Pacific Rim 2 Uprising Shows Off New Jaegers

Pacific Rim 2 Pacific Rim 2
Get ready for all the new five Jaegars!

There are five new Jaegars coming to Pacific Rim 2

Pacific Rim 2: Uprising is the sequel to 2013’s Pacific Rim, written and directed by Guillermo del Toro. The new teaser trailer – released during San Diego Comic-Con – shows off new Jaegers, which we can’t wait to see in the movie.

If you are wondering what a Jaeger is, the teaser trailer explains it perfectly: “It’s you x 1000”. Jaegers are the robotic weapons used to fight against the monstrous Kaijus – creatures that first emerged from the deepest depths of the Pacific Ocean and have killed millions of people and destroyed cities. The Jaegers are 25 story-tall human-controlled machines built by the Jaeger Program to serve as the ultimate weapon against the Kaiju. Since the war, these machines and the people who control them have become a symbol of protection and safety to humanity. They are the heroes who did not fall from the skies.

At the end of the teaser trailer, John Boyega – one of the main characters – invites people to join the Jaeger uprising.

There are five models of Jaegers we can expect to see in Pacific Rim 2:

1) Gipsy Avenger

Called “the symbol of hope to millions”, Gypsy Avenger is the same Jaeger from the first movie. It is a Mark VI which is powered by Dual Nuclear Vortex Turbines.

2) Bracer Phoenix

The Bracer Phoenix can shoot a powerful blast from its chest cannon. Although a Mark V, it is powerful enough to work with the Mark VI’s in killing Kaijus.

3) Saber Athena

The fastest and most agile in the fleet, Saber Athena fights with two giant blades. Its movements are based on real-time human movements.

4) Titan Redeemer

The definition of destruction itself, the Titan Redeemer is the most brutal in the fleet. Just as the other Jaegers, it is powered by 30,000+ pounds of force.

5) Guardian Bravo:

Guardian Bravo is specialized for ranged combat, it fights using an improved chain-sword called “the Elec-16 Arc Whip”. Just as the other Jaegers, its armor has been improved with a lighter but still efficient reinforced steel one.

Jaegers are controlled by two people because just one person cannot handle the strain and pressure of doing it all by himself or herself. They were not designed to be controlled by just one person. Each pilot controls a hemisphere of the Jaeger. Both pilots need to have a tight mental connection – which sometimes could allow them to see parts of the past of the other pilot.

Charlie Hunnam explained in an interview that “one of the really original beautiful things that the cameo created was this idea that you needed to have a co-pilot because this machine is just too big for one person to run themselves. One of the most compatible things is family, you know. You have fathers and sons and brothers piloting these things.”

But something shocking from the trailer is that we can see John Boyega – who is playing Jake Pentecost, Stacker Pentecost’s son – piloting a Jaeger all by himself! This is totally unexpected, but amazing at the same time. We can hope to see a really interesting change from the first movie.

Shooting started in China on March 9. Boyega tweeted on that day “Today we began our China #PacificRimUprising shoot, blessed with a traditional opening ceremony to ensure successful filming”.

Pacific Rim 2: Uprising will be released on March 23rd, 2018. We can expect to see new trailers in the upcoming weeks that show more of the new Jaegers and the crew who will be piloting them.

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