[Top 5] Ghost of Tsushima Best Armor

 Ghost of Tsushima Best Armor
The perfect armor for the perfect Samurai

Traversing the harsh and unforgiving terrain of Tsushima Island can be a difficult task for many players. With half of the characters in the game looking to stab and impale you with their weapons and the other half only interested in sending you on Kamikaze quests, the need for protective armor has not been greater. This is especially true since the initial armor you start the 1st Act of the game with offers as much protection as a cardboard box.  Luckily for us though, the developers of the game made available a wide array of incredible Armor sets in the game. Some are just bewitching to look at and also boost your health, stealth, etc. While others were forged simply to strike fear in the hearts of the most valiant of Mongol Warriors. In this article, we are going to be looking at the five best of these incredible Armor sets and where you can find them on the map.

5. Mongol Commander's Armor:

The Mongol Commander's Armor is perfecting for stealth gameplay

The Mongol Commander's armor is a set perfect for those who love going toe to toe with Mongol warriors but also enjoy stealthy playthroughs. This incredible armor, fit for Khotun Khan himself, not only gives you a major increase in health and a reduction to damage dealt to you, but it also serves as a perfect disguise for getting up-close and personal with Mongol  without being detected. The only letdown in relation to this armor is that it can’t be upgraded and by the time you receive it, which is later on in the game, you probably have more useful armor sets in your armory.

What makes Mongol Commander's Armor great:

  • It’s great for disguising yourself and reduces enemy detection
  • The health boost and damage reduction it gives are also great for a combat-oriented playthrough.

Mongol Commander's Armor Details:

  •  It gives you a major Increase in health when equipped. (Massive at Rank II)
  • It also reduces all damage by a Major amount. (Massive at Rank II)
  • Disguises you while out of combat, massively reducing Mongol detection speed.

How to get the Mongol Commander Armor:

  Mongol Commander's Armor Location

You can obtain the Mongol Commander armor along with the Conqueror's Mask and Mongol Helmet by completing the  'Fit for the Khan' Mystical Tale. To complete the tale, you must liberate Kawachi Whaling Village, Morimae Brewery, General Dogshin's Mining Camp, and General Bartu's Camp. You will also duel Dogshin and Bartu after their camps have been liberated.



The Kensei Armor turns you into a Ghost Weapon expert

If you’re a fan of Ghost weapons but still like getting into a brawl or two, then the Kensei armor is perfect for you. The increase it gives you in both resolve and ghost weapon use can sometimes seem like an unfair advantage especially if you are the kind that favors a stealthy playthrough. Since I’m more of a ‘guns blazing’ player myself, I didn’t wear it a lot during my playthrough but it felt pretty good having it in my armory. Here are some facts which make this armor set one of the best in the game.

What Makes Kensei Armor Great:

  • Kensei armor is fantastic for using Ghost weapons and taking a stealthy approach
  • The health and resolve boost it gives is also handy when you find yourself in a pinch after a failed stealth attempt or during combat.

Kensei Armor Details:

  • Ghost weapons deal 15% extra damage
  • Enemies hit by your ghost weapons deal 25% less damage to you and take 25% extra themselves.
  • You receive a 15% increase to Resolve gains
  • The charm of unseen respite makes smoke bombs restore 25% of your health.

How To Get the Kensei Armor:


Kensei Armor location

To obtain the Armor you have to complete the Mythic Tale titled the 'Six Blades of Kojiro'. You receive this mythic quest by traveling to the South West of Toyotama, to the town at Umugi Cove. Speak to Yamato the Musician at a warehouse there to begin the quest. To complete this quest, you will have to defeat six Ronin Bosses in a duel. This may seem like a bit of a challenge, but the perks which the armor gives you are totally worth the hassle.



Become the ultimate Shinobi with the Ghost Armor

Do you prefer slinking through Mongol camps undetected and taking down your enemies before they know what hit them? Then this badass, Ninja armor is the thing for you. With a generous reduction of enemy detection and a boost to your chances of terrifying the enemy with your kills, this armor encourages you to focus on a more stealth-focused playthrough which is also a really fulfilling way to play the game. The armor also looks quite amazing; little wonder it was featured prominently in the game’s promotion.

What Makes the Ghost Armor Great:

  • The huge reduction in enemy detection which the armor gives you makes it easier to ghost through enemy camps
  • The armor is also great for terrifying enemy combatants which makes them super easy to take down
  • Finally, the boost it gives in entering Ghost stance makes stealth playthroughs a breeze.

Details of the Ghost Armor:

  • It reduces enemy detection speed by 25% (to 40% at Level 2, 50% at level 5).
  • It also reduces the number of kills needed to enter the Ghost Stance by 1 (Level 2) or by 2 (Level 3+).
  • Your kills have a 15% chance to Terrify a nearby enemy (to 30% at Level 4, 40% at Level 5).

How to Get the Ghost Armor


  Where to find the Ghost Armor

This Armor is given to you as you embark on a mission from the Main Storyline. At the end of Act 2 when you start the quest ‘From the Darkness’. The armor will be given to you by Yuna in order to enhance your stealth capabilities and Shinobi fighting style. It was made by Taka,Yuna’s brother, before he died and is one of the most powerful sets of armor available in the game.


The Sakai Armor is made for Standoffs 

The Sakai Clan armor is a must-have for players who seek an absolutely thrilling Samurai experience. Not only does it give you a decent boost to your health and Melee points, but it also looks quite gorgeous, especially after you’ve upgraded it. Its dragon-like armor plating is enough to break the spirits of your enemies and it’s just incredible for combat oriented playthroughs

  What Makes the Sakai Clan Armor Great:

  • The increase  it gives to Jin’s health and melee damage is great for combat focused playthroughs
  • The boost  it grants to Standoffs makes picking a fight with the enemy quite enjoyable

Sakai Clan Armor Details:

  • It gives increase in melee damage (Massive at level 5)
  • It also increases  health (Colossal at level 5)
  • Increases Standoff Streak by 1 (by 2 at levels 4 and 5)
  • Winning a Standoff has a chance to terrify nearby enemies (25% at levels 4 and 5)


How To Get the Sakai Clan Armor:


  Sakai Armor location

The Sakai Clan armor which originally belonged to Jin’s father is obtained from completing a mission in the Ghost of Tsushima’s main quest line so it is impossible to miss. At the start of Act 2, you will be given the ‘Ghosts from the Past’ quest and upon completing it, Jin will unlock his family’s armor to help his battle against the Mongols. Upgrading this armor to levels 4 and 5 will make you a beast in combat, especially with the stand-off bonus it gives.



Gosaku's Armor is the perfect for a Combat focused playthrough

Gosaku’s armor is made for players who just can’t resist a fight. It’s endowed with an incredible health boost and restoration perks which really come in handy when you are fighting a horde of Mongol warriors. The Armor’s legend is owed to a farmer named Gosaku, who claimed it off the body of a fallen Samurai and used it to drive out the Red Hand  Bandits who besieged his village, earning him the title ‘ Protector of the farms of Tsushima.’ Donning this armor and taking down wave after wave of Mongol fighters will certainly get you feeling like a true protector before your playthrough is done.

What makes Gosaku’s Armor:

  • Gosaku’s Armor  is one of the most durable armor sets in the game
  • The armor’s health boost makes it an absolute tank, forged for combat 
  • It’s ability to stagger enemies is also handy when taking on Mongol hordes

Gosaku’s Armor Detail:

  • The armor gives an Increase in health (Massive at level 4)
  • It also Increases stagger damage (Major at level 4)
  • Killing a staggered enemy while wearing the Gosaku armor restores health (20% at level 4)

How to get Gosaku’s Armor:

  How to get Gosaku's Armor

 Gosaku’s armor set is rewarded to you after completing the Mythic Tale titled, Unbreakable Gosaku. You will get this quest at the start of Act 2 when you travel to Akashima Village. You can complete this quest by freeing all the farms in the region from Mongol control. The grateful farmers will then give you the keys which you need to access the armor.


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