Amnesia The Bunker All Monsters

Amnesia The Bunker All Monsters
Are you going to kill me?

Amnesia The Bunker has a primary monster that chases you throughout the whole game, while others just serve to diversify the creature pool. There are a total of 5 enemies in this game, and each one of them is unique and immersive to the game. 

Also, each enemy in the game has a story behind it about how it became that certain creature or how it went insane. In this article, I’ll be listing all of the monsters in the game that exist and even giving you some tips on how to defeat them. So with that, let’s get into the article!


5. The Rats

Damn it, where did I leave the rat poison?

These damn vermin are all over the bunker, and there are plenty of them. They are a mutation of the normal brown rats and have a craving for human flesh. One sure way to deal with them is to blow them up with a frag grenade or throw a molotov on them. If you don’t want to waste your resources on them, then just light up a torch and they will scatter. 

You can also scare them away with a flare or gas grenade or throw meat at them to distract them so you can pass. One sure way to get rid of the rats is to burn the bodies of your comrades, once the bodies are burned, the rats will not return to that spot. If you don’t have a torch near you or anything like that, these vermin will bite you when you get close to them, which can result in bleeding and attract the big bad beast.


4. Ghoul

I swear I saw something move!

Ghouls are the main monster in Amnesia: Rebirth, but here they only appear as a shadow that can’t harm you in Amnesia: The Bunker. The only purpose of ghouls in Amnesia: The Bunker is to scare you and cause anxiety. You can’t interact with them or do anything with them. If you see a shadowy figure, just walk past it, as it can’t hurt you. 

The ghouls can only be found in the Roman tunnels, sadly, because I do wish that they would roam the whole bunker. An interesting fact about the ghouls is that they were all humans at one point in time. It's just that they transformed into these horrible monstrosities and that they come from another otherworldly dimension where an empress lives.


3. The Shadow Orb

Why is that orb coming at me at the speed of light?

The only way you can get this orb to appear is if you try to do the third secret ending and that’s by jumping into the darkness at the final battle arena. Only then will you encounter this monster, and it’s for a short period. 

You can’t escape it; you can’t do anything; all you can do is let this creature kill you. An interesting fact about it is that this is called “Guardian Of The Orb,” has a significant role in the Amnesia lore altogether, and is one of the main antagonists in the first game, Amnesia: The Dark Descent.


2. Toussaint Beaufoy

I’m sorry old friend…

This guy has a tragic story behind him. Since the Roman tunnels were opened up, everyone slowly started losing their minds. The way that Toussaint lost his mind was because he and Johannes went out to investigate the tunnels. Johannes was too scared to go on, so Toussaint went alone. But what Toussaint saw inside the tunnels would send him into insanity. 

Later, a few people decided it would be best to seal the tunnels off so that nobody could get inside of them or whatever was inside of the tunnels couldn’t get out. Once you enter the Roman tunnels, you will encounter Toussaint with his eyes gouged out. You can either kill him or leave him to roam the tunnels forever. To kill Toussaint simply put two bullets into his body, but be aware as he will shoot at anything that moves, and that shotgun ain’t no joke.


1. The Beast

You’re never safe!

This is the main antagonist of the game, and he is spooky as hell. He is also known as “The Stalker,” and you can’t kill him until the end of the game. The only thing that you can do is scare him away with your grenades, by shooting at him, or if nothing works, simply running away will do. If you don’t want to be chased by the monster constantly, try not to make any loud sounds and try to be as quiet as possible. 

One interesting fact about this creature is that it’s Lambert, Henri’s best friend. The reason he turned into the monster is that he drank the water Herni gave him at the beginning of the game. The beast still retains some kind of intelligence and remembers who he once was, as can be seen when you throw the toy rabbit at him, and it was very important to Lambert.


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