Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord Has Been in Development for 5 Years

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The first of the Mount and Blade series was released back in 2008, with the most recent installment released being With Fire and Sword. M&B 2: Bannerlord, the latest game in the series was announced back in 2012. While many fans can occupy themselves for days with the older titles in the series, there are fans wondering why Bannerlord has been pushed back for so long.

The story of Bannerlord is set 200 years before Warband, taking place as the Calradian Empire crumbles, seeing the establishment of Kingdoms featured in previous titles. Armor and weapons are inspired by items from as far back as 600 A.D. with building drawings inspiration from the same time period.

Developmental Delays

Over the years, a rushed game release has caused many games to suffer. Knights of The Old Republic I and II were two such games to have been rushed, leaving parts of each world unfinished and many quests completely broken. As with other developers, TaleWorlds Entertainment has ran into its own share of delays along the way.

TaleWorlds Entertainment explained their delays in a blog post from August 17, 2017:

“We have not disclosed a release date so far because it does not exist. We don’t work like that. We are not a company who sets a timeline to release a product and then works to meet that deadline.”

Taleworlds further explained that their method of working is always with the fan in mind.

With the first announcement having been so far back in 2012, one can understand why the Turkish game developer has not given an official date of release. There have been a number of advances in game development and design since then that allow for many features that weren’t available before.

Are the Features Worth the Wait?

Many features are now at the player’s disposal in Bannerlord. Modding capabilities will allow players to reshape the world of Calradia to their own vision, with the ability to use multiple mods at once.

In addition to the amazing modding capabilities, players are introduced to ‘Siege Gameplay’, giving players the option to create massive medieval weapons of war. Build things from siege towers and ladders to catapults and battering rams.



Think you have what it takes to storm a medieval castle? Challenge yourself in different ways either helping your soldiers load and fire catapults, or taking the lead in storming the ramparts with your sword drawn.

Ever-changing Economy and Diplomacy

The economy of Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord is slave to the laws of supply and demand. When a merchant is drowning in inventory, items such as arrow and iron ore will be at a reasonable price. Buy up too much of their inventory and see the price of the items skyrocket.

Have a good reputation with the merchants of a certain town? If you attack the wrong trade caravan, you may not be able to shop at your favorite stall because of your misdeeds. The same can be said of lords whose favor you are trying to gain. Complete the wrong task, and lose the favor of the lord whose castle you just left. Forcing the players to be mindful of their decisions adds a layer of depth to Bannerlord that will affect their character’s future in subtle ways throughout the game.


There are eight different factions to choose from including the Aserai of the South and the Khuzait of the eastern steppe. Depending on which faction you choose to play as, your people may specialize in anything from heavy calvary and spearman to axe and sword-equipped infantry.

What Do the Fans Think?

When there is a delay to a game, a vocal fanbase is sure to make their concerns known. It’s understandable to be a little irked with a release being pushed back and back, but some fans can take it over the top. A few fans made their thoughts known on the Mount and Blade Facebook page:

Someone might need to double-check the information they were given:

Another gamer seems to have lost faith in the developers and the likelihood of any release:

Fans on twitter went either direction on the issue of lacking a release date for the game:


Release date pls. I am dying here.

— Rare Kupopoo (@kupopoo) February 16, 2018



"And the release date?" "When is the game comming out?"... I admit that I also want to know that, but at least you are giving us a considerable amount of info through these dev blogs.

It is not as good as I, and so many others, would like to be but is good nonetheless.

— Ricardo de Marco (@RuiseartMcSpain) March 15, 2018



Ill just unfollow, the internet will break when the game releases, so ill find out that it's released, this is basically torture.

— Benjamin (@Bextractt) March 15, 2018


Despite the overwhelming feeling that a release date is not soon to be announced, fans of previous titles continually stay loyal to developers. They have faith that TaleWorlds Entertainment will release a true gem of game when they finally have a finished product. If any gamers are avid supporters of the series and devs, continue to check out their blog at and keep updated on development of the game.


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