Builder-Puzzler Game Infinifactory Out of Early Access

If only everyone knew how addictive working on an endless assembly line is!

Indie Sandbox Game Seems Set to be Fan Favorite

Good news for SpaceChem fans! Indie developers Zachatronics have announced the full release of their upcoming game Infinifactory, which the developer not-so-discreetly described as “SpaceChem in 3D.”

The Game in a Nutshell

The game, similar to SpaceChem, implores the player to create efficient, automated assembly lines for the development of products for your friendly alien overlords. Oh, and try not to die. The story-driven single-player campaign contains more than 30 missions in exotic alien locales.

There is also the sandbox mode which allows for infinite hours of mindless fun. The game also has full Steam Workshop support, meaning players can build, share and play custom made puzzles submitted by members of the community.

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