Obsidian's Tyranny RPG Gameplay

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Tyranny is an isometric role-playing game.



Tyranny was built to be re-played many times.

The player is a Fatebinder, an empire soldier who serves the role of judge, jury, and executioner. Character archetypes can be the usual fighter, scout, or mage, but the classless system allows for greater diversity between them. For example, a character may be a hybrid of fighter and mage, or choose to follow one style specifically.    


Companions can be recruited to aid in combat.

The skill focused system also allows for greater flexibility in combat. For example, a character may start as a fighter and transition to specializing in stealth later. Three party members can also be recruited at a time to help deal with larger groups of enemies.


The setting of Tyranny is set in a fantasy world called Tiers. Tiers has fallen under the control of an empire led by Kyros, with the aid of Fatebinder. As the play explores the world, they will travel to many different locations – many of which will be affected by the player’s choices.

Tyranny will offer a player lots of ways to go through the game. Over 600,000 words were written to account for various directions the story could go.

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