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Navigating the incredible open-world map of the Ghost of Tsushima can be a daunting task, especially when you are constantly under attack from all the horde of Mongol warriors that Tsushima Island has to offer. Luckily, the game levels the playing field with useful and upgradable charms which you can collect from Shinto Shrines and completing missions. These charms boost certain areas of Jin’s abilities and are categorized either as Major or Minor charms, depending on the number of benefits they give. With a butt-load of charms in  Ghost of Tsushima and a meager 6 charm slots available, one can’t help but wonder which are the best charms in the game. Well wonder no longer, cause in this article, I’m going to give you the details on the 10 best charms in Ghost of Tsushima and how to get them. Before we start, please keep in mind that since we are only dealing with the best, we will narrow our focus to just the major charms. Let’s get started, shall we?

1. Charm of Inari

Charm of Inari: Major Utility Charm

If you’re tired of scraping the bottom of the barrel in your search for items and supplies to use for upgrades, then this charm is perfect for you. The charm of Inari increases the number of supplies you collect from Bamboos, flowers, predator hides, you name it. Equipped early on in the game, it can make your playthrough quite the enjoyable one as you have little need to go scrounging for supplies.

What makes the Charm of Inari  awesome:

  • It increases the number of supplies you collect
  • It’s fairly easy to find and equip
  • Can be found very early on in the game
  • Reduces the stress of finding materials used for upgrades.

How to get the Charm of Inari:

The charm of Inari can be gotten at the Arrow Peak Shrine, which is located on top of a high peak to the north of Sakimori Overlook in the Izuhara region. This location is accessible in Act 1 which is pretty early in the game.

Charm of Inari details: 



2. Charm of Izanami

Charm of Izanami: Major Defence Charm

The charm of Izanami, combined with the ‘Iron will’ ghost technique,  gives you a 50% health boost after you’ve been revived. This is a really amazing charm that makes you pretty much invincible when utilized with other charms and armor sets. The charm of Izanami ensures that if you go down during a fight, not only do you get back up, but you do so swinging.

What makes the Charm of Izanami awesome:

  • 50% health boost when you revive with Iron will
  • Can be combined with other charms and armor sets to make you immortal
  • You will have enough health to regain the resolve you lost from the use of Iron will in case you are defeated again.

How to get the Charm of Izanami:

This charm can be gotten by visiting  Marsh Rock Shrine in Act 2, which can be located by following a road northeast of Akashima Village in the Toyotama region.

Details of the Charm of Izanami:



3. Charm of Mizu-no-Kami

Charm of Mizu-No-Kami: Major Defence Charm

Parries and dodges are a bit of a dicey affair during combat. On one hand, a perfect parry looks incredible and it opens up the enemy for a merciless counterattack. On the other hand, a failed parry would most certainly mean sudden death. This dilemma is resolved by equipping the Charm of Mizu no Kami. This charm makes parries, perfect parries, and perfect dodges easier to perform. It’s a perfect go-to for players who are still yet to master the game’s parrying mechanic and need a pick-me-up when squaring up against Mongols.

What makes the Charm of Mizu-no-Kami awesome:

  • It extends the time you have to perform parries and dodges
  • It makes it easier to perform parries
  • It helps you learn the parrying mechanics of the game.

How to get the charm of Mizu-no-Kami:

This charm is Located at Spring Falls Shrine. The Shrine is located in the northern part of the Izuhara region. You can find it near Kukai's Falls and Old Woodman's Canopy.

Details of Mizu-no-Kami Charm: 



4. Charm of Amaterasu:

Charm of Amaterasu: Major Defence Charm

Often, in Ghost of Tsushima, you find yourself in lengthy battles with waves upon waves of sword toting Mongols. The fights usually end after you run out of health and resolves to use and a merciless Mongol drives a spear into your back. With the charm of Amaterasu, you are given a fighting chance during combat as the charm restores a small amount of health with each enemy you kill in battle. It goes without saying that this charm is a must-have if you are fond of kicking the hornet’s nest during your playthrough.

What makes the Charm of Amaterasu awesome:

  • It gives you a moderate amount of health with each enemy you kill
  • It can keep you going in a long fight
  • It is great for combat-oriented gameplay.
  • Can be found and used early on in the game

How to get the Charm of Amaterasu:

This charm can be found in Act 1 of your playthrough. At the Golden Summit Shrine, south of the Golden Temple in the Izuhara region.

Details of the Charm of Amaterasu:



5. Charm of Kagu-Tsuchi

Charm of Kagu-Tsuchi: Major Defence Charm

This charm is also great for long battles and combat focused playstyles. The Charm of Kagu-Tsuchi grants Jin the ability to inflict bonus damage once his health falls below 50%. This charm is very useful for turning the tide of combat, especially when the fight is going south fast. With this charm equipped, even if you go down, you would be sure to take as many Mongols as you can with you.

What makes the Charm of Kagu-Tsuchi Awesome:

  • It grants a decent damage bonus when your health falls below 50%
  • It is great for combat oriented gameplay
  • It helps you turn the tide of a losing fight.
  • It’s available early in the game.

How to get the Charm of Kagu-Tsuchi:

The charm can be found at Plum Blossom Shrine, which is located on Shigenori’s Peak in the Izuhara region, accessible in Act 1.

Details of the Charm of Kage-Tsuchi:



6. Charm of Okuninushi

The Charm of Okuninushi: Major Defence Charm

This is a defence charm which slowly heals you when you’re out of combat. This charm is great for instances where you are beaten within an inch of your life by the enemy and you have to heal up as you proceed to your next objective. It’s pretty helpful, especially with respect to the precious resolve it saves you.

What makes the Charm of Okuninushi Awesome

  • It slowly restores your health when you’re not in combat
  • It saves you resolves, which you would have used to heal yourself
  • It helps you prepare for the next objective or combat
  • It can be found in Act 1 of the game.

How to get the Charm of Okuninushi:

This charm can be found at the Mending Rock Shrine, which is accessible in Act 1, located on a small islet in the Izuhara region, connected to the Isonade Coast by some rickety bridges.

Details of the Charm of Okuninushi



7. Charm of Takemikazuchi

Charm of Takemikazuchi: Major Melee Charm

If you prefer going toe to toe with Mongol hordes, then this is another great charm for you. This charm grants you bonus melee damage with each enemy you take down, literally making you a one man army. So if clearing out Mongol camps is what tickles your fancy in Ghost of Tsushima, then this Charm should be right up your alley.

What makes the Charm of Takemikazuchi so Awesome

  • It gives you a melee damage bonus with each enemy you defeat
  • It’s great for taking on multiple enemies at once
  • It helps you hold your own during a drawn out fight.

How to get the Charm of Takemikazuchi

You can get this charm in Act 3 of the game at the Snowlit Peak Shrine, which is located in the Kamiagata region north of Mount Jogaku.

Details of the Charm of Takemikazuchi : 



8. Charm of Nigihayahi-no-Mikoto

Charm of Nighihayahi-No-Mikoto : Major Melee Charm

This awesome charm allows you to deal a moderate amount of bonus damage when you are at full health. Though it may be a bit tasking to maintain a flawless health bar as the game throws waves of Mongols and their grannies at you during combat, the benefit it gives really packs a punch and is well worth it.

What makes the  Charm of Nigihayahi-no-Mikoto awesome:

  • It grants you a moderate damage bonus while at full health
  • It’s great for more experienced players
  • It allows you to clear out Mongol Camps at record speed.

How to get the Charm of Nigihayahi-no-Mikoto:

The Charm of Nigihayahi-no-Mikoto is accessible in Act 3 and can be found at the Frozen Cliff Shrine, which is located along the southeast coast of the Kin prefecture in the Kamiagata region.

Details of the Charm of Nigihayahi-no-Mikoto:



9. Charm of Tsukuyomi: 

Charm of Tsukuyomi: Major Stealth Charm

This charm encourages you to adopt a more stealthy approach to taking down enemies. With this charm, enemies you assassinate drop additional supplies and ammunition. This Charm is really cool because it keeps you fully stocked on supplies while on missions and if you suddenly decide to quit sneaking around and go loud, this charm will ensure you have the ammo to do it!

What makes the  Charm of Tsukuyomi Awesome:

  • It helps you stock up on vital supplies, materials and ammunition
  • Gives you enough ammunition to fight with, in case of a failed stealth attempt
  • It allows you to clear out Mongol camps and resupply at the same time.

How to get the Charm of Tsukuyomi:

The charm can be found during Act 2 at the Scarlet Rock Shrine, which is located in the Toyomata region in the middle of the Umugi prefecture, south of the Field of the Equinox Flower.

Details of the Charm of Tsukuyomi:



10. Charm of Azumi-no-Isora

Charm of Azumi No Isora : Major Ranged Charm

Ranged weapon users and lovers of stealth-play will certainly adore this charm as it makes the arrows you fire silent on impact. The Charm of Azumi-no-Isora allows players to take down enemies from a distance with a lower chance of alerting their nearby companions. Having this Charm equipped during your stealth play truly makes you feel like a ghost as you assassinate Mongol Scum in deafening silence.

What makes the Charm of Azumi-no-Isora Awesome

  • The arrows you fire are virtually silent on impact
  • Enemies will not be alerted as you take down multiple targets from a distance 
  • It’s perfect for stealth playstyle.

How to get the Charm of Azumi-no-Isora

This charm is accessible in Act 2, and can be found at Cloud Ridge Shrine, which is located in the Toyotama region, along the coastline to the east of Koshimizu Farmstead, in the Kushi prefecture.

Details of Charm of Azumi-no-Isora:



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