises in history.

Mario Kart 8 is a testament to how many genres this iconic plumber can pump out, and still receive a great reception.

While it is more than likely that Mario's exclusivity was Nintendo's saving grace in the video game console market, it is also no surprise, with this pay to play day and age, that everyone's favorite plumber is making the jump towards mobile gaming.  Working with DeNa, a popular mobile gaming company, located in Japan.  They are hired, to work on licensed Nintendo  games, to be released, even as soon as September.

Mario, for the first time will become available on your mobile phones and tablets.  Of course with PC popularity's of VNES and the dozens of emulators, Nintendo Corporation is losing hand over fist, tons of dollars, that could be rightfully there's. Of course with this bold leap into mobile, it probably won't be much longer before we see PC games come out with the Nintendo Logo, after the long awaited 30+ years of Mario's existence as a console exclusive.

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I would have added Kingdom Hearts series to that list. Especially since all the games are spread all over different consoles and not one is on PC. They've put some Final Fantasy games on Steam... Wish they would do it with KH now.

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