[Top 10] Animal Crossing New Horizons Best Garden Layouts

10 Best ACNH Gardens
A fairy circle created in an island during fall. (Source: Ninty Gamer)

Gardens are an excellent way to flex one’s knowledge on terraforming, landscaping, and on which colors look nice in a group. They provide a slice of flora in a game centered on fauna. Here is a list of the ten best garden layouts created by YouTubers.

10. Hybrid Flower Garden


Pange Plays created a simplistic garden centered around organizing lots of flowers based on their color. She spends the video terraforming land so that it collects into a rectangular area elevated above the rest of the island. A stony stairway leads to the garden’s entrance.

All of the flowers are then separated into plots based on color. Those wanting to relocate flowers can select them from their designated plot.

9. Big Ole Garden


Lauren Plays built a simple garden where the different colors of flowers are organized into rows. The colors match those of a rainbow. There is a plot for lilies, roses, daisies, and more.

Benches and booths line the garden’s edges. A tower viewer allows players to view the horizon to the north.

8. Serefina Creates #03


Serefina Creates’ video on garden design centers on making gardens accessible to a home exterior. The flowers complement the house and it’s yard. 

The third design Serefina displayed features a cream swing with purple flowers lining the right and bottom edges of the patio. A pear tree rests in the top right corner.

7. Fairycore Garden Island


Siana Crossing takes a tour to an island whose entire aesthetic is fairycore. It has cobblestone pathways that run diagonally toward bridges and narrow strips of land. Diverse flower species line the streets. Many of the statues add to the fantasy feeling by showing a world consumed by books and the ever-looming teatime.

6. Japanese City Zen Garden


This beautiful garden is built upon a foundation of intricate patterns, furniture, and a terraformed piece of land decorated to look like a house. It features a few cherry blossoms as many lakes surrounded by light sand and rocks. 

As you take in the majesty of this garden, realize how powerful something as simple as a graphic designer can be used to create masterpieces.

5. Butterfly Garden


Fleurs Crossing built a simplistic garden based on the colors: blue and white. An iron bell rests in the middle of the garden. Statues of blue butterflies lie beside the lilacs and roses.

At the end of her speed build, Fleurs rests atop a bench as she pans the camera to give a good view of the butterfly garden.

4. Greenhouse Flower Garden


As opposed to the posh feeling the previous garden presented, Fleurs focused on an earthy design. White flowers line the garden as wheelbarrows and shovels add to the rough edges of this garden. Many potted plants rest at the north end of the greenhouse.

3. Garden City


Garden City harmonizes the dirtiness of the greenhouse with the elegant butterfly garden. Metal benches line the area around a large fountain. Bushes grow around the brick pavement. Most of the flowers here are just part of the floor design.

2. Roman Garden


This garden is just as majestic as its namesake. Kyuubi Crossing tours an expansive island covered with blue lilacs and marble statues galore. The centerpiece of this wonderful area is a massive temple surrounded by decayed figures and stone arches.

1. Elegant Garden Tour


Katie takes an island tour to this magnificent island. This one takes the prize for the best of YouTube’s New Horizons gardens. It features intricate waterfalls and passages lined with checkered flower patterns.

The interiors of the homes have as much detail as the outer world. Some rooms are modern office spaces while others are dark, art-filled enclaves.

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