[Top 3] ACNH Best Villagers For Each Personality

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons offers a plethora of charming villagers, each with their own adorable personality. Based on one of the eight personality types, these villagers will have different conversational topics, hobbies, and aspirations. Their different personality traits make for a highly personalized gaming experience. I’ll share my top three favorite villagers for each personality type in this guide. Let’s get started, shall we?

1. Normal

Normal villagers, often referred to as Sweet or Sweetie, are female personality types. Their gentle manner ensures they typically maintain good relationships with other villagers. Normal villager’s interests, which I share, include activities such as reading and cooking. They are strongly inclined towards tidiness and personal hygiene. Having a hard day? Normal villagers are there to offer you a kind word or sweet treat. With their sporadic use of French phrases and nurturing demeanor… what’s not to love? Here are my top three choices for Normal villagers:

1. Molly

Miss Molly will make you jolly.

Molly is an utterly delightful little ducky. She is exceedingly kind-hearted and has a fierce affection for nature. She is usually immersed in reading, eagerly absorbing information on her latest nature-focused subject of interest. Her home epitomizes a warm ambiance; her tranquil and serene presence on your island will undoubtedly be a cherished addition.

2. Lolly

Lolly is beyond lovely.  

Lolly is a kitty you’ll just want to cuddle. She routinely engages in conversations about yummy treats and beverages, a topic that I wholeheartedly connect with. Every time I glimpse her unique, no-nosed face, the urge to boop it is almost irresistible. While she has a sensitive disposition, making her quick to get upset or offended, she isn't afraid to showcase her sassy side if tested. This endearing fashionista takes pleasure in catching bugs, fishing, and appreciating fine furniture. She has endeared herself to many fans thanks to her "girl next door" aura.

3. Bea

Bingo is Bea's phrase-o!                                                                                                                                

Bea radiates authenticity with a heart of pure gold. Her enthusiasm for gardening is evident as she's always ready to offer guidance on achieving a gorgeous bloom of flowers. With "Bingo!" as her go-to phrase, it's challenging to resist the call of her captivating Beagle eyes. Her cobblestone home enhances the rustic ambiance of cottage-core islands. Donning an orange-striped maxi dress and a fondness for soup, Bea personifies the essence of fall. Don’t hesitate to welcome Bea to your island.

2. Lazy

Like their Normal female counterparts, Lazy villagers are calm, laid-back, and keenly interested in the outdoors. Sometimes called relaxed, goofy, or food-obsessed, these loveable boys hold a spot near and dear to my heart. Their meta-commentary makes them a hilarious addition to any island.  For those seeking to enhance their island’s derp factor…Lazy villagers are sure to satisfy. My top 3 favorite Lazy villagers are as follows:

1. Beau

Beau will be your virtual BFF.                                                                                                                      

Would you just look at this guy? Beau embodies the charismatic, laid-back traits of the Lazy archetype to a T. His handsome little horns are more like an antelope, but Beau is, in fact, a deer. His soft brown coat and dreamy, half-closed eyes evoke a serene and welcoming aura. Beau’s effortless appearance has stolen my heart and made him a beloved villager in the ACNH community. You will surely be entertained by his innocent musings about life on the island. If Beau comes a knocking…invite him to stay a while. 

2. Bob


While Beau may hold the top spot as my favorite Lazy villager in ACNH, Bob saunters closely behind. His deviously derpy expression is just delicious. Bob’s seductiveness obviously begins with his distinct appearance, but he’s not just a pretty face. You never know what’s going to come out of his mouth. For me, his unpredictability and quirky musings make him a top villager. His house matches his playful, colorful vibe, and his interactions with other islanders showcase his understated allure. Through Bob, the game artfully celebrates the beauty of individuality and the joys of a relaxed, carefree existence. You would be amiss not to ask him to stay on your island.

3. Stitches

Stitches is the essence of childhood. 

Beau and Bob have their distinctive qualities that place them at the top, but Stitches brings a different kind of whimsical enchantment to the table. Wrapped in a patchwork of colors, Stitches invokes memories of childhood playrooms that elicit a strong sense of nostalgia. His hobby is playing. That’s it. This makes him capable of running around with his arms extended at any time rather than during scripted activities like most villagers. Watching him scamper around may cause your heart to explode from a cuteness overload, so be careful. His conversations are sprinkled with playful fantasies and disarming confusion, amplifying his bewitching powers. While Stitches may hold the third spot in my list of favorite Lazy villagers, his immensely youthful and nostalgic magic makes him impossible to overlook.

3. Smug

Smug villagers display a certain flair and confidence particular to their personality. Recognized for their courteous and chivalrous behavior, they shower fellow villagers with compliments. These villagers aren't shy about flirting, regardless of the player's gender. Their rizz is next level, for sure. While their self-assuredness might occasionally border on vanity or conceit, they mostly offer a pleasing and accessible presence. Their cultured air, reflected in their dialogues and genuine concern for others, captivates a multitude of players. Here are my choices for the top 3 Smug villagers:

1. Marshal


MARSHAL! Marshal is my main man. He was among the original residents of my island, and together, we've logged more than 1,000 hours of gameplay. Marshal is that friend who cherishes you deeply but doesn't hesitate to give you some straight talk when necessary. His poise is graced with finesse, and his mix of self-assuredness and straightforwardness distinguishes him from other ACNH villagers. Whether humming a tune, commenting on current fashions, or offering sage life advice, Marshal approaches everything with heartwarming sophistication. His many qualities and stylish appearance establish him as an indispensable resident on any island. You’d be lucky to have him as a villager.

2. Raymond

Raymond is haute couture, for sure. 

Raymond, Raymond, Raymond. Choosing favorites among Smug villagers was a challenge for me. They are by far my favorite personality type in the game. With that being said, coming in second, we have Raymond. Like Marshal, he is quite stylish and not afraid to express himself. He effortlessly balances charm with a modern sensibility that makes him easy to relate to. Despite his business-chic attire and posh interior decorating choices, Raymond drips warmth and grace. He enjoys discussing art and the latest island gossip. His twinkling, mismatched eyes, and breezy interactions have led me to hold him in the highest regard.

3. Julian

Julian is the perfect pet unicorn. 

Julian, the enchanting unicorn, dazzles with a celestial glamour all his own. He’s a flirty little mythical beast with quirky dialogue about stardom, dreams, and the universe. His starry-themed home and radiant blue mane echo tales of fantasy, which might appeal to the player who enjoys a touch of magic in their gameplay. His main hobby is music. You can find him galloping about the island, singing the song of his soul. Julian can brighten any day with his dreamy and otherworldly persona. His go-to phrase is, “Never trot when you can prance.” How could he get any better?

4. Sisterly 

The Sisterly (or Big Sister) personality type is one of the foundational villagers in New Horizons. While their maturity level surpasses the Peppy villagers, they aren’t self-centered. Like an actual sister, they can come off as blunt or too straightforward, but it’s with the best intentions at heart. These villagers have an affinity for music and exercise and never hesitate to share their two cents. Once befriended, Sisterly villagers stand by you with unwavering loyalty and reliability. They are a mixture of compassion, a hint of boldness, and profound empathy — potentially offering more warmth than even some real-life siblings. My top 3 favorite Sisterly villagers are:

1. Muffy

Muffy is one hot mama. 

I value a diverse mix of personalities and visual styles on my island. With her striking dark-purple fleece and piercing gaze, Muffy brings the contrast I appreciate. Her gothic manner adds a special touch that offers a distinguishing flair to any island. While Muffy displays the typical Sisterly traits of nurturing warmth and straight-talking wisdom, she’s a level above. She provides a feeling of having an older sister who’s supportive yet grounded in her guidance. If the blend of gothic enchantment and the comforting features of a Big Sister tickles your fancy, consider inviting Muffy to be a part of your island's community.

2. Reneigh

Reneigh neids no introduction. 

Like Muffy, ReNEIGH brings a distinct aesthetic that sets her apart. She combines sophisticated grace with a cowgirl touch, creating a harmonious combination of taste and grounded charm. Reneigh is the kind of sisterly figure offering heartfelt advice and a funny story to lighten the mood. Her home decor is a mixture of wooden furniture and modern elements that are a feast for the eyes. Considering her perfect fusion of vogue style, genuine warmth, and seasoned insight, Reneigh is a villager you won't want to overlook.

3. Cherry

Cherry belongs on top, and she knows it!

With her rich red fur and bold clothing, Cherry sparkles with punk rock charisma. She adds a splash of vibrant hue to any island's ensemble. Imagine Cherry as that rebellious sibling who's fiercely protective yet wouldn't hesitate to sneak you into a college party. Her house amplifies her rocker core, adorned in shades of red and black and accentuated with musical gear. Her interior choices will surely resonate with you if you're inclined towards punk or rock-themed aesthetics. Beneath her edgy exterior, Cherry possesses a golden heart infused with rock 'n' roll flair—truly a diamond in the rough.

5. Peppy

Peppy villagers are characterized by their endless energy, positivity, and vivacity. They’re almost perpetually upbeat and sprinkle their conversations with quintessential “Valley Girl” lingo. So, if you’re thinking, “OMG, that’s, like, sooooo me!” then Peppy villagers might just become your island BFFs. While they habitually dream of stardom or popularity and seem a bit ditsy, they’re actually warm and supportive little socialites. In a nutshell, Peppy villagers are the life of the island party, infusing every gathering with brightness and lively banter. My top 3 choices for Peppy villagers are: 

1. Rosie

Rosie will put pep in YOUR step!

Rosie's name is apt for such a radiant gem. Those darling, twinkling eyes are simply irresistible. Rosie has secured her spot as my top Peppy villager due to her effervescence and joy. Her knack for lively and fashionable attire complements her beautifully. Engage her in conversation, and you'll be swept up in her musical aspirations and dreams of pop stardom. With Rosie's consistent optimism, fervor for the arts, and steadfast loyalty, she will illuminate every corner of your island.

2. Bunnie

She's not bad, but she's a bunny you'll love. 

Bunnie could easily be dubbed the "Barbie" of the Animal Crossing realm. She manifests a world tinted in rosy hues and never shies away from a conversation. Her design draws inspiration from the ringo usagi, a technique of cutting apples to resemble bunnies. Bunnie will be a noticeable figure among your island's residents with her cheerful look and consistently upbeat attitude. Overflowing with vibrancy and unbridled joy, Bunnie's zest for life is contagious. Her presence guarantees an infusion of joy, pizzazz, and undeniable cheer to any island she inhabits.

3. Cheri

Bonjour from Cheri!

"Tralala" is arguably the most delightful catchphrase in the game, and it's Cheri's signature line. This lively girl is always ready for new adventures, though she's a tad forgetful. Don't count on her to jog your memory about pending tasks. Her moniker, Cheri, takes inspiration from the French term chéri, which translates to "dear" or "beloved." Cheri exudes positivity. Her zest, flair, and ceaseless cheerfulness elevate the atmosphere of any island she calls home.

6. Cranky 

Cranky villagers are your “Grumpy Guses” of the island. With over 66 of them now, there’s a lot of grouch to go around. They’re the opposite of your Peppy and Snooty villagers and seem quite bitter and out-of-touch with social trends. They might initially seem aloof or standoffish, but as you spend more time with them, you’ll discover hidden depth and wisdom beneath their rough exteriors. Over time, Cranky villagers reveal stories from their past, showcasing their rich history and experience. They’re akin to having your Grandpa or favorite uncle on your island. My top 3 Cranky villagers are:

1. Apollo

 Apollo makes an excellent co-pilot.

Apollo won my heart immediately. He resembles a bald eagle, which was my grandpa’s favorite bird. His birthday is July 4th, and his name is likely a nod to NASA’s Apollo 11 landing. These are all attributes my grandpa would have loved. You may find Apollo talking to Jock, Snooty, or other Cranky villagers, but he finds it hard to socialize with Peppy villagers. They’re just too overstimulated or immature for him. Apollo is a crotchety old soul who exhibits a classic design with relatable wisdom. This multifaceted villager symbolizes all aspects of the Cranky personality. He, like Marshal, is a permanent resident on my island.

2. Dobie

Cranky never looked so good. 

Dobie, though categorized as Cranky, possesses profound depth. That depth aligns with his aspiration to become a writer. His house is brimming with books, overflowing shelves, and papers that are strewn about. The pronounced lines around his mouth hint at his advanced age in New Horizons, with speculation that he is the oldest villager. "Ohmmm" serves as his catchphrase, harmoniously reflecting his zen-inspired dwelling. With a vast appreciation for wilderness, Dobie's wisdom seems ageless. His thoughtful presence, coupled with a love for literature and storytelling, distinguishes him from others. He's destined to be a valued friend on any ACNH island.

3. Lobo


I realize I’ve chosen two wolves for my top three Cranky villagers, but hear me out. Lobo’s preference for all things retro and fear of bugs make for hilarious traits, considering he’s a wolf. He may also be too intellectual for his own good, which I find comical. Though initially mysterious, you’ll be drawn to uncover the depth beneath Lobo’s seemingly rude exterior. His manly home, inspired by the great outdoors, and iconic “ah-rooooo” catchphrase further solidify his animal magnetism. He’s a fusion of mystery, depth, and rugged lumberjack. You will treasure him as a resident of your island.

7. Snooty 

Snooty villagers are elegant, polished, and sometimes arrogant. These female villagers pride themselves on their refined tastes, commonly showcasing an interest in the latest clothing crazes, arts, and finer things in life. It’s no wonder they’re also called Snobby. They can be a bit condescending or sarcastic, but I find their occasional scathing comments more hilarious than insulting. They serve as the game's posh and cultured villagers, adding a touch of sassy class. And my top 3 Snooty villagers: 

1. Blanche

I do declare!

Not only is Blanche the name of my favorite Golden Girl, but also my number one choice of Snooty villagers. This ostrich stands out with her pristine white feathers, making her a vision of elegance and grace. True to her Snooty roots, Blanche might initially appear aloof and haughty, reminiscent of Blanche Devereaux from The Golden Girls. However, once you can get through her force field of snobbery, you will discover a heart full of genuine warmth and care. One of her inspirational phrases, “But never forget…mirrors only give you a reflection of what’s on the outside. True beauty is within,” perfectly captures her enchanting brilliance.

2. Ankha

Ankha can't even with this guy. 

Ankha, with her ancient Egyptian-inspired design, emerges as one of the most iconic Snooty villagers. She dons an ankh on her headdress and has piercing blue eyeliner, reminiscent of Egyptian royalty. Ankha's mysterious aura and regal look cement her position on top of Snooty Mountain. Her home, designed as a luxurious Egyptian tomb, further accentuates her unmistakable glamor. Ankha is not just a villager; she's an experience transporting players to a bygone era of pharaohs and pyramids, making her a highly sought-after resident in ACNH.

3. Whitney

Whitney does not disappoint. 

Yes, I know…another wolf. I have no excuse other than that I love the wolf villagers. Whitney is the type of girl who unapologetically takes up space. Her beautiful silver-white fur and gentle blue eyes remind me of the timeless elegance of Audrey Hepburn. But Whitney is so much more than just looks. She has a poised etiquette that makes every boy want to date her and every girl want to be her. Her home is classically decorated with understated decor. For players who appreciate a touch of classic elegance, Whitney is your girl!

8. Jock

How would one describe the Jock personality? They're avid enthusiasts of sports and physical activity. If they were real, they'd be my go-to personal trainer. They can't resist sharing their latest workout routines and frequently give advice on maintaining an active lifestyle. While Jocks can be competitive, they're also genuinely good-natured and encouraging, always rooting for their fellow islanders. Having a Jock villager around ensures a consistent boost of motivation thanks to their ceaseless energy and indomitable spirit. Drumroll for my top 3 Jock villagers, please:

1. Dom

Dom is ready to rumble.

“Be true to your most shiny self.” I squealed with satisfaction when Dom first uttered this to me. It is an absolutely flawless phrase for a Jock. Though he’s a fitness freak, you will catch him running around with a chocolate donut in one hand. Come to think of it, Dom might also be my spirit animal. The topics of fitness and muscles tend to DOMinate his conversations, but he’s also got some hysterical observations to share. Guaranteed, this sheep will show you a good time if invited to stay on your island.

2. Roald

Roald is always down to roll with the homies. 

Roald is in my top three favorite Jock villagers for good reason. He’s long been an overall favorite villager among many Animal Crossing fans. And, of course, he is! His desirability begins with his design: as an itty-bitty, round penguin with precious saucer-like eyes, he is super, duper cute. Nothing is more entertaining than watching this pudgy penguin do curls with his dumbbells. Roald has a childlike innocence that consistently surfaces in conversations, solidifying his position as the most loveable Jock. I assure you, it will be difficult not to love this little guy.

3. Bill

Oh, Billy!

Bill is the Steph Curry of Jock villagers in ACNH. His vibrant orange coloring and marvelous gaze make him a superstar. While he's full of the typical Jock energy, discussing workouts and sports, Bill also offers stories about friendship and camaraderie. His commitment and congeniality have earned him a special spot in the hearts of many ACNH fans. So, if you haven’t had the “Bill Experience” yet, I’d say it’s about time you do. 

Presto! My list of the top three villagers for each personality type in ACNH is complete. Of course, these are not going to be everyone’s favorite villagers. There are so many to choose from. If you have a favorite, please let us know in the comments section! 

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