[Top 5] Palworld Best Flying Mounts (Ranked)

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What are flying mounts?

Explore the world with a friend

Flying mounts are ground breaking Pals that give you the gift of  the power of flight, allowing explorers to see the world from a new perspective! Although there are 17 Pals that can be acquired and used as a flying mount, there are only so many that are worthy to accompany you on your awe-inspiring adventures. Like ground mounts, our flying mounts offer different Partner Skills that can be more beneficial than others. We all have a need for speed, and I want to share with you the Pals that offer speed and useful Partner Skills.

Why are they important?

Having a new perspective while traveling across the map can be extremely useful. Flying above the vast lands of Palworld makes it easier for you to discover effigies, eggs, and new Pals you may have not encountered. Palworld has some steep mountains that can be difficult to climb with a ground mount, a flying mount will get you anywhere with ease!


Vanwyrm will always have your back

Vanwyrm is a dragon-like Pal with a color scheme of black and red to match his Dark and Fire elements. Nitewing may be the first flying mount, but we all know Nitewing is a slug…so he is unworthy to be on this list. Vanwyrm is remarkably faster and more powerful than Nitewing, making him a notable flying mount. . Vanwyrm offers the Partner Skill Aerial Marauder, which increases damage the player deals to enemy weak points while mounted on the dragon's back. 

How To Get Vanwyrm

Lower level Vanwyrm habitat the area just southwest of the Sealed Realm of the Swordmaster Fast Travel. If you’re seeking a challenge, you can adventure east to Mount Obsidian. The easiest way to encounter them is by using the Mount Obsidian Midpoint Fast Travel, but be prepared with heat resistant armor because it is hot! The saddle for this dark dragon can be unlocked at Level 21.

Vanwyrm Stats

  • HP- 90
  • Crafting Speed-100
  • Melee Attack- 100
  • Shot Attack- 115
  • Price- 4360
  • Stamina- 150
  • Support- 100
  • Running Speed- 700
  • Sprinting Speed- 850
  • Slow Walk Speed- 100


Black and yellow-black yellow-black and yellow…

Beakon has an electrifying personality, but don’t be afraid to tame and ride one! This electric element bird is noticeably faster than the Vanwyrm, and offers a very beneficial Passive Skill. Beakon’s Passive Skill Thunderous, granting  his riders the benefit of electric damage to their attacks. If you want to embrace your inner Pikachu, you won’t want to miss out on riding a Beakon! 

How To Get Beakon

The quickest and easiest way to encounter a Beakon is seeking out the Beakon Boss in the Bamboo Groves. If you use Fast Travel to Deep Bamboo Thicket and travel southwest, you will come across the Beakon boss hiding in a dome like structure of stone. Wild Beakons inhabit this bamboo forest, so you may encounter some wild Beakon’s while seeking out the Alpha. . The higher level Beakons are  located in the most northwest corner of the desert biome. At Level 34 you can unlock Beakons saddle and take flight!

Beakon Stats

  • HP- 105
  • Defense- 80
  • Crafting Speed- 100
  • Melee Attack- 100
  • Shot Attack- 115
  • Price- 7490
  • Stamina- 160
  • Support- 100
  • Running Speed- 750
  • Sprinting Speed- 1200
  • Slow Walk Speed- 100


When a phoenix kisses the sky, the sky melts like a strawberry sundae.

Ragnahawk is a Fire elemental bird, letting you embrace your inner pyro. These fiery birds have the Partner Skill Flame Wing, which applies fire damage to the player’s attacks while mounted. Ragnahawk not only provides you a little taste of fire power, they provide you more speed to adventure around the map into the unknown.  

How To Get Ragnahawk

I have collected most of my Ragnahawks from Large Scorching Eggs, but of course you can catch them as well! You may have encountered one or two northwest of the small settlement that’s located near the starting area. If you want to save yourself time, travel to Mount Obsidian because this is where they linger. Ragnahawk hits hard and it hurts, so I recommend using your favorite water elemental Pal to provide the best assistance in your battle! At Level 37 you can finally unlock your saddle for Ragnahawk, and embrace the heat Ragnahawk has to offer.! 

Ragnahawk Stats

  • HP- 95
  • Defense- 120
  • Crafting Speed- 100
  • Melee Attack- 100
  • Shot Attack- 105
  • Price- 6720
  • Stamina- 150
  • Support- 100
  • Running Speed- 800
  • Sprinting Speed- 1300
  • Slow Walk Speed- 100


Love in the air

For those adventurers that hate being slowed down due to stamina, Suzaku is your man! He is a top tier stamina Pal, no other flying mount can compare. Suzaku, a Fire Elemental bird has the Partner Skill Wings of flame, enhancing his riders fire attacks while mounted. This bird of fire is ready to take you anywhere your flaming heart desires.

How To Get Suzaku

Suzaku likes heat, the only place you will find them are  in the lands of the Sand Swept Dunes. If you haven’t discovered the desert in the northwest corner of the map, that’s where you will want to plan your journey. To best prepare yourself you will need the appropriate attire for the heat; heat resistant armor and heat resistant underwear will be necessary to survive the intense heat in the desert. I would recommend having a good amount of Giga Spheres, and/or Hyper Spheres to have the best chance at catching Suzaku.

Suzaku Stats

  • HP- 120
  • Defense- 105
  • Crafting Speed- 100
  • Melee Attack- 100
  • Shot Attack- 105
  • Price- 9840
  • Stamina- 350
  • Support- 100
  • Running Speed- 850
  • Sprinting Speed- 1100
  • Slow Walk Speed- 100


Admiring what could be...

Jetragon is a legendary Dragon Element Pal, the fastest mount in Palworld. This is a jet in dragon form, you will zip across the map in no time. Once you obtain your Jetragon, nothing can get in your way! Feel the power of the Jetaragon with a missile launcher, their Passive Skill being Aerial Missile, providing their riders the opportunity to rapid fire missiles at their foes. 


This legendary beast is going to be the most difficult challenge you will face in Palworld. You want to strategically plan ahead, you might lose a whole party of Pals trying to take down the almighty Jetragon. Group up your strongest Ice Elemental Pals, such as Frostallian and Ice Reptyro, and stock up on as many Ultra Spheres/Legendary Spheres you have the resources for. Since Jetragon is a boss, if you have traveled to Mount Obsidian you hopefully have unlocked the boss icon, if not you will want to look around the northwest region of the volcanic island. 

Jetragon Stats

  • HP- 110
  • Defense- 110
  • Crafting Speed- 100
  • Melee Attack- 100
  • Shot Attack- 140
  • Price- 8680
  • Stamina- 100
  • Support- 100
  • Running Speed- 1700
  • Sprinting Speed- 3300
  • Slow Walk Speed- 600


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