[Top 10] ACNH Best Horse Villagers

ACNH Best Horse Villagers
A confident stallion with his matching knight.

Get ready to saddle up and gallop into the colorful world of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, where not all villagers need to be small critters to be cute! 

In this delightful virtual paradise, horses steal the spotlight as we explore the best ones that have trotted their way into our hearts.

And it's not just about horses. Nintendo's creativity shows in full force with some of these characters. We're showcasing beautiful stallions, ponies, track stars, similar species, and even a rare unicorn!

Whether you're a seasoned rider or just curious about the hoofed friends to bring to your paradise, let's take a canter through the best horses in New Horizons!



Victoria shares her love for racing with the player.

When you think of horses, you'll probably think of racing, right? If that's a sport you're into, Victoria is the perfect match for you! She's the ideal racehorse for your personal island.

You'll see her sporting an iconic racing hood with her big, sweet eyes shining through. Victoria also has a classic horse design from a soft brown body, but with a bit of flair with her red hair.

If she wasn't cute enough already, take a look inside her house. It's decorated exactly like a horse race stadium, complete with miniature horses along the track! You can feel the joy she takes in a little competition.

It'll come as no surprise that she's rumored to be named after either the famous horse Victoria Park, or the Victoria Derby. She certainly deserves to be there either way.

Her matching peppy spirit and love for exercising will have her running around your town like the wind is in her sails. You won't want to miss out on this adorable sight. You'll be infected by her energy!



Only a smooth cup of coffee for Reneigh's refined soul.

Maybe you're less into sports and more into fashion? You'll want to bring Reneigh to your neighborhood right now. She's the most fashion-forward horse out there.

Reneigh's striking appearance is an easy example of her style. She's got a unique color combo from deep brown with pastel pink, side-swept hair. With little ear piercings and dots below her eyeliner too, she achieves a diva effect.

Even though she may appear judgemental with her dramatic eyes and bold style, she'll actually be a big sister to you!

Her personality is "sisterly," so don't hesitate to get close to her - it won't take long. She'll support you all the way and tell you, "You can only be you, so be the best you that you can be."

I'd certainly take the advice from such a sweet, authentic, and reliable horse like Reneigh!



The toned-down Papi in a joyous moment.

Papi looks like a horse at first glance, but if you're familiar with safari animals, you might be reminded of another. This is because he's actually based on the okapi!

Okapis are similar to giraffes, but end up like a cross between a deer and a zebra. Though he's missing the small horns, he's got the distinguished zebra stripes on his legs. Papi is also more stylized in a burnt orange and a simple white face.

His blue, orange, and white sweater complements his scheme perfectly. It truly helps create the feeling of wilderness on your island. Papi's fitting love for nature will have him out and about, relishing in the scenery and ecosystem.

If you're going for a wild and colorful island full of natural features, consider Papi! Not only is he an inspiration, but also a true and calming friend with snacks to share!



This cheery zebra is the perfect invite to relax with.

Speaking of a safari, Savannah is a non-negotiable pick. Her name alone gives the perfect picture! Every safari-themed island needs a zebra.

Savannah has the signature zebra pattern all over, with even her shirt striped to blend in. But she's also got a patch of bright blonde hair to contrast her blue eyes.

Now, Savannah doesn't have a dry personality like her homeland. She's classified as a "normal" personality - a kind, neutral demeanor that can get along with almost anyone.

While you might not think of zebras when you hear about horses, it's just a demonstration of why Nintendo can go beyond expectations! There's no end to the loveable friends you can find to fit any theme!



Colton putting his charm skills to work in full-force.

A name like Colton sounds like this horse might be a young colt, but he's a prince! If you also imagine a noble steed for the prince, simply combine both and you'll be spot on.

Colton embodies the white, knightly stallion to a T. His long golden hair above his prince's tunic with a red cape round off his royal status.

It may not be surprising that a prince could turn out a little "smug." Colton has the tendency to be sophisticated, self-assured, and even a little egotistical.

He might just be trying to be gentlemanly and prove his worth, though, so hear him out! He'll do his best to maintain your loyalty and favor.



This starry mare is a bundle of joy!

Winnie is a sweetheart of a steed! You'll recognize her easily through the lone star smack in the middle of her forehead. With her dusty tan hair and gold star, she looks straight out of a country Western film.

Winnie's got a love for fashion the most, but you'll also find her enjoying the outdoors - just indoors. Her house is decorated like a yard. The music in her house is even the matching country song, K.K. Country.

The bright spirit she has is obvious in her bright eyes. She's forever ready for a bit of fun and adventure. She'll be the perfect companion for it too, never letting your happiness waver.

If you're looking for a free and joyful character to liven up your life, Winnie is up for the job!



Elmer offering his years of wisdom on horse-related decor.

Elmer is a laid-back, simple soul. He's been around in every single Animal Crossing title. You know he has some seniority and experience to share. You may need to offer a treat first, though.

He feels sweet and trustworthy with his sleepy eyes and classic brown, white, and gray colors. He just wants to lead a simple life full of good times and good friends (which includes you).

Like Winnie, Elmer has a house themed like a backyard. It's even got the same K.K. Country playing! That makes sense when you consider how his catchphrase is, "Tenderfoot." It ties into the Western cowboy theme.

While he loves snacking and chillaxing, he still enjoys a good run around the island. Let him share his energy with you.



Julian having a "bashful" moment about his gaudiness.

One of the most popular villagers fits the popular fantasy themes in New Horizons. If you're trying to create a magical forest, surely you'd end up wishing for a magical unicorn to complete it. Your wish is finally granted!

Julian was created in the previous title New Leaf, and fans instantly went wild: He's the first of his kind! He's everything you could imagine for a unicorn. His muzzle is white up to his horn and the rest of his body is a glowing blue.

Julian also gets a calming, mystical vibe from how his eyes are always closed, showing his purple eyeshadow and lashes. When he does open his eyes, they're completely white!

Don't blame Julian if he's a little smug. Being the only unicorn - and an elegant one, at that - he's sure to feel a bit special. But he'll share his beauty tips and wisdom with you, saying, "Never trot when you can prance."



 The epitome of island vibes offering a little dance.

Annalise channels the island vibes to the max. If horses tanned like we humans do, she'd have the perfect sun kissed color.

The flowery dress and sunflower in her pink hair show how truly dedicated she is to her fashion hobby. It's a serious topic for her and she takes pride in it. She'll go around town with a matching pink flower purse to top her look off.

Annelise has a snooty and haughty demeanor. She won't easily get along with others. This particularly goes for those who are likely to critique her outfit.

She's not all surface-level, though. She's got sage wisdom she'd love to offer with a friend. Her favorite saying alone is enough to show how much maturity and depth she has: "Let gossip go in one ear and out the other."



A candid shot of Cleo's sparkly-eyed curiosity.

This horse looks quite refined and adorable. Cleo is a purple horse villager with a complimentary turquoise dress and blonde hair.

And how could you resist her eyes? They're some of the sparkliest eyes you'll find around!

Cleo's got a knowing twinkle in her eye. Snooty villagers like her love some quality gossip, and she's no different. Cleo's the type to invite you for a chat over tea to discuss the latest happenings on your island.

But she doesn't talk about only gossip. She loves education. Her house is quite studious, with books, desks, and charts ready to expand her knowledge.

And under it all, this multifaceted horse is a genuine and caring companion. "There's something lovable in all of us," is how she'll remind you that there's more than meets the eye, especially to horses like these.

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