Obsidian's New RPG Tyranny: What's It About?

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Tyranny is an alternative take on good versus evil.

Evil has won

Tyranny is a new dark fantasy role-playing game set in a corrupted world ruled by an evil empire. The player takes the role of a Fatebinder, a servant of the empire. Under orders from the empire, the player’s goal is to crush all resistance however they see fit.

A character can have a primary and secondary fighting style.

Your word is law

The player will be given many different options on how they want to handle situations. But careful thought must be had, as the seemingly “good” route doesn’t always lead to the best results. One noticeable questline remarked by the developer can be played in eight different ways, based on player actions.   

Players will have options in changing their character’s style as they play.

A new world

Tyranny is set in a world called Tiers. Instead of the usual fantasy archetypes, such as elves or goblins, Tiers is composed of humans exclusively. The world is open to explore at player’s leisure, and their actions will affect how it develops.  

Tyranny is developed in mind as the next evolution of role-playing games. Putting players in the opposite role they are usually in, the choices in situations will be interesting to see go out. Tyranny is scheduled for a late 2016 release.  

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