New, Darker Content Promised in Tyranny: Bastard's Wound

The twisted RPG continues to subvert good vs. evil in this DLC

In November 2016, Obsidian Entertainment introduced players to a world that has been twisted by a simple yet often overlooked concept: the forces of evil, under the strong leadership of the elusive and powerful Kyros, have brought the forces of good to their knees.

A unique view in most Western RPG’s, usually the threat of evil taking hold is a brief, yet powerful motivation for the player to proceed through the story. However, the paradigm has shifted with the absolute takeover of the region, (the Tiers), and the player controlling one of Kyros’ powerful generals.

Over the course of Tyranny, the player, and their party of three optional companions is faced with a multitude of choices: side with Kyros, side with the oppressed Tiersman, or side with yourself, challenging Kyros’s powerful grasp on the world.

With only a vague release date of later in 2017, Bastard’s Wound will be the first full proper expansion for the RPG. It will add an array of new choices, voice acting, new characters, and expanding on the lore of old characters.

The player will be faced with the conundrum of dealing with a refugee settlement set up in the wake of Kyros’s relentless invasion of the Tiers.

Because that’s ultimately what it comes down to in Tyranny: choice. The player can quickly switch allegiances between the many factions in game on a whim, creating a gray moral area.

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