[Top 15] Most Immersive Games To Play in 2023

15. Half-Life 2 - 2004 (PC / PS4 / XBOX)

Half-Life 2 is an FPS game that tells the story of the world after an alien invasion where humanity lost. Gordon Freeman, the main character, is the only survivor who can defeat the aliens. Half-Life 2 takes place after the events of Half-Life 1; the first immersive shooter. The story is truly fascinating. It combines interesting ideas like cosmic horror and surrealism. 

If you think is too old to try, trust me, it isn't. Half-Life 2 is superior to many modern games and that is because of its immersive environment. The storytelling is subtle, almost as if it didn't have a story. You must put yourself in Gordon Freeman's shoes to understand what is happening. The game will not tell you directly what is going on. You see things, you experience them and then you understand them. The same goes for the gameplay; you can use objects in your environment that aren't pointed out in the scenario. That's the magic of Half-Life 2, you have to experience the game as if it was real life. 

Fun factor score: 100/100

Gordon Freeman, our main character dressed in his classic suit. The creature behind him is seen in the game several times and it's annoying. 


14. Mafia II - 2011 (PS4 / PS5 / XBOX / PC)

Mafia II puts us in the skin of Vito Scaletta, a Sicilian immigrant. The game is located in Empire Bay, a fictional city inspired by New York during the 50s. The Mafia II world is stunning. The level of interaction with the environment is mind-blowing as well as the number of details. You can do things and experience certain situations in a way that no other game has done. Purposely done as a realistic game, it fulfills the expectations very nicely. 

The game's narrative is what makes it wonderful. It would make you feel like you're Vito having a natural conversation with your brother or walking in the streets and helping someone fix their car. The storytelling flows so very well with the real world that is just one of the most immersive games I've played. The story is worth every second that you spend playing Mafia II. 

It also has been remastered. Meaning you can play the new edition of the game with better graphics and improved general gameplay. 

Fun factor score: 95/100

Joe Barbaro at your left and Vito at your right. Joe is such an endearing character. 

13. Metro: Last Light - 2014 (PS3 / PS4 / Nintendo Switch / XBOX / PC)

After the events of Metro 2033, our main character Artyom is sent to kill one of the mutant creatures remaining alive. This FPS game is directly influenced by Half-Life. Although is a continuation of Metro 2033 the game can be played and understood perfectly without playing Metro 2033.

The gameplay mechanics add an interesting sense of realism as well as the design of the scenarios. Oh, and the soundtrack is an important immersive factor that Metro knew exactly how to handle. With the combination of stealth, shooting, and advanced mechanics, Metro: Last Light is one of those games that you should not skip. The best part of it is the design of the mutants. Each creature has its abilities. To win the game in high difficulty you should study the creatures to know how to fight them. Always take your time to analyze the possibilities of each scenario.    

Fun factor score: 100/100

A sinister image of what remained of the Metro and the people who were there.

12. Mad Max - 2015 (PS4 / XBOX / PC)

Mad Max is an open-world action game inspired by the homonymous movie. It's the story of Max, a man living in a post-apocalyptic world who relies on his car for survival. His car gets stolen by some creatures and the story begins. If you like driving games you'll like Mad Max. As for the immersion it's mostly focused on the progression of Max and the car.

This game has one of the most fun elements in combat which is the driving factor. But it's quite repetitive and it can get boring after a while.  

Fun factor score: 70/100

Max’s deathly car with the crazy dude using a flamethrower. A deathly punk ride. 


11. BioShock (PS3 / PS4 / XBOX / PC / Nintendo Switch)

The best utopic world is that of Rapture, the city where we immerse ourselves in the BioShock trilogy. This game mixes aspects of stealth, role, and survival horror in one FPS. Saying this is just a small part of the BioShock experience. This game's world is magnificent. Everything feels organic. Political, economic, and even moral aspects will accompany the player in the city of Rapture. BioShock has a unique narrative which makes this game a perfectly immersive experience. Your decisions matter to the story and there can be three possible endings. This masterpiece is so well designed that even the oldest game is still worth playing in 2023. An original unforgettable experience.

Fun factor score: 100/100

The player can mix common weapons and special skills to face the enemies.


10. The Witcher 3 - 2015 (PS4 / XBOX / PC)

This game is an immense world full of mysteries, easter eggs, and influences to be discovered. The Witcher is an open-world RPG oriented to action and fantasy. Is filled with references that only some have found out. Like the reference to Leroy Jenkins (from the WoW meme) in a letter. These little details make The Witcher a wonderfully immersive experience. Although the story is set around a mission that doesn't go along with the game's huge world, it doesn't take away the nice part of it. 

Fun factor score: 90/100

Ciri and Geralt of Rivia, the Witcher, having a chat under the comfort of a tree. 

9. Alien: Isolation - 2014 (PS3 / PS4 / XBOX / PC / Android / Nintendo Switch)

Alien: Isolation is a survival horror with stealth mechanics. Set in Sevastopol, a station ship in outer space. The game focuses on one single alien who will be hunting you down. You'll have to survive to achieve your goal. The first feeling you get is tension and claustrophobia because you can't kill the Alien and you’re locked with it in a spaceship. 

The AI of the alien is quite advanced. The Xenomorph is unpredictable and it learns things like where you hide and your smell, just like a predator. The tension of knowing that the Alien is hunting you while you're trying to reach your objective is very well created. The dark atmosphere and the level of attention you have to pay to survive the predator make this game a magnificent immersive experience. The Alien is one of the most formidable enemies ever created. Its design is imposing, creepy, and majestic. 

Fun factor score: 90/100

Look at this capture, that thing follows you all over a ship and wants to kill you. How threatening is that?

8. Dishonored - 2012 (PS3 / PS4 / XBOX / PC)

Stealth games are by nature the immersion kings and Dishonored is one of the bests. We will be impersonating Corvo Attano, a Royal Protector accused and wanted for the assassination of Empress Jessamine and the kidnapping of her daughter Emily. But Corvo is innocent and now he must rescue Emily and restore order in Dunwall. 

Dishonored has a linear story with nice gameplay that adapts to your style. Being creative is an aspect that makes the game enjoyable. Besides, the abilities of stealth that the player has are unique and very well-developed. This is a one-of-a-kind game worth the hours of gameplay it has.

Fun factor score: 100/100

A wallpaper where the assassin is moving through the shadows without being noticed by the Tallboys behind.

7. The Elder Scrolls V -2016 (PS4 / PS4 / PS5 / XBOX / PC / Nintendo Switch)

The legendary Skyrim. One of the greatest games ever made with the most memorable NPC behavior. Skyrim is to me the perfect RPG open-world game. There are thousands of quests, dungeons, and enemies to face. One of the cool things about it is that the skills of your character are something you get while playing. Unlike most RPG games where you decide if your character is going to be a mage or a warrior right at the beginning. 

Skyrim has a story that can be followed or not. You decide what you want and how you play it. The freedom of choice is one of the most well-developed I've seen in a game. You can even have a relationship with any NPC you encounter. The world of Skyrim is inexhaustible and the amount of fun you can have with its random stuff is fantastic. 

Fun factor score: 100/100

You can carry a weapon of your choice and use powerful spells to defeat your enemies. Here is a big dragon about to test your skills.


6. Visage (P.T. aesthetics) - 2020 (PS4 / PS5 / XBOX / PC)

The spiritual successor of the P.T. game that was never released, Visage is a psychological horror game. The slow gameplay and the dark atmosphere make this game one of the greatest horror games ever made. Visage begins with a very intense scene that will be enough to get your attention. Your goal is to simply understand what is going on. The game plays around concepts like fear of the unknown and uncertainty. It will not tell you what to do or where to go. It is you who will have to decide the next move. Visage is no common game. The story, mechanics, ambient, and design of each scenario are the perfect combination for a horror game. Immersion is guaranteed during the whole experience. You'll have to pay close attention to everything around you to solve the puzzles and survive. 

Fun factor score: 100/100

Just a weird sheet with a human shape. Surely something nobody wants to see in their houses in the middle of the night.

5. The Last Guardian - 2016 (PS4)

This is one of the most beautiful and fun games I've seen. A relaxing and touching experience that will leave you breathless. The Last Guardian is a third-person game that mixes elements of action, adventure, and puzzles. The player will be controlling a kid whose friend is a creature called "Trico". The inspiration for this title was taken from Shadow of the Colossus, which is another reason to consider playing this game.

The game reflects the emotional experience of having a pet. Trico behaves naturally like a cat or a dog. This provokes empathy in the player and other feelings like understanding and love. The communication between Trico and the kid (the player) is non-verbal: emotional understanding. The art design is gorgeous, everything is made carefully with a clear intention. An unforgettable experience. A unique piece that, if you're sensitive like me, it'll surely have you in tears.

Fun factor score: 90/100

Trico and the kid when they first meet. As you can see the kid has his body tattooed with many different symbols. 


4. Little Nightmares - 2017 (PS4 / XBOX / PC / Nintendo Switch)

This absolute beauty called Little Nightmares is an atmospheric platformer. And a visual spectacle. The player will control Six, a kid who's trapped in The Maw. This vast vessel is inhabited by creatures that will try to hunt Six as you help her escape. The music and artistic design of this game are key to putting you in the shoes of Six.

Exploring this world is a high dose of fun and horror. The creatures and scenarios are unique. The game wants to provoke a connection with your inner child's fears since everything you see is designed according to this. Little Nightmares is very simple, the puzzles aren't complicated. You only need to focus and survive. The greatness of the game resides in the dark heavy atmosphere waiting for you at each step.  

Fun factor score: 100/100

Six and a friend in a giant bathroom. Careful, we don’t know what lies behind the curtains. This scene is a reference to a classic: The Shining.


3. Ghost of Tsushima - 2020 (PS4 / PS5)

Ghost of Tsushima is an open-world game RPG filled with action and adventure.  A game inspired by Japanese culture, where you'll be embodying Jin Sakai; A samurai who survived the first Mongol invasion in Tsushima. Jin will be in charge of retrieving Tsushima and defeating the Mongols while he learns skills that will lead him to his new identity: The Ghost of Tsushima. 

The magical atmosphere of this game is hypnotic. Every landscape is a new experience. The mechanical aspects of combat are complex. Battles can be pretty hard to make the game highly challenging. Jin can use a katana and a bow to fight. He can become skilled with the weapon he prefers. The player can also use stealth tactics. Unlike most open-world games, there are no repetitive quests. Instead, there are unique quests that make the exploration much more immersive and realistic. 

Fun factor score: 100/100

Look at this magnificent landscape filled with flowers resembling a blood lake. Astonishing!


2. Amnesia: The Bunker - 2023 (PC / PS4 / XBOX)

Amnesia is the king of survival horror experiences. Insanity is the word that bests describe Amnesia. The level of immersion in this game is insane. Everything is done to keep you inside the game. Amnesia: The Bunker is a first-person game set in a First World War bunker. Similar to the idea of Alien Isolation; You're locked inside a bunker and there's a creature hunting you down. The monster is scared of light but it can listen to every step you take. You must keep your sanity to escape the bunker. Unlike the previous Amnesia games, The Bunker comes with more mechanics and physics. Survival depends on how well you can deal with pressure. The developers certainly wanted to make the player feel uncomfortable and they did it greatly.

Fun factor score: 100/100

Yes, that's a grenade. And yes it explodes. In The Bunker, you can also carry a gun and other useful weapons and tools. 


1. Outer Wilds - 2020 (PS4 / PS5 / XBOX / PC / Nintendo Switch)

The perfect game. A cosmical experience. Beyond everything you have ever seen before. In simple words, the game is about exploring outer space. You're a creature somewhere in the cosmos, and you're about to travel in your spaceship. 

If you haven't played it, I suggest you stop reading and go to play. It is a deeply personal experience.

There are no guidance tutorials in the universe of Outer Wilds, you learn while exploring. The formula of trial and error is an important aspect. Discovering other planets, traveling in space with all its astronomical objects waiting for you to find them. A meaningful game, delightful in all its ways. The quintessential immersive experience. 

Fun factor score: 1000000/100

Take a close look at this capture. It’s a weird planet with waterspouts/tornadoes all over it. Doesn’t look human-friendly.


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